Sub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG) - Corporate Profile - 2013


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Sub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG), a UK based global management consulting firm that focuses at providing research intelligence, corporate services, business management solutions and advisory support to organisation seeking to engage in business activities and invest in Africa. We find innovate and ingenious way to tackle economic, human capital and social development challenges, blend our international experience, knowledge and expertise. Visit for further information

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Sub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG) - Corporate Profile - 2013

  1. 1. Corporate ProfileResearch | Training | Consulting YOUR LOGOSub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG)
  2. 2. Table of Contents Overview Our Mission Our Aims & Objectives Values & Principles Market Insight Core Services Market Segmentation Industry Focus Value Preposition Corporate Citizenship Blended Experience Contact us YOUR LOGO SSCG
  3. 3. Overview – Who we are? Sub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG)• We are a UK based global management and capacity building consulting firm that focuses at providing research intelligence, corporate services, training, business management solutions and advisory to organisations seeking to or operate in Sub-Saharan Africa.• With extensive expertise in Africa – we provide expert knowledge, networks, advice and operation management support.• Our regional subsidiaries and operation coverage in the UK, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi allows us to work globally and locally close to our clients.• Leveraging on innovation, entrepreneurship, experience, local knowledge and market insights, we provide advice on barriers, disseminate knowledge on the most pressing issues that affect businesses, investors, public organisations and entrepreneurs in Africa today. We identify and present investment opportunities to investors to enhance sustainable economic and business growth in the African continent. SSCG
  4. 4. The GroupSub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG) SSCG
  5. 5. Our Mission – What we stand for?To promote economic growth and diversification through trade, entrepreneurship, innovation andcapacity building. SSCG
  6. 6. InspiringEntrepreneurship andInnovation: FosteringSMEs Developmentand economicgrowth in Africa. YOUR LOGO SSCG
  7. 7. Our Aims & ObjectivesWhat we strive to do? Enhance private sector development, investment and trade: The UK & Africa Promote human capacity development: skills empowerment, knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship Strengthen the base for growth: Improving investment climate, business infrastructure and regional integration Foster economic growth: New start-ups, industrial competitiveness, value chains development and job creation YOUR LOGOPage  7 SSCG
  8. 8. Our Values & PrinciplesOur core values & principles make SSCG the organisation we are. Everything we do has to liveup to these values Excellent service We pride ourselves in delivering effective and comprehensive business solutions to your delivery organisation. Striving for high We benchmark our services against strict international standards of values and ethics to standards & quality ensure that we provide a service of the highest standards and quality. Value Creation We ensure that our services are effectively delivered to enhance capacity building in order to increase performance to both individuals and organisations. Client Satisfaction We aim to achieve the highest rate of satisfaction by ensuring that we provide a range of training, consultancy and operations solutions that fit client requirements. Integrity We uphold our image and brand to the highest standard to secure our global reputation as a leading SMEs development consultancy firm. Innovation We provide services in a variety of formats, from 1to1, B2B, groups instruction to web and mobile support, to ensure our adaptability to our client’s specific needs. Best Practice We pride ourselves in maintaining a professional practice and approach while still being open and friendly. YOUR LOGO SSCG
  9. 9. Market Overview: 2013Our understanding of the market trends and opportunities While the Africa continent’s sheer size merit attention, offers much more than resources alone: Since 2000, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced consumer spending growth of 4% per year, which propelled it to $600 billion in 2010. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 6 of the 10 fastest growing markets in the world. Economic growth in the region is predicted to be strong – between 5 and 8% in 2013 and coming years. And – most importantly – millions of Africans are finding a path from poverty to greater opportunities and prosperity. Africa is the second-most-populated continent, with around 1 billion people, which is so far underserved. Rapidly improving income levels, infrastructure, and business environments promise to drive continued growth in Africa’s consumer markets. In fact, consumer spending is expected to reach nearly $1 trillion in 2020, according to a 2011 Euromonitor report. Africa contain 60% of the world resources. YOUR LOGOPage  9 SSCG
  10. 10. We tailor ourexperience andexpertise to deliverreal-world solutions:Delivering significantchanges and businessgrowth opportunities. SSCG
  11. 11. Our focused Services: What we do?  Market investigation, research and  Trade & investment intelligence analysis. advisory.  Feasibility study and  FDIs & Direct Diaspora analysis. Investment (DDI)  Training  Market data: Africa facilitation  Consulting Trade & Research Consulting Training Energy Investment  Business  Corporate Management  Enterprise Consulting management YOUR LOGOPage  11 SSCG
