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Le Pantheon


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For French Class

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Le Pantheon

  1. 1. Le Panthéon Alex Jacqueline
  2. 2. • The Pantheon Was Originally Built As A Church Located In The Latin Quarter. (Paris, France)
  3. 3. • The Former Church Was Completed In 1789. It Took 31 Years To Build Due To Insufficient Funds And The Former Architecture, Jacques- Germain Soufflot, Died Before He Could Completely Build It.
  4. 4. • The Church Was Then Converted To A Mausoleum But Has Changed Between The Two Since Its Original Intention
  5. 5. • quot;Aux Grands Homme La Patrie Reconnaissate.quot; Is Inscripted Above The Entrance. The Translation Means quot;For Great Men The Grateful Nation.quot;
  6. 6. • Leon Foucault Proved The Earth’s Rotation By Building A Pendulum In The Pantheon. (1851)
  7. 7. • The Original Church Came With 42 Windows. They Were Covered Up To Give The Mausoleum A More “Darker” Atmosphere.
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