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My past projects

  1. 1. My projects in brief<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  2. 2. Volkswagen Finanz Data integration<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  3. 3. Volkswagen Finanz Data integration<br />The idea of this project is to eliminate a number of problems with data quality in master data (clients, dealers, contracts) and inherited files with leasing information<br />I have used a mixed approach based on ETL (extract-transform-load) and web services<br />Core of the platform is IBM’s middleware – DataStage, DB2, WebSphere Application Server<br />The cleansing solution is built upon nonlinear statistical approach (proprietary Java plug-ins to the Information Server)<br />Results:<br />High performance of the whole platform<br />High precision in data induplication(decrease of duplicates in ERP and FI systems from 23% at the beginning ofthe project to 0.3% after cleansing)<br />The solution significantly simplified ETLprocedures for data warehouse<br />Data from inherited sources has been uploaded to the ERP system<br />ERP and FI systems synchronize dataautomatically<br />The delay of upload of credit reports from banks (in Excel semi structured format) has been decreased significantly<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  4. 4. Volkswagen Finanz Data integration. Example<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  5. 5. Volkswagen Finanz Data integration. Example<br />I would like to present one short example of one of integration processes – exact data matching for the “agents” table (clients, dealers, banks, etc). The information in this table MUST be managed, though company is using lots of data sources and was not capable of managing the data properly.<br />The idea is to implement a solution changing the existing systems minimally.<br />We have defined a point at which the data about agent is “known” and should be synchronized between systems (when a new portion of information is in a “draft” state, it cannot be used to produce documents – from some point of view it does not exist).<br />Results:<br />Only one simple dialog window is needed.<br />Communication with systems is accomplishedthrough SOAP (standard protocol).<br />Methodology and solution is reusableand has been extensively used to correct mistakes in reports from banksand other external systems.<br />Quality of data has been improved significantly.<br />In order to control quality of dataa module for the reporting system has beendeveloped.<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  6. 6. Volkswagen FinanzData warehouse and Reporting system<br />Example of an interface<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  7. 7. Volkswagen FinanzData warehouse and Reporting system<br />The reporting system is built upon IBM Alphablox framework which helps to develop web-based reports.<br />A number of additional modules has been developed: XML/XSL-based interfaces for reports (improvement in reusability of interface components), e-mail module for automatic notification, integration with IBM Infosphere DataStage (Integration platform) and module for Dashboards (KPIs for Top-management).<br />Data is uploaded to DWH database using DataStage parallel jobs (with a number of proprietary Java transformers and parallel functions).<br />Results:<br />One-window approach: all information about current state and evolution of the enterprise can be received in one application (according to security rules, surely)<br />3 modules for different groups of users (KPIs, reporting for managers and data quality check module for administrators)<br />High performance<br />Significant decrease in delays of development cycle<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />
  8. 8. Volkswagen Group RUS Data warehouse and Reporting system <br />Task:<br />Develop a high-performance solution to produce analytical reports for all divisions of VW GR (car importer)<br />All divisions have different approaches to reporting (from OLAP to “document”-formattedreports)<br />Data warehouse should also play a role of integration solution between internal and external systems (warranty data, sales results etc)<br />Tools and solutions:<br />IBM DB2 Alphablox (reporting framework) + XML-based interfaces<br />IBM DB2 (database)<br />IBM Infosphere DataStage (ETL tool)<br />Results:<br />One-window approach<br />More than 127 tailor-made reports for different groups of users (Sales, Aftersales, Warranty, Logistics, Marketing, Call center etc)<br />Evgeny BABASKIN<br />