  12. 12. SSCG ResearchMarket Research and Analysis Market investigation Economic development Business climate Industry competitiveness Feasibility study Market data SSCG
  13. 13. SSCG ConsultingManagement Consultancy Services Development management  Public services development and Trade and investment facilitation management Business Continuity  Strategy and operations Labour market development  Economic growth Human capital and capacity development  Technology management Market entry and growth  Governance and Leadership Innovation and entrepreneurship  Risks Organisation (OD) and Human Resources  Service development and improvement Development (HRD)  Legal compliance and regulatory Business Process Optimisation (BPO) and  Tax advisory Management (BPM)  Financial management SSCG
  14. 14. SSCG TrainingCorporate and Enterprise Training Entrepreneurship Innovation Strategic marketing Risk management Business continuity Strategic planning Project management Finance management Service development Joint venture (JV) Partnerships Agri-business Funding and grant Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) SSCG
  15. 15. SSCG EnergyWe strive to become global leaderin providing energy andsustainability management trainingand operation solutions to publicand private energy organisations indeveloping markets such as Africa. SSCG
  16. 16. SSCG EnergyEnergy Consultancy and TrainingBy aligning our market experience, commercial, political andenvironmental insights, we provide energy industry solutions rangingfrom: Energy management Sustainability management Contract management Project management Feasibility study Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management SSCG
  17. 17. Knowledge Sharing Platforms  To promote SMEs value chains and capacity development, industrial competitiveness and growth SMEs  To promote FDIs, Diaspora inward investment and intra-regional trade. Trade & Investment  To promote entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, creative thinking and new Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development ideas development YOUR LOGOPage  17 SSCG
  18. 18. We provide tailored, innovativeand flexible business growthsolutions that help yourorganisation meet its needs,market demand and the businessenvironment you work in. SSCG
  19. 19. Market Segmentation – Who we work with? Multi National Corporations Banks, Investors, Insurance, SMEs & Entrepreneurs Energy, engineering & . constructions corporations Governments & Development Organisations Government institutions, associations, NGOs, Development agencies. SSCG
  20. 20. SSCG Regional Focus In Africa – Our Target Markets Rabat Algiers Tunis West Africa: Tripoli Cairo Nigeria Ghana Liberia Nouakchott Dakar Khartoum Sierra Leone Asmara Bissau Bamako Niamey N´Djamena Juba Djibouti East Africa: Ouagadougou Freetown Monrovia Yamoussoukro Abuja Porto–Novo Addis Abeba Kenya Accra Malabo Douala Bangui Mogadishu Uganda Kampala Sáo Tomé Libreville Kigali Nairobi Rwanda Brazzaville Bujumbura Kinshasa Dodoma Tanzania Luanda Ethiopia Maroni Lusaka Lilongwe Southern Africa: Harare Antananarivo Malawi Windhoek Gaborone Zambia Pretoria Maputo South Africa Maseru SSCG
  21. 21. Industry Focus • Financial services • Business services • Agriculture • Energy sector • Transport services Industries we work in • Education • Health care • Public sector • Human Development, • Infrastructure SSCG
  22. 22. Value Proposition OfferingWhat makes us a valuable business partner to work with?We understand what it means We possesses extensiveto work locally, have strong international and locallocal knowledge and experience developedunderstanding of the business over the years working inenvironment. the African market coupled with our innovative approaches and solutions.We have access to a strong Our professionals possess .network of strategic extensive understandingprofessionals, organisations of local market insight, upand high calibre talents that to date marketwould help in driving your Knowledge, data, contentbusiness by applying new laws and complianceinnovative business solutions requirements working infor growth. African market . YOUR LOGOPage  22 SSCG
  23. 23. Working responsibly to createemployment opportunities,promote local enterprises growth& empowering entrepreneurs. SSCG
  24. 24. SSCG Corporate InitiativeOur Corporate Citizenship in Africa We work to promote the cause for We work to support SMEs value chains , entrepreneurship and innovation to capacity development and start-ups . create jobs and poverty eluviation. SSCG
  25. 25. Shaping our services around theneeds of our clients and businessenvironment. SSCG
  26. 26. Blended ExperienceSSCG consultants possess international and local experience:  Organisation innovation, management, restructuring and development  Business process optimisation (BPO) and Management (BPM)  Business continuity management and growth  Organisation strategic planning and operation management  Service development and improvement  New products/service innovation and improvement  New market investigation, planning, development and managament  Strategic marketing and client management SSCG
  27. 27. Blended Experience - Cont.SSCG consultants possess international and local experience:  Financial planning, performance management and improvement  Tax preparation and auditing  Economic planning, management and development  Trade and investment management  Labour development, talent acquisition, skill improvement and management  Leadership and governance development  Private sector development and capacity building  Public service management and improvement SSCG
  28. 28. Our Offices YOUR LOGOPage  28 SSCG
  29. 29. Contact Us Where you can reach us London: 200 Aldersdage, London, EC1A 4HD T: +44 (0) 2034404140 Oxford: Oxford Business Park, Oxford, OX4 2JZ T: + 44 (0) 1865 589022 E: W: Nigeria: Zambia: Malawi: Uganda: YOUR LOGOPage  29 SSCG