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2011 JCI Zimbabwe Theme         Impact Through       Active Participation               (iTAP)Go! Impact the WorldDear JCI...
JCI Mission:To provide development opportunities that empower young Q1 2011 Moments...                 people to create po...
Does Your Impact Count?...Continued from Page 1It may sound ridiculous that someone asks if your life matters. Others may ...
JCI VisionTo be the leading global network of young           Q1 2011 Moments...              active citizens. JCI AMDEC M...
We believe:That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life,That the brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignt...
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The Young Active Citizen - 1st Qtr 2011


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The Young Active Citizen - 1st Qtr 2011

  1. 1. The Young Active Q1 2011 Citizen Moments... The Official JCI Zimbabwe Newsletter First Quarter, 2011 Does Your Impact Count? Does it ever matter that you live? To whom, and why? Does it count that you do the job you are employed to, or run the business you are in? What difference does what you know and can do make to others’ lives? We have gone Zimbabwe past the first quarter of the year 2011, is it significant to anyone other than yourself that you have been existing for these days, let alone the rest of your life? In this Issue: ... Continued Page 4 • President’s Message ….. pg. 2 • JCI Searches for Outstanding Who Are the Ten Most Outstanding Young Zimbabweans… pg. 3 Young Persons of Zimbabwe? • Counting Your Impact… pg. 4 The search for the 10 outstanding young persons of • JCI AMDEC South … pg. 5 Zimbabwe has gathered steam as JCI Zimbabwe seeks to • JCI Gweru ... New Kid OFF The Blocks… pg.6 identify, celebrate and honour young people between 18 and who excel in their chosen fields Upcoming Events ... Continued Page 3Zimbabwe Hosts ”JCI Southern Africa” JCI National organizations in Southern Africa converged in Harare for the 2011 JCI Africa and Middle East Development Council (AMDEC) South meeting held from 27 to 29 January 2011. The regional meeting, organised by JCI City on behalf of JCI Africa and Middle East Conference the national organisation, was held under the theme “Get Bamako, Mali – May 10 -15 Involved”. The gathering was an early year treatment for the visiting members who did not only get training to prepare them for the year, but also attended the glittering JCI Zimbabwe Northern Region Presidential Induction Dinner held at the 5-star Rainbow Towers. ... Continued Page 3 JCI Global Compact Summit June 20 to 23, New York City, United StatesIVP Visit Opens Doors for Greater Impact 2011 JCI Vice President for Africa and the Middle East assigned to Zimbabwe, Rania Haddad visited the country from the 1st to the 4th of March, 2011. She held meetings with some of Zimbabwe’s leading business organisations, the United Nations Resident Representative, and the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere. JCI Zimbabwe Mid Year Conference Accompanied by 2011 JCI Zimbabwe National President July 8 - 10, Harare, Zimbabwe Patson Mahatchi and members of the National Executive Board, JCI Vice President Haddad held meetings with management at Netone, African Distillers, Econet Wireless, Kingdom Bank and TN Bank.She also had the opportunity to address JCI Zimbabwe members and prospective members at a meetinghosted by JCI Harare at the Harare Club where she encouraged them to continue to work towards creatingpositive change through projects in their communities. 2011 JCI Zimbabwe President Mahatchi was veryupbeat about the outcomes of the meetings, hailing them as key turning points between the organisation andthe business community. JCI Zimbabwe National Convention“We had the opportunity to explain our Corporate Partnership Program, the United Nations Global Compact September 30 – October 2, Masvingo, Zimbabweprogram and various projects we are running in the local communities where JCI Zimbabwe is represented how businesses and their employees can benefit by partnering and being members of JCI”, he said.Vice President Rania Haddad was born and resides in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a Web Developerprofessionally. She was JCI Lebanon National President in 2009, and JCI North Africa and Middle East JCI World CongressDevelopment Councillor in 2010. She is also a certified JCI Trainer and a graduate of the 21st JCI Academy November 1 – 5, Brussels, Belgiumthat took place in Tachikawa, Japan. She is assigned to Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritius, Africa, and Zimbabwe. She speaks English and Arabic.
