Scalable, Reliable Recovery Across SharePoint Server Farms


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InMage for SharePoint enables the implementation of cost-effective DR configurations that leverage asynchronous, IP-based replication to support long distance solutions. Comprehensive recovery capabilities include the ability to fail over the entire SharePoint server farm to a remote site at the push of a button in such a way that SharePoint applications and web servers work seamlessly after the failover.

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Scalable, Reliable Recovery Across SharePoint Server Farms

  1. 1. Data Sheet InMage for SharePoint Scalable, Reliable Recovery across SharePoint Server Farms • Centrally managed, disk-based Microsoft SharePoint provides a comprehensive content management system that ac- commodates a variety of common data types, providing a secure way to easily share recovery which supports rapid, content across the enterprise using a single, centrally managed repository. Users store reliable SharePoint recovery either critical business information in SharePoint repositories, and expect that information to remotely (for disaster recovery) or be adequately protected as well as highly available. SharePoint deployments tend to locally grow rapidly, a fact which can present difficult data protection challenges. Conventional approaches which leverage periodic backups and tape-based infrastructure inevitably • Enables the restoration of begin to impose unacceptable business impacts as SharePoint grows, particularly around SharePoint data to any previous the topic of “backup windows” and lengthy recovery times. SharePoint’s multi-server architecture, while providing scalability advantages, can also complicate recoveries point in time, and SharePoint using conventional data protection technologies. Unless both SharePoint database and application recovery that includes application servers are protected, and recoveries can be synchronized, recoveries can be all associated SharePoint services, time-consuming, manually intensive, and potentially require a complete re-build of the including automatic SharePoint user front-end infrastructure. re-direct InMage: A Single Solution for DR, Backup, and SharePoint Failover • Single solution which eliminates InMage provides a software-based solution that leverages the advantages of disk-based backups while at the same time data protection to eliminate backups and provide comprehensive recovery capabilities replacing backup, replication, and for SharePoint server farms that can meet remote (DR) and/or local requirements. Using unique hybrid recovery technology, InMage for SharePoint captures changes to Share- clustering agents and products Point data stores in real time as they occur and offers flexible recovery to any previous • Provides SharePoint-specific point in time, a feature which ensures fast, reliable recovery that can be synchronized across all SharePoint servers. Automated recovery of SharePoint services can be config- functionality leveraging the ured to meet either remote or local requirements, going above and beyond the protec- Windows VSS API to support simple, tion offered by conventional backup, replication, and clustering products. reliable, and synchronized recovery across SharePoint server farms Scalable, Cost-Effective DR InMage for SharePoint enables the implementation of InMage for Share- cost-effective DR configurations that leverage asyn- chronous, IP-based replication to support long distance Point allows applica- solutions. Comprehensive recovery capabilities include tions and websites the ability to fail over the entire SharePoint server farm to a remote site at the push of a button in such a way that to work seamlessly SharePoint applications and web servers work seam- after the failover. lessly after the failover. This fully automated capability not only speeds the recovery of application services when it is required, but can also be used to simplify DR testing by providing non-disruptive, one-button SharePoint service migration. Using InMage for SharePoint to automate DR testing and failover also improves the reliability of recovery processes by removing room for operator error and providing a baseline from which to incrementally improve failover processes over time. Eliminate Backup Windows. Improve Recovery Granularity InMage for SharePoint captures changes to SharePoint data stores continuously as they occur, completely moving away from the “periodic” nature of conventional backup.
  2. 2. InMage doesn’t shorten the backup win- LOCAL SITE REMOTE SITE dow, it completely eliminates it. SharePoint Server Farm Source(s) As InMage captures data from the servers in a SharePoint server farm, it tracks it so Sources can be either physical or that administrators can retroactively select virtual machines AppShots – application-consistent recovery Web Application points – from which to base recovery op- erations. Because InMage for SharePoint uses the Windows Volume Shadowcopy Services (VSS) API and an included VSS AD + DNS SQL requester to mark AppShots, it supports InMage CX Web Application rapid, reliable recovery. InMage for Share- LAN WA N Point ensures that these recovery points are synchronized across the database and All transmission occurs across application servers in a SharePoint instance. cost-effective IP networks AD + DNS SQL When a recovery is required, an adminis- Remote Recovery trator may view the entire continuum of Server Target(s) available recovery points and select the Local Recovery Targets can be either physical ServerTarget(s) or virtual machines most appropriate point to meet recovery requirements. Because they represent Data taps application-consistent points in time, AppShots will support the fastest recovery Figure 1. Data is granularly collected from servers in a SharePoint server farm and sent to a local CX, which can then store the data locally times, but all other points (each of which and/or remotely (using InMage’s asynchronous replication). If bi-directional and/or one-button application failover is desired at the remote site, an optional second CX could be deployed there. represents crash-consistent points in time that support reliable recovery) are available Over time, servers in a SharePoint server Unique Hybrid Recovery as well and may provide value to admin- farm can change, and if changes in source Technology istrators performing root cause analysis servers are not reflected on target serv- against failures. InMage’s ers, recovery operations may not work InMage for Share- as expected. InMage for SharePoint not unique hybrid Application Awareness only collects changes to the underlying Point is cost recovery tech- Supports Fast, Reliable, and nology lends Comprehensive Recoveries SQL databases that store SharePoint effective for low itself to cost- content, but also tracks changes made to InMage for SharePoint includes SharePoint- the SharePoint application and front-end end and larger effective, low end configura- specific functionality that speeds deploy- web servers. As new SharePoint modules configurations tions as well as ment and enables recovery capabilities that are added, configuration data on the web servers generally changes, and InMage larger configu- are tailored for SharePoint environments for SharePoint captures these changes, re- rations that can handle extremely large but managed through the centralized In- flecting them on the targets to ensure that SharePoint deployments. As write volumes Mage management paradigm. SharePoint- existing recovery processes will continue grow, the two key software engines on the specific functionality includes installation to work reliably. CX – the control and process engines – can templates, AppShot creation and usage, be separated out and hosted on separate SharePoint farm configuration discovery, Recovery requires no effort on the part of Intel-based servers which are connected to and automated SharePoint failover/failback SharePoint users – they are automatically the SharePoint server farm by IP networks. processes. routed to the recovery servers targets due Control stays centralized to ensure that re- Data taps on each SharePoint server farm to automatic changes in Active Direc- covery points across SharePoint database, server can stream changes to targets on a tory and DNS entries. This solution does application, and web servers stay synchro- shared CX. InMage for SharePoint keeps not just enable data recovery. InMage nized as higher write volumes are serviced abreast of changes in the database, appli- for SharePoint can provide for end-to- by adding separate process engines. cation, and web servers, so that recoveries end recovery that restores the data from the most recent (or any selected) point, InMage minimizes the amount of data can be synchronized. Through this ap- restarts SharePoint and its associated ser- that needs to be sent across networks to proach, InMage for SharePoint eliminates vices, and transparently re-directs Share- enable DR or backup through the use of lengthy manual efforts associated with Point users. capacity optimization techniques like send- trying to recover SharePoint using conven- ing only data changes, bandwidth-shaping, tional data protection technologies. compression, and delta differencing on resync (during failover from a DR site back to the primary site). 3255-1 Scott Boulevard, Suite 104, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 1.800.646.3617 | p: 408.200.3840 | f: 408.588.1590 | 2010V1 Copyright 2010, InMage Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This document is provided for information purposes only, and the contents hereof are subject to change without notice. The information contained herein is the proprietary and confidential information of InMage and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form for any purpose without InMage’s prior written permission. InMage is a registered trademark of InMage Systems, Inc.