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I Storez


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I Storez

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  3. 3. G O R G E O U S Designs Accessories Jewellery Looks Step into fall fashion 2008 Designer collection only @
  4. 4. Step into Fall Fashion <ul><li>Designer Brands for her </li></ul>Get a glimpse at runway fall fashion and whats hot this season - gorgeous warm tones, black handbags & high boots from established designers.
  5. 5. Step into Fall Fashion <ul><li>Jewelry </li></ul>The trend for this fall is very loud , upbeat and in your face. The bolder the better! Log on to . Get gorgeous this fall.
  6. 6. Step into Fall Fashion <ul><li>Accessories </li></ul>Glam it up with a bit of bling this fall! The five fall accessories must-haves are: - A pair of diamond studs - Peep Toe Boots - Leather Messenger Bag - Vintage Watch - Newsboy Cap
  7. 7. Step into Fall Fashion <ul><li>Men </li></ul>All man! Muted earth shades set the tone in the color palette: an array of grays, warm browns and blues mingle with nuances of turquoise, blue, yellow and dark green. There is something for every guy...
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