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2nd qtr newsletter final


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The second quarter edition of the JCI Zimbabwe official newsletter - The Young Active Citizen

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2nd qtr newsletter final

  1. 1. The Young Active Citizen The Official JCI Zimbabwe Newsletter Second Quarter, 2011Time Waits for No Man Dear JCI Members, Potential Members, Alumni, and Friends of JCI & JCI Zimbabwe, Greetings.A saying goes ‘Time flies and waits for no man’. Once theclock ticks away the seconds, you can never recover thembut you can only become wiser and use the future secondsbetter. Horace Ode also says ‘Even as we speak, envioustime is running away from us – seize the day…”. So what amI saying? I am saying indeed there is no time because there Zimbabweis no time. We have to roll up our sleeves and get as much aswe can done if we are to report positive results. With our In this Issue:theme this year being iTAP – Impact through activeparticipation who would not want to be part of this? We would • A week of Active Participation …..want to continue creating impact through active participation pg. 2by all of you, and of course bearing in mind that there is no • JCI Zimbabwe in Bamako… pg. 3time. • Measuring Impact at Recharge…First let me congratulate JCI Harare for successfully hosting JCI Zimbabwe Recharge. Well done to the pg. 3Conference Organising Committee and the COC Director Kudzi Zhou. It was a memorable Mid Year • Second Qtr Moments … pg. 4conference and those who were there can share their experience. The conference gave us time toreflect on the organization, recharge our batteries and chart the way forward. We set the groundworkfor our strategic planning process and we are committed to take this process forward before 31December 2011 so that by the time the new Board comes in JCI Zimbabwe will have a 3 year roadmap. Upcoming EventsOnce again, the second quarter was packed with activities. Outside the Mid year conference, we hadlots of training in Harare, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe & Bulawayo. JCI Bulawayo was also privileged toget an official visit from our affiliated JCI Vice President Mr. Victor Marawu. Thank you Mr. VicePresident. There were celebrations for the JCI Week that went on very well. JCI Bulawayo had theirGolf Tournament and JCI City embarked on the famous Life Skills Training camp and ‘clean upcampaign’ of Jamela Street in Mbare. JCI Harare also did Life Skills training for Felly’s Orphanage.Membership Nights were also held as planned in our quest to grow JCI Zimbabwe so that we createmore impact in the community. Well done to all for participating in these events and being true JCIswho take the responsibility to create positive change. JCI Zimbabwe National Convention September 30 – October 2, Bulawayo, ZimbabweThe trip to Bamako, Mali was another historic highlight for the second quarter. We had a delegation of (6) travelling to Bamako. I saw the best reception where delegates were being whisked away fromthe airport using top of the range cars. The opening ceremony was attended by His Excellency thePresident of Mali. We of course scored a lot and managed to bring the Africa & Middle East debatingchampionship to Zimbabwe. We also brought the championship for the Nothing But Nets Quiz. Welldone to our National Public Relations Director Lloyd Ngwenya and of course our JCI Zimbabwe PublicSpeaking Champion Cosmas Mukungatu for the good fight for these trophies. Now if you are notmotivated to go to Brussels and witness the bigger issues in store then then I don’t know what willmotivate you.The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of Zimbabwe also did very well, capped by the JCI World CongressAwards Ceremony where there were fireworks. The team worked very hard. It has been a long road November 1 – 5, Brussels, Belgiumbut worth the fight given the fact that entries were made on time to JCI, and we have 3 Zimbabweans it into the top 30 in the world. Well done TOYP team led by Tinashe Nyaruwanga.Now my call on all of you is on growth. We have gone through the impact months and we have gone Partners and Sponsorsthrough the various M Nights. The question is, who have you invited to join JCI? If the answer is none,then there is a big problem? As you are aware, this year we have embarked on the impact of two. All Iam asking from every member is for you to bring just two friends and make sure they become JCImembers. Once we do that we should be able to double our numbers by the time we go to NATCON.Additionally there has been a call for the second impact month to register as many companies aspossible under the Global Compact. I got a few commitments from Local Presidents on whichcompanies you are targeting I am positive you will share your successes with all.And now the best for last, the World President, Mr. Kentaro Harada will be visiting us in September.More details will be availed on this historic event on our calendar.Lastly, fellow JCI members, please be part of all of us as we celebrate our success attained during thisyear of Impact through Active Participation.Yours in JCI Service
  2. 2. 2011 JCI Zimbabwe Theme Impact Through Active Participation (iTAP) A Week of Active ParticipationJCI Zimbabwe celebrated Active Citizenship week during the first week of June. JCI Zimbabweuses the first week of June each year to showcase the work it is doing to fulfil its mission ofproviding development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.In a statement to mark the 2011 edition of the celebrations, JCI Zimbabwe President PatsonMahatchi said members across the country engaged in various activities to demonstrate theorganisation’s work to create positive change in the community.All activities were held under the 2011 JCI Zimbabwe theme, “Impact Through Active Participation”, which is a call on allyoung people to make a difference in their communities through being involved. In Harare, the week kicked off with a lifeskills training workshop for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the high density suburb of Mufakose. This is part of anon-going program conducted by JCI City, a Harare based affiliate of JCI Zimbabwe, which works in cooperation withBlossoms Children’s Centre. Blossoms is a Mufakose based organisation that takes care of more nearly 100 vulnerablechildren orphaned and or made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It also assists them by mobilising financial andmaterial resources to help them through school and other daily needs. JCI City members voluntarily provide psycho-socialsupport and training to teenaged children, covering such topics as Self