  2. 2. 2011 JCI Zimbabwe Theme Impact Through Active Participation (iTAP)Go! Impact the WorldDear JCI Members, Potential Members, Alumni, and Friends of JCI & JCI Zimbabwe,Greetings.I am greatly elated by your dedication and passion to JCI given the milestones that wecovered in our first quarter. This would not have been possible without each of you playingyour role to be better as well as to make our communities and the world around us a betterplace. I see positive direction in living the JCI mission of creating positive change through thevarious programs and activities that we are running as well as accelerated progress in fulfillingour theme for this year ‘impact Through Active Participation’ iTAP.Let me congratulate JCI Zimbabwe for successfully hosting the Africa and Middle EastDevelopment Council Meeting (AMDEC) South in Harare in January and of course to JCI Cityled by Local President Darlington as the hosting Local Organization. We managed to have Mr.Gunther Meyer, all the way from JCI World Headquarters come and spend some time with usand train JCI Admin, JCI Achieve, JCI Corporate Social Responsibility and JCI Networking,WOW!!. What an opportunity of a lifetime. Gunther is an amazing trainer and humorous too.You remember the “Just Google it” phrase? Thank you to our friends JCI South Africa, JCI Botswana and JCI Mauritius for the support. We enjoyedoverwhelming support from our corporate partners too. Kingdom Bank donated $1,000 towards our JCI Nothing But Nets project at our Northern RegionDinner. Isn’t that music to your ears fellow JCIs and friends? We cannot miss Impact Through Active Participation with this kind of support and action by allof us.We hosted the 2011 JCI Vice President for Africa and the Middle East Ms Rania Haddad all the way from Lebanon. It was such a pleasure to have her atour disposal and use her presence to unlock more relationships with corporates. The IVP is an amazing and inspiring person, I enjoyed every minute Ispent with her. I am sure all of you found it a pleasure to meet the IVP as well as to listen to her presentation at the membership meeting. We all gotupdated and inspired on what is happening to JCI at an International level and got advice as the National Board which we will forever cherish.We managed to hold our Officers training as planned and we have had trainings being held in almost all Local Organisations, the most notable being inGweru and Mutare. Thumps up to the National Training Director Tinashe and all trainers especially National Vice President Francis Mwale, National GeneralLegal Counsel Matthew Mutavayi, JCI City EVP Uno & Past National President James Chitenga who have always been ready to train even on short notice.We have just come out of the impact month and we are assessing how we have fared. Please be asking yourself what you have done for the impact monthas a member, as Local President, as an Officer, or as a member of National Board. What So, what is JCI?have you done to advance the UN Millennium Development Goals? Have you donated yet An international organization of young active citizenstowards the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign? Have you implemented the commitment you aged between 18 and 40.made (for those who attended JCI CSR)?. As we push the partnerships we have forged, weneed to walk the talk and play our part through iTAP. Are we above all driving ourselves to What Does JCI Do?make sure we GO IMPACT the World as per the JCI 2011 theme? As we advance the UN It provides development opportunities that empowerMDGs, we are very privileged to have forged a partnership with NetOne that will see us work young people to create positive change.together in the next few months to make an impact towards eradicating malaria.You are aware that this year we are running JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the How Does Young People in JCI Create PositiveWorld competition (JCI TOYP). This will start off with Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Change?Zimbabwe, which will culminate in our JCI TOYP of Zimbabwe Dinner on the 30th of July Through projects that provide Leadership skills,2011. Please spread the word and invite entries for this exciting competition. As you can Entrepreneurship, Fellowship and Socialsee, there are more and exciting times coming in 2011 for JCI Zimbabwe. Responsibility (the 4 pillars of JCI).Special accolades go to our National Public Relations Director, Mr. Lloyd Ngwenya for How Does One Join JCI?keeping the organization in the limelight. We have received good and ongoing publicity for All JCIs are members of Local organisations. Join aAMDEC South, IVP Rania’s visit and lately on the JCI TOYP of Zimbabwe Project. Well Local organisation in your area, attend meetings, getdone and keep us in the media. involved in projects and help others create positive change in your community.To all the members, thank you for playing your part in living the Impact of two by invitingyour friends to JCI and more importantly for paying your Subscriptions on time. Let’s shareideas as we go so that we can make 2011 a great year and of course JCI Zimbabwe a Where do JCI members meet?beacon that shines. Enjoy all the holidays that are coming and as you relax with your • At the ZNCC offices on Thursdays in Bulawayofamilies, please reflect on JCI. and Gweru • At Harare Club every Wednesday and at the MotorYours in JCI Service Industry Pension Fund every first and last Thursday of the month in Harare,Patson Mahatchi • At the Civic Center on Thursdays in Kwekwe, and2011 JCI Zimbabwe President • At the Hellenics Club on Thursdays in Mutare. • All meetings start at 530. Where Can I get more information?2 Visit our website, our blog, join us on facebook or follow us on twitter. You may also email us Zimbabwe or phone +263 774 302 442.
