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This presentation explains how Xobni brings intelligent email search and contact management to Outlook and the BlackBerry. Flip through to learn more now!

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Discover Xobni

  1. 1. Discover Xobni: Intelligent email search and contact management for Microsoft Outlook & the BlackBerry
  2. 2. Xobni Product Suite Xobni for Outlook (Free) Xobni Plus Xobni Mobile Xobni One Xobni Enterprise
  3. 3. Xobni for Outlook
  4. 4. Xobni creates a profile for everyone you email So they are always – and automatically – available and searchable to you on the desktop or phone.
  5. 5. “Xobni turned my Outlook experience from one that was organized by messages and dates into one that was organized by people, relationships and histories.” Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal
  6. 6. XOBNI PROFILE • Automatically generated no more manually updating address book • All-inclusive includes EVERYONE you’ve ever sent/received emails, which is 10X the number of people in “contacts” list • Drop dead easy & fast email search contacts in ranked order of importance and searchable by name, company name or keyword • Full view on your contacts shows information shared between you and the contact, but also third party content from sites/services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce • Adds structure to unstructured content emails, attachments, meetings, links, etc.
  7. 7. Lightning fast people and email search PROFILES Auto-generated contact info and photo Rich Profiles from 3rd party services/sites Tabs for easy email and information search Fully threaded conversation view Files exchanged for each contact Shared contacts Links exchanged for each contact Upcoming and recent appts pulled from calendar
  8. 8. XOBNI SEARCH With Xobni’s instant search, the email, contact or attachment you’re looking for appears immediately, as you type. “The free Outlook add-on Xobni beats the pants off Outlook's built-in e-mail search.” (CNET, April 2010) speed + intelligence = Xobni search
  9. 9. SEARCH Quick search by: • Contact name • Company name • Keyword Results grouped by: • People • Messages • Appointments • Files exchanged • Tasks Each profile category allows for deeper searching
  10. 10. Advanced Search (Xobni Plus) SEARCH Users can easily build advanced search queries using up to 14 predefined filters Full text searches are instantly updated as you type letters or add filters
  11. 11. SEARCH Threaded Conversations & Search See all conversations with contact, threaded by subject In conversations, you can search full message bodies, or just subjects You can also limit searches to direct conversations only
  12. 12. EXTENSIONS One-click access to useful contact info • Analytic data • LinkedIn profiles • Facebook profile • Twitter feed • Hoover’s company information • Salesforce data (paid offering) **Companies can write and deploy their own extensions using a simple SDK that leverages all mainstream web dev technologies (html, Ajax, Flash, etc.)**
  13. 13. AUTOSUGGEST Outlook’s default AutoComplete Now with Xobni Plus’s AutoSuggest enabled
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA Discover Connections Xobni reveals information on social networks about your contacts – giving you a full view of them Highly Configurable: Any features can be hidden anytime
  15. 15. Social Networks Increase Efficiency. Really. Scenario: You’re about to get on a call with a potential customer, but you can’t remember her title, or specific info about her company. Xobni has you covered. 3 Hoover’s displays her company description, 4 1 contact info, and more 2 2 LinkedIn lists her position at the company 3 You see her Facebook profile photo 1 You can even make the call without leaving 4 Outlook using Skype
  16. 16. “Xobni is my lifeline to success and productivity. With Xobni, I get a quick and holistic view of my contacts’ business and social lives, which gives me a tremendous advantage to connect on a business- and human-level in my daily interactions.” Xobni User Lisa Choi, Senior Manager, Responsys, Inc.
  17. 17. Why Xobni for Outlook? • Remarkably easy to use – in Outlook or BlackBerry • Makes your inbox work the way your brain does • Creates the world’s most complete and useful address book • Key features: • Lightning-fast people/email/info search • Auto-extracted contact information – Automatic address book • Find Attachments • Threaded Conversations • Discover Connections • Email Analytics
  18. 18. Free or Premium? Many users get what they need out of the free version. Typical profile of premium user: • Highly networked individual • Spends 3+ hours/day in email • Depends on contacts to be successful (sales, VCs, marketing, etc.) • People who need to be highly efficient (Xobni users say Xobni saves 45-60 minutes/week)
  19. 19. Xobni Mobile The world’s best, most complete address book…
  20. 20. Search contacts by name or company name Search results with one-touch access to call or email contact Xobni Mobile uses Xobni Rank to rank all your contacts in order of importance/relevance vs. alphabetically
  21. 21. 1 Image and title automatically pulled from LinkedIn 1 2 Contact information automatically extracted from email (with source) 2 One-click access to contact’s Facebook and 3 LinkedIn activity/information 3 Quick access to your interactions, including 4 last phone call times/dates, most recent SMS, last three email headers, past or upcoming 4 meetings scheduled, and shared connections
  22. 22. Ever find yourself searching old emails on BlackBerry for someone’s contact info? Xobni to the rescue. Xobni Integration in BlackBerry Email Compose Window: Simply “flick up” on the trackball or track pad to email any one of your contacts.
  23. 23. Xobni One Connects multiple Xobni accounts for a more powerful contact management solution
  24. 24. Why Xobni Mobile? • It’s the best, most complete address book. Ever. • No more scrolling – Xobni Rank puts most important contacts at top. • One-click to email or calling ALL of your contacts. • Search by person’s name or company name • Quickly see the last time you communicated with a contact • Quick access to social networking updates • Access to shared network/connections
  25. 25. LEARN MORE twitter facebook community support