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We are offering Final Year Projects in Software Technologies and Embedded Systems
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IEEE projects VLSI 2013

  1. 1. S.NO VLSI CODE 1 A 2.63 Mbit/S VLSI Implementation Of SISO Arithmetic Decoders For High Performance Joint Source Channel Codes VL1 2 3-D Mesh-Based Optical Network-On-Chip For Multiprocessor System-On-Chip VL2 3 A Built-In Repair Analyzer With Optimal Repair Rate For Word- Oriented Memories VL3 4 A Fast-Locking All-Digital Deskew Buffer With Duty-Cycle Correction VL4 5 A High-Speed Low-Complexity Modified FFT Processor For High Rate WPAN Applications VL5 6 A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture For Energy- Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks VL6 7 A Meet-In-The-Middle Algorithm For Fast Synthesis Of Depth- Optimal Quantum Circuits VL7 8 AC-Plus Scan Methodology For Small Delay Testing And Characterization VL8 9 Addressing Transient And Permanent Faults In Noc With Efficient Fault-Tolerant Deflection Router VL9 10 All-Digital Fast-Locking Pulse Width-Control Circuit With Programmable Duty Cycle VL10 11 An Analytical Latency Model For Networks-On-Chip VL11 12 An Energy-Efficient L2 Cache Architecture Using Way Tag Information Under Write-Through Policy VL12 13 An On-Chip Network Fabric Supporting Coarse-Grained Processor Array VL13 14 An Ultra Synchronization Checking Method With Trace-Driven Simulation For Fast And Accurate MP Soc Virtual Platform Simulation VL14 15 V15.Application Space Exploration Of A Heterogeneous Run-Time Configurable Digital Signal Processor VL15 16 Architecture For Real-Time Nonparametric Probability Density Function Estimation VL16 17 Built-In Generation Of Functional Broadside Tests Using A Fixed Hardware Structure VL17 18 A Built-In Self-Repair Scheme For 3-D Rams With Interdie Redundancy VL18 19 Check Pointing For Virtual Platforms And System C-TLM VL19 20 Circuit-Level Timing Error Tolerance For Low-Power DSP Filters And Transforms VL20 21 Combined Architecture/Algorithm Approach To Fast FPGA Routing VL21 22 CORDIC Designs For Fixed Angle Of Rotation VL22 23 Design And Implementation Of An On-Chip Permutation Network For Multiprocessor System-On-Chip VL23 24 Design Of Digit-Serial FIR Filters: Algorithms, Architectures, And VL24
  2. 2. A CAD Tool 25 Efficient Implementation Of Reconfigurable Warped Digital Filters With Variable Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band Pass, And Band Stop Responses VL25 26 Error Detection In Majority Logic Decoding Of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes VL26 27 Exploration And Optimization Of 3-D Integrated DRAM Subsystems VL27 28 Glitch-Free NAND-Based Digitally Controlled Delay-Lines VL28 29 Improved Trace Buffer Observation Via Selective Data Capture Using 2-D Compaction For Post-Silicon Debug VL29 30 IsoNet: Hardware-Based Job Queue Management For Many-Core Architectures VL30 31 Joint Decoding Of LDPC Code And Phase Factors For OFDM Systems With PTS PAPR Reduction VL31 32 Low-Overhead Fault-Tolerance Technique for a Dynamically Reconfigurable Softcore Processor VL32 33 Latch-Based Performance Optimization For Field-Programmable Gate Arrays VL33 34 MDC FFT/IFFT Processor With Variable Length For MIMO- OFDM Systems VL34 35 Mining Hardware Assertions With Guidance From Static Analysis VL35 36 NCTU-GR 2.0: Multithreaded Collision-Aware Global Routing With Bounded-Length Maze Routing VL36 37 Novel MIMO Detection Algorithm For High-Order Constellations In The Complex Domain VL37 38 On The Fixed-Point Accuracy Analysis And Optimization Of Polynomial Specifications VL38 39 Pipelined Radix- Feed Forward FFT Architectures VL39 40 Pragmatic Integration Of An SRAM Row Cache In Heterogeneous 3-D DRAM Architecture Using TSV VL40 41 Reconfigurable Adaptive Singular Value Decomposition Engine Design For High-Throughput MIMO-OFDM Systems VL41 42 Scalability Analysis Of Memory Consistency Models In Noc-Based Distributed Shared Memory Socs VL42 43 Scaling Energy Per Operation Via An Asynchronous Pipeline VL43 44 Secure Dual-Core Crypto Processor For Pairings Over Barreto- Naehrig Curves On FPGA Platform VL44 45 Selective Flexibility: Creating Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Arrays VL45 46 Self-Repairing Digital System With Unified Recovery Process Inspired By Endocrine Cellular Communication VL46 47 STBC-OFDM Downlink Baseband Receiver For Mobile WMAN VL47 48 Techniques For Compensating Memory Errors In JPEG2000 VL48 49 Test Patterns Of Multiple SIC Vectors: Theory And Application In VL49
  3. 3. BIST Schemes 50 The LUT-SR Family Of Uniform Random Number Generators For FPGA Architectures VL50 51 Theoretical Modeling Of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplier On LUT- Based Fpgas For Area And Speed VL51 52 A 2.63 Mbit/S VLSI Implementation Of SISO Arithmetic Decoders For High Performance Joint Source Channel Codes VL52 53 A Flexible And Customizable Architecture For The Relaxation Labeling Algorithm VL53 54 A Novel VLSI DHT Algorithm For A Highly Modular And Parallel Architecture VL54 55 An Adaptive Subsystem Based Algorithm For Channel Equalization In A SIMO System VL55 56 Binary Discrete Cosine And Hartley Transforms VL56 57 Computing Two-Pattern Test Cubes For Transition Path Delay Faults VL57 58 Design Of Hardware Function Evaluators Using Low-Overhead Non- Uniform Segmentation With Address Remapping VL58 59 DS-CDMA Implementation With Iterative Multiple Access Interference Cancellation VL59 60 V60.FPGA-Based 40.9-Gbits/S Masked AES With Area Optimization For Storage Area Network VL60 61 Low-Resolution DAC-Driven Linearity Testing Of Higher Resolution Adcs Using Polynomial Fitting Measurements VL61 62 Low-Cost FIR Filter Designs Based On Faithfully Rounded Truncated Multiple Constant Multiplication/Accumulation VL62 63 One Analog STBC-DCSK Transmission Scheme Not Requiring Channel State Information VL63 64 Reconfigurable Accelerator For The Word-Matching Stage Of BLASTN VL64 65 Reduced-Complexity LCC Reed–Solomon Decoder Based On Unified Syndrome Computation VL65 66 Scale-Free Hyperbolic CORDIC Processor And Its Application To Waveform Generation VL66 67 Scaling, Offset, And Balancing Techniques In FFT-Based BP Non Binary LDPC Decoders VL67 68 Two-Rate Based Low-Complexity Variable Fractional-Delay FIR Filter Structures VL68 69 VLSI Architectures For The 4-Tap And 6-Tap 2-D Daubechies Wavelet Filters Using Algebraic Integers VL69 70 VLSI Implementation Of A Low-Cost High-Quality Image Scaling Processor VL70 71 VLSI Implementation Of A Multi-Mode Turbo/LDPC Decoder Architecture VL71 72 An Efficient Interpolation-Based Chase BCH Decoder VL72