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Sumo Ramen


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Sumo Ramen

  1. 1. Sumo Ramen: Japanese Noodle House Located in Montreal’s China Town
  2. 2. $5.95 Deep Fried Squid Side Dish:
  3. 3. Skewered Squid Balls $4.95 Side Dish:
  4. 4. Grilled Squid $7.95 Side Dish:
  5. 5. Bubble Tea Honeydew Melon • Originally invented in Taiwan. • Typically served with Tapioca pearls or jellies. • タピオカドリンク : “Tapioca Drink”. Drinks: Small: Large: $3.00 $4.00 +$.050 with Tapioca/Jellies
  6. 6. Beef Ramen Main Dish – Noodles: Soya: Miso: $9.95 $10.95
  7. 7. Curry Rice Main Dish – Rice: Served with fried Beef, Shrimp or Chicken. Rice dishes come with Miso Soup and a small salad. $9.45
  8. 8. Cozy Atmosphere Chopstick boxes are placed on every table, but forks are also available. The lighting makes the place really relaxing and enjoyable.