SOLIX - Empowering Data Management


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SOLIX TECHNOLOGIES provides the solution to manage all your enterprise data from inception to disposal-lowering overall cost of data management and improving operational efficiencies.

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  • Organizations dealing with huge volumes of data should really take a look at this solution to increase operational efficiency.
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  • Good data management service with security and lot of features in it
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  • Good for data management solutions.
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  • this link leads to Solix site....
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SOLIX - Empowering Data Management

  1. 1. SOLIX Empowering Data Management
  2. 2. SOLIX TECHNOLOGIES A leading provider of enterprise data management solutions with proven success helping organizations worldwide to meet compliance requirements and achieve Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) goals and strategies.
  3. 3. SOLIX has an extensive global client base, including Fortune 500 companies, and is considered the standard for enterprise data management.
  4. 4. SOLIX solutions streamline information management, security and automate data storage and retrieval to: Enable compliance and E-Discovery through long term data retention, data masking, database audit and enterprise search. Improve application performance and business agility through active archiving of enterprise data. Improve DBA productivity, reduce storage and secure sensitive data through our Secure Test & Development solutions. Help data migrations for application sunsetting and upgrades.
  5. 7. Solix Secure Test and Development Provides database cloning, subsetting and data masking to allow organizations to protect data in non-production environments while reducing infrastructure costs and improving development cycles.
  6. 9. Solix Data Auditor - Enterprise Data Auditing Securing sensitive data in database environments is only one piece of the compliance puzzle. Ensuring that you are alerted when unusual activity is occurring and keeping a secure and searchable audit log of database changes is critical to maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements as well as ensuring adherence to corporate information governance policies.
  7. 11. Enterprise Data Archiving - Solix Technologies Restore application performance across your enterprise with the new standard in data archiving. Built to address the most pressing challenges of enterprise data growth, Solix Enterprise Data Archiving solves compliance, cost and performance requirements with advanced archiving technology. With Solix Enterprise Data Archiving, organizations can classify data, configure and execute archiving and data migration routines and ensure data remains secure at every step of the process giving you back complete & streamlined control over your enterprise data.  
  8. 13. Solix Application Sunsetting and Data Migration In a world of boundless connectivity, of unending information flow and of exponentially growing data, staying two steps ahead is the only way to sustain competitive advantage and achieve higher business performance. The Solix Application Sunsetting and Migration solution is a metadata based tool that allows companies to map metadata between applications and create conversion rules for faster and seamless data migration.
  9. 15. For more info on SOLIX products…