Awareness, Decision Making and CareerGuidance amongst others.JCI Harare, another Harare based Local Organisation also conducted a Life skills training program at Chiedza Children’centre in Waterfalls. The centre caters for children from the Waterfalls and Mbare community, by offering them afterschool activities. JCI Harare also continually offers material and moral support to Felly’s Orphanage in Mbare, which takescare of more than 200 children and is voluntarily run by a group of women led by Mrs Zenda.Also in Mbare, members of JCI took time to sensitise the community and corporate world on proper waste managementand Active Citizenship by removing rubbish to re-open a road that had been closed due to illegal waste dumping. JamelaStreet has been featured in the media as it has been closed to traffic due to rubbish dumping which has rendered itimpassable.According to 2011 JCI City Local President Darlington Ndoro, when his Local Organisation approached the City of Hararewith their proposal to clean the road, officials told him it was not possible because they needed machinery and equipmentwhich was not available.“We took it upon ourselves to use the most available equipment we have to start the work,our hands and we hope that through this little act, we will motivate the community and thosewith the equipment to join us” he said.Ndoro also took the opportunity to announce that his Local Organisation had launched aprogram through which it was selling branded bins, which companies and organisationscould buy which he hopes would help avoid the situation at Jamela Street. The program willalso assist corporate organisations to find a cost effective way of increasing their brandpresence while fulfilling their responsibility to maintain a clean and safe environment.Apart from Harare, activities to mark the week were also conducted in Kwekwe, where theLocal Organisation is running an Effective Speaking program for high schools and inBulawayo, where a golf tournament was held to raise funds to procure and distribute anti-malaria bed nets in malaria prone areas, under a global project known as the JCI NothingBut Nets. 2
  3. 3. JCI Mission To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change So, what is JCI? JCI Zimbabwe @ Bamako 2011 An international organization of young active citizens aged between 18 and 40.JCI Zimbabwe members joined other members from Africa and the Middle at the Area Conferencefrom May 11-14 in Bamako, Mali to promote positive change. More than 600 delegates from 34 What Does JCI Do?different countries were represented at the JCI Africa and Middle East Conference where there whereseminars and events focused on community challenges facing the region and how to take concrete It provides development opportunities thataction to create sustainable change. empower young people to create positive change.The Conference began with a colourful Opening Ceremony featuring traditional dancers and nativegriot music. The Head of State of the Republic of Mali, his Excellence Amadou Toumani Toure,addressed the energetic delegates with a motivating speech, focusing on the importance of leadership How Does Young People in JCI Createand how JCI members should take pride in the opportunity to be leaders of local and global change. Positive Change?National Public Relations Director Lloyd Ngwenya and JCI Bulawayo Local President Otillia Chineka- Through projects that provide LeadershipMutavayi had arrived in Bamako a few days earlier to join 44 other young active citizens from over 20 skills, Entrepreneurship, Fellowship andcountries for the 13th JCI Africa and Middle East Leadership Academy. The Academy provides a Social Responsibility (the 4 pillars of JCI).forum for preparing leaders for the future by providing leadership skills necessary to effectively meetthe demands of leadership locally, nationally, internationally and in their community. Both successfully How Does One Join JCI?graduated from the three day course. All JCIs are members of Local organisations.During General Assembly, JCI Zimbabwe joined the JCI Botswana delegation in presenting their bid to Join a Local organisation in your area,host the 2013 Conference in Gaborone Botswana. There was ululation and jubilation when the attend meetings, get involved in projectsSouthern African neighbour was officially announced as the host of the annual conference, offering a and help others create positive change inhuge opportunity for many JCI Zimbabwe members to participate in the conference closer to home. your community.JCI Zimbabwe itself reiterated its commitment to host the 2014 edition, amidst competing expressionsfrom other member nations. Where do JCI members meet? • At the ZNCC offices on Thursdays in Bulawayo and Gweru • At Harare Club every Wednesday and at the Motor Industry Pension Fund every first and last Thursday of the month in Harare, • At the Civic Center on Thursdays in Kwekwe, and • At the Hellenics Club on Thursdays in Mutare.JCI Zimbabwe also signed a Twining Agreement with JCI Ghana during the Twinning ceremony. •Parties such as the Nations Night where 12 countries were showcasing their national food, drinks and All meetings start at, littered the nights. Mali Night, held at an exquisite night spot known as the Blomba sawdelegates being treated to exclusive Malian food and music. On Saturday afternoon, just before the Where Can I get more information?Gala Dinner, there was a picnic in the Parc of Bamako with games and other entertainment. JCIZimbabwe won the JCI Nothing But Nets Quiz held in the park, through NPRD Lloyd Ngwenya. There Email us or phonewas more joy at the Awards Night when a team composed of JCI Zimbabwe and JCI Botswana +263 774 302 442.members was announced winners of the JCI Africa and Middle East (English) Debating Championship Website: Blog: Members Measure Their Impact at Recharge 2011 From the 8th to the 10th of July, 2011, JCI Zimbabwe members took time to take stock of the impact they are making in the society by holding the 2011 JCI Zimbabwe Mid-Year Conference. This was held at Harare Safari Lodge, just outside Harare. JCI Harare hosted the conference, which was littered with fun, team building exercises as well as discussions regarding the future of JCI Zimbabwe. A foundation upon which a three year strategy to guide the future of JCI Zimbabwe was laid. On the recreation side, members enjoyed a variety of activities which included a drumming exercise, sunset boat cruises, plays and late night parties. It was also a happy coincidence as JCI Zimbabwe National President Patson Mahatchi celebrated his birthday on Saturday the 9th, and members joined him in munching the cakes. 3
  4. 4. JCI VisionTo be the leading global network of young active citizens .4