  3. 3. JCI Mission:To provide development opportunities that empower young Q1 2011 Moments... people to create positive change. JCI Zimbabwe Seeks Outstanding Young Persons... from page 1The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Zimbabwe program recognises theachievements of young people in categories ranging from business accomplishments,humanitarian efforts to outstanding leadership, medical and cultural achievements. Byrecognising these young people, JCI encourages them and others to seek excellence andserve others. The JCI TOYP Ten CategoriesNominations are being accepted through the JCI website (form on Nominations can be made under one of the, via email and hard copy forms following categories. Nominees can only bebeing distributed through a local bookshop chain, Innov8. The entrants will be subjected to a selected under one of the categories.judging process by a panel comprising representatives of JCI Zimbabwe partners, sponsors 1. Business, economic and/or entrepreneurialand accomplished academics, among them Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce accomplishmentPresident Trust Chikohora, Zimbabwe Open University Vice Chancellor Dr. Primrose 2. Political, legal and/or governmental affairsKurasha, Kingdom Financial Holdings Chief Executive Officer Lyn Mukonoweshuro and2011 JCI Zimbabwe President Patson Mahatchi. 3. Academic leadership and/or accomplishmentProgram Director, Tinashe Nyaruwanga of JCI City encouraged fellow JCI members and 4. Cultural achievementyoung people to submit themselves and other young active citizens for the prestigiousinternational award, whose past Zimbabwean winners include Environmentalist Charlene 5. Moral and/or environmental leadershipHewat, Cultural icon Advocate Sabelo Sibanda, Child Rights Activist Betty Makoni and 6. Contribution to children, world peaceentrepreneur Strive Masiiwa. and/or human rightsNyaruwanga said “If you are outstanding or know of any young person outstanding in their 7. Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadershipfield of work, please nominate them for the JCI TOYP program. We will honour them at a 8. Scientific and/or technologicalNational Awards ceremony in July, before submitting them for the international JCI TOYP developmentProgram, where they will compete with other nominees from more than 100 countries for a 9. Personal improvement and/orchance to be one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World” Honourees at accomplishment andinternational level receive a free round trip airline ticket to Brussels, Belgium, to attend theJCI World Congress to be held from 1 to 5 November, 2011. 10. Medical innovation For more information visit,In Zimbabwe, the program, has generated a lot of interest with corporate support coming, orfrom such companies as the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, which has contact the Program Director onpledged to support the program to the tune of USD 5,000. More companies are expected to jcitoyz@gmail.comcome on board to support this initiative. Harare Based Local Organisations Tackle Orphan hood and Vulnerability In response to the social challenges of their communities, JCI Zimbabwe’s Harare based affiliates JCI City and JCI Harare have taken the resultant effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on society head on with projects aimed at assisting orphaned and vulnerable children in the city. Zimbabwe’s capital city experienced years of high HIV/AIDS prevalence which accounted for many productive lives, leaving orphaned children without care. The Local organisations have joined community members to assist the children, to provide material and psychological support. JCI Harare works with Felly’s Orphanage, an organisation in Mbare that provides young children with daily meals. JCI members assist in sourcing for food and other requirements for the children. Through its life skills training project, JCI City is running a year long Life skills training course for orphaned and vulnerable teenagers in the high density suburb of Mufakose, in partnership with an organisation called Blossoms Children’s centre, which provides the same with material support. Both projects are in line with Millennium Development Goal Number 1, which seeks to tackle poverty, especially amongst the vulnerable members of society. 3 Zimbabwe
