Xlr8 presentation k_akers_aug 2011 v3 abridged [compatibility mode]


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Xlr8 presentation k_akers_aug 2011 v3 abridged [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. The Simple Steps This is an abridged version of a presentation by Kaitlyn Akers, General Manager of Holman McGregor Financial Services for XLR8 Results. For more information please contact Holman McGregor Financial Serivces on 07 5430 7610These services are provided through Authorised Representatives of ProfessionalInvestment Services Pty Ltd AFSL no. 234951 ABN 11 074 608 558
  2. 2. Everything in this presentation is GENERAL ADVICESome of these ideas may not suit your own circumstancesThis presentation provides an overview only, it is not exhaustive You should seek advice that is particular to your own circumstances
  3. 3. 3 types of assets Family HomeLifestyle Holiday House Cars, boats, toys Property (long term)Nestegg Shares (long term)(passive) Other passive investments Businesses – allActive Property (development / reno) Shares (trade /spec)
  4. 4. Life values and focus Do I have Can I Key values / Is my goal enough Can I get outsource / focus important? time? help? delegate my activity? Health Yes No Yes No Relationships Yes No Yes No Wealth Yes No Yes Yes Spirituality Yes No Yes NoCareer / Business Yes ? Yes No Contribution Yes No Yes ? Enjoyment / fun Yes No Yes No Hobbies / sport Yes No Yes No
  5. 5. Simple steps to wealth 1. Spend less than you earn 2. Invest the difference in good quality growth assets 3. Own your own home 4. Manage your borrowings wisely 5. Own an investment property 6. Smart Super strategies 7. Build a professionally managed share portfolio 8. Protect your family
  6. 6. The planning process
  7. 7. Planning – the big picture
  8. 8. 1. Simple4 keys to a successful wealth Keep it simplemanagement plan principles Based on sound Proven outcomes 2. Smart Strategies 4. Start Minimise tax Do it now Make effective Overcome use of cashflowsreasons for failure Make the most TAKE ACTION of your superannuation 3. Structured Systematic Approach Doesn’t rely on you
  9. 9. Investing & creating wealth is very simple in theory, but is it easy?If less than 10% achieve it – obviously not Remember the reasons why. 3 Big Onesbelief, procrastination and lack of action How many ways do you need ?
  10. 10. One stop shop for Accounting, Financial Planning and Personal Insurance Offices in Noosa & Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Business Excellence Awards Winner Professional Services 2006 & 2007 Highly Commended 2005 & 2008 BRW Top 50 Places to work (no. 26) Financial Planner of the Year, 2010 – Professional Investment Services.