Tune Hotels Online Marketing Assessment


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This is an assessment of Tune Hotels's online marketing efforts. It is primarily focused on areas in which significant improvements can be made. Red Planet Hotels is the largest franchisee and shareholder of Tune Hotels.

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  • thank you for such a very useful slide show. But I have a small question, where can you find the figures of 3 hotel sites as shown at the beginning of the show??? I;m looking forward to hearing from you :)
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Tune Hotels Online Marketing Assessment

  1. 1. RPH Online Marketing Ideas March 2014
  2. 2. Content 1)  Social media – Traffic and conversions that originate from social media channels 2)  Search – Traffic and conversions that originate from search channels and strategies such as Google, SEO 3)  Mobile – Mobile web channels 4)  Payment – Using payment channels to increase sales/bookings 5)  Affiliates – Programs and partnerships with relevant sources to increase sales/bookings 6)  Loyalty – Integrated programs to encourage repeat sales/bookings 2
  3. 3. Tunehotels.com Stats 3
  4. 4. Premierinn.com Stats 4
  5. 5. Ibis.com Stats 5
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Instagram, YouTube 6
  7. 7. Social Traffic 7 •  Less than 2% of traffic originates from social channels •  Let each country manage and create campaigns to engage and grow the user base •  Low engagement in non- Malaysian channels (examples: other country Facebook pages have 10 times less likes than Malaysian pages, Thailand’ twitter account has few followers and is not engaging)
  8. 8. Japan Twitter Presence 8 •  Not active Japan account •  Twitter is very popular in Japan, second most used channel after Line •  Japan is ranked 3rd in the world for number of Twitter users (http://bit.ly/1hHRj5U)
  9. 9. Google+ •  Not active since 2012 •  Use as social blogging platform, not a micro- blogging platform like Twitter/Facebook •  Google+ has been integrated with Google search - important for hotel SEO as a tool to encourage better search engine authority •  Blog pieces should be more in-depth travel pieces 9
  10. 10. Instagram •  Only one main account with few followers •  IG is very popular in Thailand – there should be and account for Thailand and followed with some campaigns 10
  11. 11. Mixi Account 11 •  Mixi is Japan’s Facebook •  Not sure if this was created by Tune Hotels HQ •  No updates with logo and relevant content, example: Okinawa hotel
  12. 12. LINE Account 12 •  Worth considering LINE account for growth in Japan, Thailand etc. •  Have cheaper LINE@ accounts for businesses that cost 5,250 yen for setup and monthly fees
  13. 13. YouTube content 13 •  Similar (entertaining) content should be created for other countries/ languages – helps educate customers on the brand
  14. 14. Better “call to action” 14 •  Posts on Facebook lack a clearer ‘call to action’ to engage users
  15. 15. Book on Facebook 15 •  Can enable bookings directly on Facebook Country and City pages •  Not available on Tune’s Facebook pages
  16. 16. Tweet-a-booking 16 •  Can be grouped under concierge services and extended to other channels •  Simply facilitate bookings by conversing with users and sending a private payment link
  17. 17. Concierge Services 17 •  Tune Concierge exists only on Twitter •  Should be extended to other channels and countries •  Should be promoted on the website; no evidence of concierge service
  18. 18. SEARCH SEO, Keywords, Content, Search Traffic 18
  19. 19. Weak SEO 19 •  Good: Well recognized brand as almost all search traffic originates from ‘tune hotel’ keywords •  Bad: Not getting search traffic from other keywords •  Onsite keyword usage is not optimized - need keyword and content strategy •  Text-to-code ratio is low in the website •  Number of external backlinks is also low – can be addressed with affiliate program
  20. 20. MOBILE 20
  21. 21. Mobile Web 21 •  Mobile app already under development •  Website has to be optimized for mobile – definitely losing sales/ bookings because not easy to book through mobile web
  22. 22. PAYMENTS Credit cards, Offline channels, Partnerships 22
  23. 23. Offline payments 23 •  Enable offline payment channels in less credit card friendly countries – Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India etc.
  24. 24. Vacation without $$$ 24 •  Enable installment payments to make it easier for more people to afford a vacation •  More relevant for emerging markets like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines etc. •  Can create packages with flights, tours etc.
  25. 25. Pay on arrival 25 •  Give users the flexibility of paying upon arrival at the hotel •  Charge a slightly higher rate for this option •  No show = no charge
  26. 26. Brand & bank partnerships 26 •  Issuing banks and card brands can provide marketing budget to run campaigns in exchange for special treatment for their members •  Example: Guests who use Visa to book will get 1000 points for their booking; Visa will invest in promoting the campaign across their channels
  27. 27. AFFILIATES Affiliate programs & booking partnerships 27
  28. 28. Affiliate program 28 •  Goal should be to channel bookings through our website/ mobile app as opposed to OTAs •  Funnel traffic by enabling content creators (bloggers etc.) to join our Affiliate program •  Example: User reading about Pattaya travel experiences on a blog or website will be able to check rates from Tune instantly if there’s a search box plugin •  We provide a small commission per successful booking – we get a new member for life •  All big, successful websites use affiliate programs – Amazon, Accor, Agoda, Expedia
  29. 29. Google Hotel Finder 29 •  Should list rates from our website directly so that it appears lower and can generate more bookings
  30. 30. Hotel Comparison Websites 30 •  Should list our website rates and information directly with various hotel comparison websites to drive up bookings – Trivago, Hipmunk, Momondo, Kayak etc
  31. 31. AirAsia affiliate program 31 •  Book a room at Tune Hotels simultaneously •  Other related brands/ services are provided – Skybus, Tunetalk •  Or receive a discount code for a Tune Hotel •  AirAsia can receive a cut from every successful booking •  Can potentially be done with other transportation channels – airlines, buses, trains etc.
  32. 32. LOYALTY 32
  33. 33. Loyalty program 33 •  Guests collect nights and receive rewards as extra nights, merchandise, flights, tours etc. •  Can be coupled with bank, credit card and other brand partnerships •  Example: A VIP partnership between Tune Plus members and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a free cup of coffee
  34. 34. Packages & Deals 34 •  Should bundle packages with flights, local tours, deals etc. •  Can also offer stand-alone deals •  The deals/offers can be displayed on various Tune Hotels channel options – In-hotel advertising, Website, Social Media, EDMs •  The ancillary offerings can help differentiate Tune over other hotels