  4. 4. Does Your Impact Count?...Continued from Page 1It may sound ridiculous that someone asks if your life matters. Others may evenaccuse the writer of taking the great gift of life for granted, but if we think aboutthis deeply, we may find that this is a pertinent question to ask. It’s an issuenecessary to ponder on every now and again, and it’s important for each of usto be able to find a clear answer to it.It certainly mattered to millions of Indians that Mother Theresa and MahatmaGandhi lived. It is of significance to millions of African Americans that a youngorator called Martin Luther King lived and used his gift of speech to change theirlives. It counts to a lot of people living with disabilities in Zimbabwe that oneJairos Jiri was born and went out to implement his ideas of assisting those withphysical disabilities.What about for you? Who is going to care that you lived? Will family and friendsshed tears of real remorse and loss at the way you touched their lives, or theywill just do it out to meet social expectations, when you pass on? Will it be thatdifficult to write your eulogy that people will end up using the same emptyrhetoric, or they will easily find specific and unique ways to describe the way youare living your life right now? Outside your friends, family, relatives andcolleagues, who else would care that you once lived. What of the business yourun, who will notice if shuts today? Why? Is it because its really servinghumanity or its causing environmental damage and threatening sustainablelivelihoods. What of your neighbourhood, JCI Local Organisation, your family?Will anyone care if any of these institutions you belong to cease to exist. If not,perhaps your impact doesn’t count. If it does, is it for the right reasons?You don’t need to become a national or international icon for your impact tocount. You start with where you are. All it takes is active participation inwhatever is going on around you right now, in your home, work, college orwhatever other community you belong to. That way, you start impacting, andyour impact will start counting. Start with the small actions that make a bigdifference. Showing affection to your children and spouse, maintaining a cleanneighbourhood. Do things differently in the office, educate others about you canindividually make your organisation a better corporate citizen. Membership toJCI gives you a myriad of ways to be active and make a difference byundertaking community projects, raising funds to eradicate malaria, finding waysto tackle community problems or to air your concerns about particular issues.Just to be active and participate in what is going on around you, and begin yourjourney to making an impact that counts, through active participation. 4 Zimbabwe
  5. 5. JCI VisionTo be the leading global network of young Q1 2011 Moments... active citizens. JCI AMDEC Meeting Fosters Cooperation AMDEC South Meeting… from page 1 HighlightsAt the end of the meeting, JCI Africa and Middle East Development Counsellor responsible for Attendance by more than 60 delegates fromthe Southern Region and Chairperson of the meeting Mr Samuel Moyo announced that JCI Botswana, Mauritius, South Africa andNational Organisations in attendance had adopted the JCI Active Citizen Framework to draw on Zimbabwethe strengths of key partners from business, civil society and government in implementing JCIprojects. Internationally certified training courses facilitated by JCI Training Administrator and International Training Fellow Gunther MeyerRepresented at the meeting were the following countries and their Chief Delegates: JCIBotswana (National President Thatayaone Kokorwe), JCI South Africa (National Executive Vice Half day Growth and DevelopmentPresident Lucia Motloung), JCI Mauritius (National President Ryad Subratty) and the hosting Workshop facilitated by AMDEC SouthNational President Patson Mahatchi. 2010 JCI Executive Vice President for Africa and Middle Counsellor Samuel MoyoEast and JCI Senator Joseph Pheto from Botswana also attended the gathering. Launch of the JCI Active CitizenshipSpeaking at the dinner held to induct 3 Local Presidents of JCI City, Harare and Mutare, Framework by the AMDEC CounsellorNational President Patson Mahatchi echoed Moyo’s sentiments by calling on government, thebusiness community and other civic organisations to get involved in impacting communities for a More than 60 JCI members and members ofbetter world. He conceded that none of the three pillars of society could hope to create real corporate partners graduated from the fourpositive change in society on their own, and they should all see projects run by JCI as platforms JCI Certified Training Courses: JCI Achieve,for combining efforts to bring about the desired changes. JCI Admin, JCI CSR and JCI Networking.In highlighting the capacity of JCI members to create positive change in their communities,Mahatchi chronicled some projects through which JCI Zimbabwe has attained positive change JCI Certified Coursesover the years, including the establishment of the First Street Mall in Harare, establishment of offered at the 2011 AMDECjunior councils and construction of part of the