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Xius AMPLIO Webinar


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XIUS AMPLIO, a unique offering, is built on the company's patent pending Predictive Data Modeling platform that offers real-time network analytics and policy management functions to optimize the utilization of core data networks and monetize the available bandwidth through differentiated service offerings.

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Xius AMPLIO Webinar

  1. 1. XIUS AMPLIOAn Outcome Based Solution That Increases Data Revenue
  2. 2. Who We Are XIUS is a subsidiary of Megasoft Ltd. (Listed at National Stock Exchange, India) with ● Registered American Entity Located At Massachusetts, USA ● Head Office & Global Delivery Center At Hyderabad, India ● Over 2100Man Years Of Telecom Expertise ● Over 230 Deployments Till Date
  3. 3. How is XIUS different from the rest ? ● 120 Patent Applications Filed; ● 33 Awarded ● Our Solutions Manage Over ● 350 Million voice/data ● sessions A Day ● We Cater To Operators ● Across 5 Continents Own the IPR for our solutions. 93% of our components are built In-house ● Operational Excellence ● Over 2 decades ● Cloud Enabled platform Serve 40+ Operators
  4. 4. Mobile Data Traffic Explosion – The Landscape! Increase in connected devices (Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, gaming devices etc.,) Increase in media-on-the-move Innovative Mobile Applications Content Sharing, Social Networking Subscribers expectations on Quality of Experience Bandwidth hungry applications (Video Calls, Video Streaming, IPTV) Mobile Data Traffic Expected To Grow Multifold Between 2014 & 2019
  5. 5. Challenges Faced by Operators/Service Providers ● Demand for Bandwidth/Network Capacity grows exponentially! ● Growth in revenue not in pace with growth in data traffic ● Need for quick product/service launch ● Operators/SPs seen just as a Fat-Pipe provider! ● Popularity of Unlimited Data Plans ● Subscribers Churn & Perception ● Aggressive Competition CHALLENGES
  6. 6. Monetize Increase In Data Demand WHAT OPERATORS WANT ? Differentiated Services Customer Specific Product Customizations Agility In New Product/Service Launch Onboard New Content Partners Cross Sell / Up sell Services/Products Birds Eye View Of Data Service Business Performance Combat Competition
  7. 7. XIUS Launches Their Revolutionary Offering That Guarantees Acceleration In Data Revenue Through Analytics, Application And Action X I U S A M P L I O
  8. 8. XIUS AMPLIO ANALYTICS, APPLICATION, ACTION Highly Flexible, Consultative, Customized, Outcome Based Engagement Model That Accelerates Mobile Data Revenue.
  9. 9.  Application Based Charging  Tiered / Volume Based Charging  Tailored Service Plans  Service Plan Trial  Location Based Charging  Monetize OTT  Traffic Classification  Bandwidth Allocation & Control  RAN Congestion Management  QoS Management  Fair Usage Policy  Usage Analysis URL/Content Filtering Application Control Customer Segmentation Customer Behavior Analysis Targeted Ads & Promotions Bandwidth On-Demand Bill Shock / Notifications XIUS AMPLIO A M P L I O
  10. 10. U SE C A SES
  11. 11. Use Cases - Monetization ● Paul has subscribed to “Silver Plan” (3GB quota, 1mbps speed, $15 per month) ● Upon reaching monthly quota of 3GB –  Paul’s request redirected to the Operator/SPs Portal to choose  FUP policy (continue with downgraded speed ) or  Buy a temporary quota extension pack or  Upgrade to “Gold Plan” (6GB quota, 2mbps speed, $25 per month) ● Laura has very heavy social networking usage (e.g facebook, LinkedIn) ● Subscribe to “Unlimited Social Networking Service Plan” (flat monthly subscription charge of $5) ● XIUS System identifies all traffic to facebook & LinkedIn from Laura and does not count it against her monthly data volume quota. Tiered Charging Application Based Charging
