UX + VR FTW [ACRL e-learning]


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ACRL e-Learning webinar | May 22, 2012

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  • Courtney Greene, Head of Digital User Experience (DUX) at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, will begin the forum by discussing what happens when user experience meets virtual reference. She will argue that libraries are in the user experience business - that our users' needs are at the forefront of everything we do. Courtney will describe a recent reorganization that has led DUX to take on a more active role in supporting and managing virtual reference tools at IUB Libraries - IM via LibraryH3lp, text reference via Google Voice, and a newly re-designed mobile site. She will share how she and her team have worked to balance the advantages of centralized management of VR services (for over a dozen service points across campus!) with the importance of staying closely connected to librarians in the field, on the ground and at the desk. She will also discuss how the mobile redesign increased access to research apps and how users have responded to the changes. 
  • dux & iub
  • dux & iub
  • What is ux anyway?
  • Good news: the hard part is already done. It’s (mostly) automagical!Stats give you the heebiejeebies?Tell your story.Once you know the what/why, the how is much easier.A little setup at the beginning & machines can do quite a lot.Don’t sweat it. A few basic measures you can explain & you’re set.Illustrate those numbers with real life people & examples.A tidy, professional report will benefit you & your superiors.Make it pretty.
  • UX + VR FTW [ACRL e-learning]

    1. 1. UXuser experience FTW for the win virtual reference VR courtney greene indiana university libraries ACRL e-Learning | May 22 2012
    2. 2. Thanks for joining in today!Please introduce yourself in the chat box.
    3. 3. • Gain a better understanding of user experience methods and philosophies, and how these relate to library public services;• Learn about one library’s experience in creating a user experience department, and how that’s impacted the library as a whole;• Hear practical tips for identifying opportunities to optimize virtual services, and strategies for securing buy-in from administration and staff.
    4. 4. At my library, we… (choose all that apply)A. EmailB. IM/ChatC. TextD. Mobile siteE. Other (describe in chat box) piermario
    5. 5. Most popular virtual venue @ your campus… survey says: A. Email B. IM/Chat C. Text D. Mobile site E. Other (describe in chat box) piermario
    6. 6. What’s your role in virtual reference?A. Front-line reference librarianB. AdministratorC. Technical support guruD. An exciting combo of A, B & CE. Other (describe in chat box) piermario
    7. 7. lucamascaro
    8. 8. Laura Maryhttp://bit.ly/more-on-ux
    9. 9. felix63
    10. 10. The Digital User Experience (DUX) department sets strategic priorities for the unifiedweb presence of the IU Bloomington Libraries and related online services. Weproactively seek opportunities to collaboratively deliver transformativeexperiences that facilitate discovery and strengthen scholarship at Indiana University.We strive to exceed expectations for internal and external constituencies as we develop,design, deliver, and support innovative services, systems, and tools. Weembrace a user-centered approach, identifying and anticipating user needsthrough data analysis, usability testing, and assessment. We subscribe to a philosophyof continuous improvement achieved through an iterative design process toselectively implement existing and emerging technologies.In partnership with library and campus units, DUX works to enhance end-usersuccess and to fulfill our shared mission to support the teaching, learning andresearch of the University community. In conjunction with our mission, we will use these guiding principles to strategically prioritize projects: Dynamic (data, services) | Experimental (pioneering, innovative) Collaborative | Transparent (seamless, open) | Impact http://www.libraries.iub.edu/dux felix63
    11. 11. …in a nutshell leo reynolds fontplaydotcom
    12. 12. futurefashion followtheseinstructions
    13. 13. glyphish
    14. 14. what’s your #1 VR challenge these days?
    15. 15. m.libraries.iub.edu
    16. 16. how can I help today?
    17. 17. … to infinity & beyond?Where are YOUheaded?Tell us in the chat box. admiral.ironbombs
    18. 18. stories + math = ♥bitzi
    19. 19. the vergeum … any other questions?
    20. 20. thanks! it’s been… colinaut