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Hadoop Meetup Jan 2019 - Router-Based Federation and Storage Tiering


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A presentation by CR Hota and Ekanth Sethuramalingam of Uber regarding their storage infrastructure, leveraging HDFS features like Router-Based Federation and Storage Tiering.

This is taken from the Apache Hadoop Contributors Meetup on January 30, hosted by LinkedIn in Mountain View.

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Hadoop Meetup Jan 2019 - Router-Based Federation and Storage Tiering

  1. 1. HDFS RBF and Storage Tiering January 30th, 2019 CR Hota Ekanth Sethuramalingam
  2. 2. Agenda ➢ Current set-up ➢ New Use cases ➢ Router Based Federation ➢ Security in Router Based Federation ➢ Warm tier use case Deep-dive
  3. 3. Current Set-up HBase (NameNode) Data Nodes Clients (Hive, Spark, Presto etc) Scratch (NameNode) Data Nodes Main (NameNode) Data Nodes Tens of Nodes ~10 M files ~100 Nodes ~1 M files ~3500 Nodes ~300 M files ~150 PB
  4. 4. Current Set-up continued …. ➢ Running multiple clusters using ViewFS ➢ Viewfs helped hide a small secured and larger non- secured cluster. ➢ For the most part it got the job done. … But new cases came up which needs us to re-look at viewfs
  5. 5. New Use cases ➢ Tiered (Warm) HDFS ➢ Sharding (Ingestion vs ETL) ➢ Security - All clusters need to be secured. ➢ Erasure coding ➢ Operating multiple versions of hdfs.
  6. 6. Router Based Federation (aka RBF) ➢ Introduced in Hadoop 2.9.0 and originally developed at Microsoft ➢ Server side mount table ➢ Unified view of filesystem
  7. 7. Deployment and stabilization ➢ POC ○ Routing hive scratch dir to scratch cluster ➢ Backported 2.9 to 2.8.2 ➢ Migrated and now use 3.1 (for EC compatibility) ➢ Added various fine grained metrics internally for measurement at each step
  8. 8. Deployment and stabilization conti ... ➢ Testing ○ Custom python scripts for web and java for RPC ➢ Critical bugs ○ HDFS-13834 and HDFS-13637 ➢ Performance bugs ○ HDFS-13230 and HDFS-13232 ➢ Tuning parameters, such as thread pool size, size of connection pools, clean up durations etc.
  9. 9. Security in RBF ➢ All clusters and services need to be secured at Uber. ➢ Backported kerberos patch (HDFS-12284) ➢ HDFS-13532 Design and development of delegation model. ○ Tested by community ○ Collaboration with Microsoft, LinkedIn, Hortonworks ○ Initial patch available
  10. 10. Security in RBF continued ...
  11. 11. Next steps/Enhancements ➢ HDFS-14090: RPC Queue isolation/throttling across sub clusters. Slow namenode issue ➢ HDFS-14118: Routers behind DNS ➢ HDFS-13522: Support for Observer/Read-Only NN ➢ HDFS-13633: Better connection management - Sync etc Fine grained configs per user ➢ HDFS-xxx: Support for rename handling/custom exception ➢ HDFS-xxx: Database token store implementation
  12. 12. Community Support Microsoft LinkedIn Hortonworks Cloudera Huawei Others ...
  13. 13. Where were we ● Disaggregated compute and storage (late 2017 onwards) ● Storage needs continue to grow faster ● Teasing single cluster limits (namenode memory, RPC latency)
  14. 14. Storage Tiering ● Increase cost efficiency ● No changes to SLA guarantees for users ● Support a multi-tiered model for storage ● Bonus: solution augments solving cluster scaling challenges
  15. 15. Why Warm? ● Most of the data is accessed ○ Not really cold
  16. 16. Analysis and Observations ● Average resource utilization low (IO and network util) ● Temporal properties exist ● Large datasets in external tables ● Use high density storage
  17. 17. How? Choices ● Intra-server ○ Needs upfront vision for optimal server configuration ● Intra-cluster ○ Single-cluster scaling challenges remain ● Inter-cluster ○ Multi-cluster (alleviates single-cluster scaling challenges)
  18. 18. Building Blocks ● Custom high density storage SKU + Warm HDFS Cluster ○ 3x denser ● Temperature Monitoring Pipelines ● Router Based Federation ○ Add mount-points at run-time with no client side changes ● New service to move data between clusters ○ Implements multi-step workflows to move data between clusters
  19. 19. New Service: uDestiny ● Data Lifecycle Tasks ○ Supports move and copy workflows for tiering ● APIs for clusters and tasks Hot Cluster Data Nodes Warm Cluster Data Nodes uDestiny Cloud ● Extensible for other tiers in future (cold storage, cloud) ● Generalized for building other lifecycle tasks (Eg: retention)
  20. 20. Move Workflow ● Multi-step process ● Safely moves data between clusters ○ Uses RBF for mount-point creation and flipping ● Safe deletion from source
  21. 21. Move Workflow
  22. 22. Operationalizing ● Configuration rollout for RBF ● On-board Hive tables on RBF (update Hive partition location) ● Move partitions to warm cluster using the move workflow ● 10% data served out of warm cluster
  23. 23. What’s next? ● Managed Hive table support ● Copy performance tuning ● Support for secured HDFS clusters ● Erasure Coding
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Thank You!