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Zephyr 2.0: Comprehensive Test Management


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Zephyr a test management system is based around the concept of desktops and dashboards. Every role in a Test Department has a customized Testing Desktop that allows doing their jobs faster & better. Zephyr makes QA fun with integrated tools.

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Zephyr 2.0: Comprehensive Test Management

  1. 1. Comprehensive Test Management 2.0
  2. 2. Rich Testing Desktops. Live Dashboards. Zephyr is based around the concept of Desktops & Dashboards . Every role in a Test Department has a customized Testing Desktop with relevant applications that allow them to do their jobs faster and better, as they all share data from a centralized repository on the Zephyr server and communicate via a collaborative backbone. Dashboards are automated and live, keeping the whole company updated on every aspect of testing and product quality.
  3. 3. Manage all aspects of your team - their contact info, access, roles, and assignments in one place. Each member of the team gets access to their personal Test Desktop based on their role and assignment. Define projects regardless of test methodology and provide as much or as little visibility to others in the organization. This automatically creates contextual project spaces in which you can set up multiple Releases or Sprints. Provide Department level visibility to everybody in the project team and upper management via detailed Department Dashboards . People & Projects
  4. 4. Create detailed test cases and link to existing automation scripts in an optimized test case creation application. Build dynamic and visual schedules , define software builds and test environments, quickly grab the test cases to be run in each phase and assign them to testers - all from a single, intuitive screen. Per Release or Sprint, Test Leads can now build a dynamic Test Case Repository tree to incorporate the various kinds of tests that will be run based upon their test plans. This repository can be built from scratch, inherited from previous releases, imported from Excel or a combination thereof. Planning & Scheduling
  5. 5. Focus on what needs to be executed while providing all the supporting information needed. Based off of the test run created by the Execution Scheduling and Assignment module, the Test Case Execution application allows testers to run both manual and automated tests from one place. Real time status updates from the execution are shown in detailed drill-down out-of-the-box metrics and in Project Dashboards . In built Document Management helps you organize and make available all relevant and contextual documents. Execution & Reporting
  6. 6. The faster you get a defect into the system, the sooner a Developer can start looking at it and fixing it. The easier it is for you to find fixed bugs, the faster you can start verifying the fix and closing it out. Whether it be the inbuilt defect tracking application, JIRA, or Bugzilla, Zephyr provides an interface that allows you to do just that and from all the right places too. Zephyr pulls in real-time defect metrics from these external defect tracking systems and displays them in drill-down project dashboards for up to the minute quality analysis. Defect Tracking
  7. 7. Every day, automation is becoming a more important part of testing. Using the innovative ZBot technology , Zephyr not only provides interoperability with automation systems - commercial, open source, or home grown - but also provides metrics and reports on automated versus manual tests across the entire test suite. Continue to leverage your existing investments in automation but now track and report on both your manual and automation testing from one place. Automation
  8. 8. Zephyr wants to make it easy to get started - therefore we provide both a downloadable on-premises version and a hosted SaaS version. Regardless of which deployment you choose, you get the full set of Zephyr's flexible features and the quick, easy setup and configuration that makes Zephyr one of the easiest systems to deploy and immediately start using. Deployment
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