Alia e lending think tank may 2013 pv1


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Alia e lending think tank may 2013 pv1

  1. 1. NSW Public Libraries, eBooks & the development of the eLending Portal ALIA eBook Think Tank Sydney 28th May 2013 P&D-3152-11/2012
  2. 2. is a branch within Public Library and Community Learning Services division at the State Library of NSW. • Connectivity (subsidised broadband connections: associated technical support) • Digital Content • 100+ Consortia opt in products (eJournals, eBooks, eAudio, streamed Music and Video content) • 10 State-wide licensed databases for use by the NSW public library network and their communities
  3. 3. “…….Is the Library Offering eBooks and if not why”?
  4. 4. Public Library Network Research Program Committee PLNRPC proposed a : • research project to investigate the impacts of eBooks and eReaders on public library services The research would include a discussion and analysis of: • legislation DRM, copyright, Library Act •licensing arrangements •pricing and subscription models •device options •access points and integration with library management systems •usage •content How best to present the research?
  5. 5. Online eLending Portal vs. publication •Keeping up with eLending developments is akin to trying to pin a tail on a leopard •A research publication would be out of date within a month! •Decision made to create an online portal to share information. •Online Information portal: • easy to update quickly to reflect evolving eLending ecosystem •provides a collaborative space for discussing issues and sharing information
  6. 6. eLending Portal •The portal is to reside on the website ( ) •eLending selected for title of portal as it provides greater latitude to encompass new formats (music & video) which may become a focal point in the future.
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  8. 8. eBound ReadersFirst Principles: To achieve a better user experience for library patrons, e-content providers must be willing partners, and offer products that allow users to: Search and browse a single comprehensive catalog with all of a library’s offerings at once, including all e-books, physical collections, programs, blogs, and donor opportunities. Currently, content providers often only allow searches within the products they sell, depriving users of the comprehensive library experience. Place holds, check-out items, view availability, manage fines and receive communications within individual library catalogs or in the venue the library believes will serve them best, without having to visit separate websites (libraries, not distributers, should be enabled to manage all interactions with users). Seamlessly enjoy a variety of e-content. To do this, libraries must be able to choose content, devices and apps from any provider or from multiple providers, without bundling that limits a library’s ability to serve content they purchase on platforms of their choice. Download e-books that are compatible with all readers, from the Kindle to the Nook to the iPad and so on.
  9. 9. Purchase, subscription, concurrent access, leasing, perpetual access, embargoes, title- by-title, approval plans, client driven acquisition, short term loans……… Access 360, Bolinda Digital, eBooks on EBSCOHost, EBL, Ebrary, Freeding, Myilibrary, OverDrive, 3m Cloud Library Wheelers ePlatform Douglas County Library, CALIFA, Contra Costa County Library
  10. 10. Jan/Feb 2013 54% of NSW public Libraries provide eBook content to their communities By region this equates to: 56% of Metropolitan Services 51% of Country Services 104 Library Services in NSW In March 2012 28% of PLN
  11. 11. Additional Content & Feedback “eLending Portal looks pretty awesome. Just what we were looking for” “Thank you for the portal it will be invaluable for us.” “This is an excellent resource, I am going to make sure that staff take a look at the eLending Portal” Feedback: eLending LISTSERV:
  12. 12. Questions? Please contact: Ross Balharrie Services Delivery Coordinator State Library of New South Wales