Airport School in Bulawayo. He also mentionedthe Blood Donation Drive run annually by JCI Kwekwe and JCI Gweru’s involvement with South MeetingBatsirai Old People’s HomeIn an almost instant endorsement of JCI Zimbabwe’s programs, Kingdom Bank pledged USD1,000 to support the JCI Nothing But Nets program, a global initiative to eradicate malaria by2015, as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The financialservices group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Lyn Mukonoweshuro was the Guest Speaker atthe occasion while Honourable Tapiwa Mashakada, the Minister of Economic Planning andInvestment Promotion was the Guest of Honour.The regional meeting was held mainly toprepare JCI Local and National leaders fortheir roles in the year, and included JCIcertified training courses, JCI Admin and JCIAchieve, courses designed to help JCI JCI Achieve - a Local Organizationmembers manage their Local Organisations Development Course that uses discussionsbetter for greater positive impact. All and case studies to understand andmembers graduated with certificates establish the local organization’s identity, purpose and what it can do to accomplishTraining was also provided in Corporate Social Responsibility (JCI CSR) and networking (JCI JCI’s Mission.Networking) to both JCI members and JCI corporate partners. The AMDEC South meeting is JCI Admin - a Local Organizationheld yearly to strengthen the capacity of JCI National Organisations to deliver the JCI mission, Management Course that covers theand involves training and workshops. The Africa and Middle East are in JCI is split into four structure of the local board, management ofareas, and each hosts such a meeting at the beginning of each year. the Local Organization affairs, the conducting of meetings, planning and the importance of having community activities for the achievement of JCI’ s Mission. JCI Networking – A course on turning your personal contacts into lasting, trusted and productive connections and relationships. JCI CSR – a course designed to create awareness in Active Citizens that individuals have responsibility to their community and the environment. Visit to learn more about JCI Training and register for upcoming courses. 5 Zimbabwe
  6. 6. We believe:That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life,That the brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations;That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise,That governance should be of laws rather than of men,That earth’s great treasure lies in human personalityAnd that service to humanity is the best work of life. Tips to Making Your Local JCI Gweru Rises from Strength to Strength Organisation the best JCI Gweru, one of the two Local Organisations to be affiliated to JCI Zimbabwe at the 2010 National Convention in Victoria Falls has weathered teething problems and emerged It is often said that every JCI member has the as one of the potentially strong Local Organisations in JCI Zimbabwe. responsibility of making their Local Organisation and their community the best in the world. The Local Organisation has shown some resilience with new and old projects being However, what is often not said is what makes a implemented to effect positive change in the Midlands town. Members of the Local Local Organisation the best. Here are a few things organisation seem to have integrated well into the boarder JCI Zimbabwe family, always you can do (as a member at whatever level) to being represented and participating fully at national functions. The Local organisation has make your Local organisation the best: also made full use of resources available at its disposal, calling National Officers and trainers from neighbouring Local Organisations to conduct training on project planning, Create an Identity Members, potential members and other stakeholders must be able to clearly distinguish The strength of the Local Organisation has also come from its ability to run projects your organisation from others. That uniqueness is relevant to its community. It has strong ties with the Midlands State University (MSU) created by you the members, collectively. Leave student community, where there is a thriving satellite extension of the Local Organisation. out that uniqueness in your workplace, home and elsewhere, making it the selling point to potential Students have found it easier to implement academic practical projects, through skills they members and partners. have learnt through JCI. Led by Local President Shepherd Manhokwe, himself an academic, the Local organisation have been assisting key community institutions such the Attract the right membership A Local Organisation is as good as its members. Gweru General Hospital and the Batsirai Old People’s