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Next Gen Industrial Vending Systems


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Manage, track and control the flow of critical tools and supplies into your operation. Break-through technology at break-through prices from Apex Industrial Technologies.

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Next Gen Industrial Vending Systems

  1. 2. The Edge 5000 Series
  2. 3. The Edge AutoStore The Edge AutoStore Manages Dispensing of Large or Bulky Items and Assets that Need to be Checked Out and Checked Back In. The AutoStore features robust, industrial-grade construction and clear front panels to provide high visibility. Available bright interior LED lighting and adjustable back panels make products conveniently available and easy to access.
  3. 4. Apex Versatile Dispensing Modules (VDMs) Application-Specific Single-Item Dispensing Without Repackaging Introducing the Apex One Bite VDM The Apex One Bite VDM can be added to your Edge 5000 automated dispensing machine for single-item tool dispensing and dispensing of cutting inserts, electrical connectors, welding tips, and other critical small parts without repackaging. Individual conveyors bring items forward and gently deliver them into a specially designed pick-up tray.
  4. 5. Access To The Edge 5000 Series Can Be Via Keypad Only Or Via Your Choice Of ID Card Or Badge. Available Options include: Bar Code Reader Infrared Bar Code Reader Mag-Stripe Reader Proximity Card Reader Biometric Fingerprint ID Reader