Does Sensa Work? Probe And Find Out


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Does Sensa Work? Probe And Find Out

  1. 1. Sensa is acquiring enormous media coverage these days owing to various reasons.It is a weight loss supplement that has to be smeared on the foods you eat for avoiding overeating. This is accomplished by making use of your senses of smell coupled with taste. Using sensa, you eatless naturally resulting in weight loss. But to the question - does sensa work - the answer will be negative for people with less or no sense of smell or taste.
  2. 2. A neurologist called Dr. Hirsch is behind the invention ofsensa and 1436 individuals participated in the trial which he conducted. The test had the timeframe of 6 months and it was found that the people who used sensa couldaccomplish 30.5 pound weight loss on an average. On theother hand the control group had a weight deprivation of 2 pounds.
  3. 3. If you have to think of a clinical study as reliable, it has to be reviewed and examined by other experts thoroughly. Though Dr. Hirsch claims that the sensa clinical trial waspeer reviewed, it is evident that it was not done so. Other experts write off the sensa presentation by Dr. Hirsch as just promotional than anything else. Thus without thesuitable researches to support the product the question - does sensa work - is worth probing.
  4. 4. The main issue is how to reach a final choice owing to theenormity of claims and counter claims. The best idea is to take a decision dependent on your weight loss aims, habits and approach towards food and exercise. Most of the diets wont perform as these factors are notreviewed and taken into consideration. In case you dont have any permanent weight loss goals and just want to slim down 2 sizes to fit into your jeans, you can opt for sensa. In that case, you can use the sensa sprinkle diet.
  5. 5. Finally you have to take the decision on - does sensa work or not. The sensa diet has got many positive reviews bythe customers. Still, considering the excessively high costof $59USD for a month supply, you have to ponder twice. Above all, Dr. Hirsch himself has no assurance regarding the long term usefulness and side effects of the product.
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