Home. Typical JCI members fit into the organisation’s philosophy and beliefs (remember the oath ofJCI Zim Seeks Greater Role in Attaining MDGs membership) and are looking for opportunities to ... United Nations Affairs Commissioner Appointed grow. Make every member understand and ... Projects Refocus on MDGs identify with the JCI mission and vision. ... Sustainable Partnerships Created Run Impactful Projects JCI Zimbabwe has taken a strategic direction to increase its JCI exists to create positive change in the participation in attaining the Millennium Development Goals communities through running projects. Members (MDGs). JCI is an implementing partner of the United Nations in come to JCI for an opportunity to be involved, to the attainment of MDGs, and local organisations in Zimbabwe learn and be active in projects. Identify challenges have deliberately adopted projects that address the MDGs as part in your community and rally other young people of their programs. towards solving the problem. Learn more about JCI flagship projects like the JCI Creative Young Past National Officer Itai Arthur Manyere has been appointed 2011 Entrepreneur Award (CYEA), JCI Ten UN Affairs Commissioner. This is meant to increase cooperation Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI between JCI Zimbabwe and UN agencies in the country. He is TOYP) or the JCI Nothing But Nets project. Find working with Local Commissioners appointed at Local level, in out which one responds to your community needs implementing UN related projects, notably the JCI Nothing But and use it to create positive change. Nets project. A quick survey on the activities of Local Organisations shows that almost all of them have an MDG related Create Synergies project Creating positive change is a mammoth task. Your Local Organisation can’t do it on its own. WeThe JCI Nothing But Nets program, an international initiative aimed at eradicating the prevalence of require partners like local government, localmalaria in Africa by 2015 has received ramped up attention this year, with every JCI national event chambers of commerce, the media and otherraising at least USD 500 in cash and pledges towards the cause. Corporate organisations like Kingdom Non-Governmental Organisations to tackle issuesBank and Netone have contributed resources towards the program. The funds raised will go towards our communities face. Use the vast JCIprocuring Long Lasting Insecticide Treated (LLIT) bed nets to be donated to malaria prone areas in international network to collaborate with otherZimbabwe. Local Organisations across borders. Travel toAt the JCI AMDEC South meeting held in January, JCI Zimbabwe invited its corporate partners to attend international events and host national ones tothe JCI CSR training course for no charge. The organisation sought to create awareness in Active bring the international experience home.Citizens that individuals have responsibility to their community and the environment for greateracceleration towards the MDGs. The visit by JCI Vice President Rania Haddad early in the year also Have Fun … But Remain Professionalgave the National organisation an opportunity to strengthen relations, particularly with the United National To many members, JCI is an extra activity thatResident Representative whom the delegation met. The UN Affairs Commissioner took the opportunity to comes after work, school or other full timemarket the UN Global Compact principles to all corporates visited. Preparations are also already commitments. It’s a place to do somethingunderway to send a delegation to the 2011 JCI United Nations Global Partnership in New York, USA different from their 8 to 5 routines, so make sure itfrom June 20 – 23. is as refreshing as possible. That doesn’t however mean that you should take everything casually.JCI in Africa and the Middle East adopted MDG number 1 (reducing extreme poverty by half by 2015) Meetings should always start and end on time,and 6 (Reducing the incidence of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases) as priority areas for the region. and while formal, should remain professional andNotwithstanding the challenges, Zimbabwe has made some strides towards attaining halting and orderly. Create opportunities for socialisation byreversing the spread of HIV and Aids and malaria but is unlikely to meet MDG 1. Resultantly, JCI arranging weekend activities like socials andZimbabwe Local Organisations have targeted MDG 1 in most of their activities, implementing plans that sporting activities.both address cases of extreme poverty and empowering the communities towards sustainable economicactivity.6 Zimbabwe
  7. 7. Q1 2011 Moments... Zimbabwe P.O Box 6488, Harare Tel: +263 774 302 442 +263 772 251 674 Website: Blog: