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How to Ensure a Successful Online Meeting?


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Meetings are an essential activity of business life. When working with remote workers from different countries, it is difficult to find a time zone that works for everybody.

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How to Ensure a Successful Online Meeting?

  1. 1. How to Ensure a Successful Online Meeting?Meetings are an essential activity of business life. When working with remote workers from different countries, itis difficult to find a time zone that works for everybody. Online meetings can help bridge that geographical gapwith the help of technology. Thanks to the flexibility of Internet Protocol, availability of large capacities of IPbackbone and the growing sophistication of online meeting software, all one needs is a computer and access tothe Internet to conduct an online meeting.Here are a few tips to make online meetings work.The right technologyBefore going on an online meeting it is necessary to ensure that there is a good set of speakers, a good qualitymicrophone, a web camera and a headset. Having a backup connection just in case something goes wrong is smarttoo. The idea is to expect the unexpected. This also goes for the web conferencing tool you are going to use.Make sure the team members are informed of the other alternatives, in case of connectivity issues.Proper preparationStructure an agenda to keep things on track as it’s hard to get away with being ill-prepared. Make certain everyoneknows the schedule, start and end times for each agenda item, when they have flexibility and when deadlines aretight. Make sure that people have enough focused time at the time in the agenda when you need them. It istherefore also necessary to Send out a detailed agenda and background documents to review. Check that pre-work is completed - don’t assume that people will follow instructions. Pick up the phone and send regular email updates. Ask for confirmation Be attentive to the group processIt is necessary to monitor the flow of the conversation and to keep things moving, as facilitators. It is imperative tocheck on the participation of the attendees and instigate an electronic sign-in sheet. The facilitators also need toadjust the time schedule if contributions progress quicker or slower than expected and declare an end to each stepof the process as you move through the agenda.Monitor the emerging resultsIt is necessary to be clear about meeting objectives and outcomes as it enables you to adjust if things go off track.It is also necessary to Be prepared to stop and change course if the meeting is not achieving your objectives. Bring closure to the whole meeting. Work with the owner or client to summarize results, confirm decisions and assign next steps. Ask the owner to provide feedback to participants
  2. 2. NetiquetteTo ensure that everyone comes prepared, it is only proper that you send any visuals, presentations or documentsin advance. When you’re already signed in, make certain that you speak slowly and clearly if the video is on, lookinto the camera and position it in a way that everyone can see a good image of you. As debates are natural inmeetings, argue politely and let others talk. By following up through a phone call or email, you can to give moredetails about your thoughts. This also goes for sending minutes after the meeting is over.In addition to these tips, having a best online meeting tool will make your virtual event a successful one.Click here for more on enterprise video, video search tool, virtual events