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Saa ne rivals case study


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Published in: Sports, Business
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Saa ne rivals case study

  2. 2. THE BACKGROUND New Era Caps has been Major League Baseball’s official cap since 1994 and traditionally has played a “back seat” role in the alliance
  3. 3. THE CHALLENGE Bring New Era front of mind by “flipping the script” and moving New Era from being the bearer of other people’s flags, to being the flag itself
  4. 4. THE OBJECTIVES 1 Increase New Era brand awareness and generate more owned/earned media impressions Establish New Era as part of the ongoing cultural conversation 2 Translate communications effort to a concurrent sales increase 3 4
  5. 5. THE SOLUTION Spark a movement and create broad cultural buzz around the brand, the series and all the baseball chatter by making New Era topical, funny and relevant
  6. 6. THE PLAN IN ACTION Launch spot in-game Follow games with cable support that Drive to New Era-owned properties to (NY/Bos markets and select appealed to shared MLB/Flagbearer gauge consumer awareness and brand national games) target affinities engagement Drive to new spot launch in next series
  7. 7. THE RESULTS Within the span of 5 months, period sales increased 35% year over year Source: New Era
  8. 8. THE RESULTS Twitter followers increased from 9k to 18.6k Facebook fans form 200k to over 760k YouTube views increased by over 3000% totaling to over 2.4MM+ views. Source: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  9. 9. THE RESULTS Over 1 Billion in earned media impressions 16M impressions in blog pick-up $450M in free publicity value Source: New Era 9
  10. 10. 2011 success set the stage for the continuation of the Rivalry story in 2012 Exclusive online content New MLB Day Opening Day After Drive to New Era- development and Rivals distribution at launch Takeovers owned properties Drive to new spot launch in next series
  11. 11. Reached “Immortal” status on Funny or Die in the first day (fastest ever for a paid placement) Source: Funny or Die
  12. 12. Early results show major uptick in New Era Brand Perception YTD 2012 Source: Crossmedia RedBox: Brand IndeX+