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XMission presents Hybrid Hosting: Making Colocation & Cloud Work for your Business


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XMission discusses the benefits of hybrid hosting: a flexible hosting option for businesses who do not wish to transition all of the critical data from colocation directly to the cloud. Hybrid works especially well for businesses who will have to maintain servers for security reasons, but still wish to capitalize on the power of the cloud.

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XMission presents Hybrid Hosting: Making Colocation & Cloud Work for your Business

  1. 1. Hybrid Hosting Making colocation and cloud work together for your business
  2. 2. Colocation has many benefits.
  3. 3. Bandwidth Power Space Save
  4. 4. Increased peace-of-mind Tight security Around-the-clock monitoring
  5. 5. Reliable Redundant power Redundant Internet connections Optimal server environment
  6. 6. Full control 24/7 access to hardware Build servers to your specications Better security control
  7. 7. Simplified Management ` Easier than ever to move services and servers from oce to data center Ooad facilities management to data center
  8. 8. ...but, Colocation is Evolving.
  9. 9. 2006 The birth of the cloud
  10. 10. Cloud also has many benefits.
  11. 11. Scalable Responds more easily to uctuations in web trac Easy to increase or decrease resources
  12. 12. lower OPEX No hardware to purchase Utility-style billing for usage Save on hardware administration
  13. 13. Time savings Rapid provisioning of servers Developers can focus on core competencies
  14. 14. Hybrid Hosting: the best of both worlds. Customers now have so many options!
  15. 15. Hybrid can include a combination of managed hosting private cloud public cloud colocation
  16. 16. Hybrid benefits include...
  17. 17. Very Flexible Keep legacy software and databases on dedicated hardware Put scalable applications on the cloud Easily create and modify a mix of whatever technology works best for your business
  18. 18. Stable No disruption of current business practices Easier transition path from colocation to cloud Continue to benet from redundancies Provides both top performance and reliability
  19. 19. Maintain full control Easier migration path to cloud Easier to meet compliance requirements Keep full ownership of essential hardware
  20. 20. Recap! Colocation Lower operating expenses Host equipment in an optimal, redundant environment Enhanced security Hybrid Create the right mix for your unique business! Won't disrupt your business operations Maintain full control Cloud Lower capital expenses Save time on provisioning Scale easily
  21. 21. Need more? Email me: Check out our website: Read our blog!