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New work


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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New work

  1. 1. • knight • I Was speaking with my boss and I saw that he was a real knight. • http://teacherverasgroups.files.wordpr • Sline • I eat every morning two slices of bread with jam. • https://encrypted- GcSzveMZt6XA6p80ZhL7VGGWxND- KWkY_R0UD0z_YQ-j71cFwJz7G0ktSIfC
  2. 2. • Blind • He pianoplayer is blind. AYYVVPw8Sic/TuqfHML8C NI/AAAAAAAAAAM/N30Z Tlcy8ZA/s1600/blind.gif • Outvoted • I think you are outvoted http://teacherverasgroups.files.wor
  3. 3. • Jeopardizing • FBI Jeopardizing Muslim Civil Rights, Say Activists • • Church-training • He was formed in a Church- training.
  4. 4. • Rehearse • We rehearse the song . • Tear • She was crying and her tears went down through her face.
  5. 5. • Drown • I was drowning and he saved me. • • Bass • John Lennon was a very famous singer but he did´nt like to play the bass guitar .
  6. 6. • Junkie • Ray Charles got that junkie itch. • m • Breath • He took a deep breath when he went to the forest.
  7. 7. • Hunt • Most people in Alaska us to go hunting every weekend . • Hook • Mr. Charles went fishing last summer and he got a terrible accident when he was trying to set the hook to catch a big fish. persuasion-and-
  8. 8. • Middle • We were driving our car and we had to stop it because the brigest was broken in the middle. • Proud • I am very proud of the work. •
  9. 9. • Lawsuit • The lawyer had to disscust with the withness the lawsuit in the court. • Gangway • I was on vacation last years and I took a cruise ship and when I wanted to go out the gangway was closed.
  10. 10. • Deck • I used to swim but I have to take care when the deck is wet. • • Raise • I sometimes raise my hand when a question is made by the teacher and I know the answer .
  11. 11. • Shout • Please, don´t shout out me I heard what you said. • Run out • I am sorry, I couldn’t call you because my phone was run out of batery .
  12. 12. • Take off • Maggie flew from Germany to Chicago and she was very nervous before the airplane took off. • • slap • Jhon’s mather slaped him when she asked a question he gave her a bad answer. •