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Simplify Disaster Recovery. Eliminate Backups.


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InMage provides a software-based solution that leverages the advantages of disk-based data protection to eliminate backups and provide application-aware recovery that can meet remote (DR) and/or local requirements.

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Simplify Disaster Recovery. Eliminate Backups.

  1. 1. Data Sheet InMage Simplify Disaster Recovery. eliminate Backups. • Simple, cost-effective disaster re- Recovery is a critical concern for enterprises of all sizes, and must be addressed both covery solutions for any application remotely (for disaster recovery) and locally (for daily recovery). Disaster recovery (DR) is rec- ognized as a need, but many enterprises cannot afford to implement it effectively in a way that support long distance require- to support recovery requirements. Most enterprises are already backing up locally and using ments using IP-based networks tapes for DR, but may be experiencing issues with backup windows, data loss on recovery, lengthy recovery times, or recovery reliability. Because of the heterogeneity of today’s IT • Comprehensive recovery that environments, most enterprises use multiple products and tools to cover their range of includes not only data recovery but recovery requirements, a situation that leads to high management complexity and cost. can automate application recovery Data recovery provides a strong foundation, but alone is not sufficient to meet as well, making it faster and comprehensive recovery needs. Data is only useful when applications that can use more reliable that data are available, and application recovery must be addressed as well to ensure continued business operations. Application recovery generally requires human • Unique hybrid recovery technology intervention, further adding to infrastructure complexity, cost, and recovery risk. eliminates backups as a discrete event while providing granular InMage: A Single Solution for DR, Backup, and Application Failover recovery capabilities to support InMage provides a software-based solution that leverages the advantages of disk-based data protection to eliminate backups and provide application-aware recovery that can the most stringent RPO/RTO meet remote (DR) and/or local requirements. Using unique hybrid recovery technology, requirements InMage captures changes to data in real time as they occur and offers flexible recovery to any previous point in time, a feature which ensures fast, reliable recovery even when • Single solution that supports het- data is corrupted. Automated recovery of application services can be configured to meet erogeneous servers and storage, either remote or local requirements, going above and beyond the protection offered by preserving existing investments in replication, conventional backup, and clustering products alone. other data protection products InMage collects changes from one or more servers and processes InMage leverages disk- continuously as they occur and sends them to a local target called the CX. This approach allows very based data protection to large data sets and applications to be protected provide comprehensive while requiring very little network bandwidth. From the CX, data can be replicated to a local data protection. repository while at the same time it is replicated to a remote repository for DR purposes. As data is captured, it is labeled in such a way that recoveries can occur from any previous point in time by retroactively creating the desired recovery point as a disk-based image, providing the maximum flexibility to select the best recovery point for any given scenario. N into 1 replication support offers the option of remote office data protection configurations that minimize tape infrastructure and manual involvement in locations that may not have access to sophisticated backup expertise. Recoveries can occur from either remote or local locations, and can meet very stringent RPO/RTO requirements. InMage supports a range of reliable recovery options that can be equally applied for DR, backup, and application failover. For the fastest recoveries, InMage uses AppShots, which are application-consistent points in time that are automatically tracked based on policies established by the administrator. AppShots can be read/write or read-only, virtual or physical copies of data, depending on how they are defined when they are created. When a recovery is required, administrators can select from a wide range of AppShots so as to pick the one which best supports optimized recovery operations (which can be defined as
  2. 2. the most recent, the one right before the LOCAL SITE data corruption occurred, etc.). Recoveries Production Server Source(s) can also occur from any other previous Sources can be either point in time, each of which are crash- physical or virtual machines consistent and retroactively generated A single CX can simultaneously upon demand, just like AppShots. provide the recovery foundation REMOTE SITE for multiple applications Targets can be either physical Scalable, Cost-Effective DR or virtual machines InMage supports cost-effective DR con- InMage CX figurations that leverage asynchronous, LAN WAN IP-based replication and support heteroge- neous servers and storage. The solution All transmission occurs across Recovery Server Target(s) scales well as it grows (both in terms of cost-effective IP networks Data taps storage capacities and number of sup- ported servers) because most of the pro- Recovery Server Target(s) cessing associated with moving the data is off-loaded to the CX. When recovery is Figure 1. Using data taps, data is granularly collected from servers as it is created and sent to a local CX, which can then store required, InMage can immediately gener- the data locally and/or remotely (using replication). If bi-directional and/or one button application failover is desired at the remote ate recoverable images, and those images site, an optional second CX would be deployed there. Note that in InMage’s unique architecture, data is replicated between can be mounted on local recovery targets servers, not between appliances or storage arrays. or at targets at the DR site. If desired, customers can run production applications server in a manner completely transparent the optimum point from which to start im- at the DR site and then, when the primary to clients. Alternatively, administrators can mediate and reliable recovery operations. site is again ready to be brought on line, perform a “one button” failover to a remote InMage can restart primary site operations location. InMage’s automated application Unique Hybrid Recovery using the latest data state. recovery can be used with any application, Technology and supports faster, more reliable recover- Eliminate Backups ies. InMage’s unique hybrid recovery technol- ogy translates Backup is a discrete administrative opera- InMage accom- directly into tion that can present scheduling problems. Application Aware Solutions InMage eliminates backup as a discrete Make Deployments Easy modates hetero- customer value propositions. It operation that impacts production servers To simplify deployments, InMage provides geneous servers accommodates while integrating seamlessly with existing a range of application-aware solutions, and all storage heterogeneous backup infrastructures. By front ending all of which reside on and are managed servers (Win- existing tape-based configurations with centrally from a single, secure, web architectures. dows, Linux, and InMage, backup windows are eliminated browser-based management console. Unix servers) and and near term recoveries can be rapidly InMage solutions include application- storage (and storage architectures like DAS, and reliably handled directly from disk. If specific functionality, particularly with SAN, NAS, iSCSI, and FC), while provid- companies still want to migrate data to respect to AppShot creation and usage and ing recovery solutions that are tailored to tape, backups can be performed directly the management of application failover/ specific application environments. InMage from disk-based images generated by failback, even though they are managed leverages cost-effective IP-based networks InMage. This can minimize the use of tape under a common set of policies. Multiple for data capture and replication, employ- in data protection operations, and for some application recovery solutions can all reside ing continuous data protection for granular companies may entirely eliminate it. on a single CX, although multiple CX’s recovery and asynchronous replication to can be deployed to meet scaling require- support long distance DR solutions. Its flex- Automated Application Recovery ments. These solutions are available for key ible design preserves existing investments InMage also supports application failover/ enterprise applications such as Microsoft in hardware, software, and processes while failback, uniquely combining a DR and Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint as well providing the benefits of disk-based recov- backup solution with an application avail- as Oracle, Blackberry Server, and SAP as ery and maximum freedom in purchasing ability management solution all on a single well as any Windows, Linux, or Unix-based and deploying new products going forward. platform. Based on policies established by file systems. In providing the recovery the administrator, InMage may automati- foundation underneath various application cally recover applications locally, making environments, the key advantage InMage services available from a different physical offers is its ability to retroactively choose 3255-1 Scott Boulevard, Suite 104, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 1.800.646.3617 | p: 408.200.3840 | f: 408.588.1590 | 2010V1 Copyright 2010, InMage Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This document is provided for information purposes only, and the contents hereof are subject to change without notice. The information contained herein is the proprietary and confidential information of InMage and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form for any purpose without InMage’s prior written permission. InMage is a registered trademark of InMage Systems, Inc.