  12. 12. Use Cases - Optimization ● Ibrahimis on “Basic Plan” (3GB quota, 1mbps speed, $15 per month) ● Additional Add-On subscription “Night Hours Video -11pm to 6am” (10GB quota, 3mbps speed at $5) ● Ibrahim Enjoys a HD Movie from 11:30pm at higher speed  XIUS System does not count it against his monthly data volume quota of 3GB  Network is Optimally utilized (Off-Peak Traffic Time).  Speed reset back to 1mbps from 6am! ● Lucas is on “Gold Plan” while Maria has subscribed to “Platinum Plan” ● Lucas and Maria are latched to Cell Site-A and are accessing the data ● Congestion detected in Cell Site-A, congestion management policy executed -  Throttle speed for Lucas (and others with “Gold Plan” on Cell Site-A) from 1mbps to a lower speed of 256kbps  No QoS changes for Maria (as she belongs to “Platinum Plan”).  Speed reset back to 1Mbps once congestion relieved. Time-Based Service Plans RAN Congestion Management
  13. 13. Use Cases - Customer Experience Management ● Riya is a prepaid subscriber. XIUS System shows below behavior pattern of Riya  Recharge done once in 10 days with 10$ pack (includes 5GB of data)  Riya consumes data quota in 5 days.  Doesn’t top-up immediately…cannot enjoy data for next 5 days (until recharge) ● XIUS System sees a potential for revenue. Sends custom promo SMS “Topup today with $15 to enjoy 10GB data” ● Improved Customer Experience! ● Chang wants to watch a HD Video ● Accesses the Self Care Portal, and enables BoD – 3 Hours (Bandwidth On Demand) Add- On service ● Chang receives a higher Bandwidth/Turbo Boost for 3hrs duration – watches HD Video! ● XIUS System restores Chang to Normal service plan upon BoD expiration time. Customer Behavior Analysis Bandwidth- On-Demand
  14. 14. Our Promise 2x ● Increase Your Data Revenue ● Propose A Solution To Meet The Promise ● Consultative Approach In Understanding The Current Data Service Offerings & Network Utilization ● Implement, Integrate & See The Data Revenue Grow ● A Dedicated Team For Continuous Recommendation & Improvement
  15. 15. Focus Areas of Engagement Accelerate Data Revenue Real Time Context Based Product Offerings Innovative Services Customer Experience RAN Congestion Management Actionable Insights Network Optimization Targeted Promos & Ads Monetize OTT Continuous Improvement And many more…
  16. 16. Unique Approach to Data Monetization Services AUDIT & DISCOVERY SOLUTION DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION & INTEGRATION PILOT & GO-LIVE DATA INTELLIGENCE 1 2 34 5 Continuous Improvement
  17. 17. Benefits for Operators / Service Providers  Outcome Based Engagement  Commercials Based On Success  Risk Free Engagement  Enhances Monetization Opportunities, Increases ARPU  Enhances Brand Image  Differentiated Service Offerings  New, Innovative Products and Services  Enhances Customer Experience, Reduces Churn  Insights into subscriber profile, usage behavior, interest area  Targeted Ads and Promos  Optimization – Reduces RAN Congestion and Service disruption  Regulatory Compliance - URL/Content filtering BENEFITS Operator/ Service Provider
  18. 18. Organic Platform Application Domain Expertise Operational Expertise Analytical Expertise + + + + XIUS AMPLIO =
  19. 19. Pricing Model Per Sub, Per Month Pricing Model First 3 Months Trial Free Guaranteed x% Increase In Revenue In The First 3 Months Targeted x% Increase In Revenue In The Next 12 Months 3 Years Of Engagement
  20. 20. Benefits for Subscribers  Enhances Customer Experience  Enables personal preferences – tailored service packs  Transparent notifications on usage – no bill shock  Ensures sustained QoS for high speed internet  With Trial Services, Subscribers can try the needed services free of cost before subscribing  Flexibility : Enables Subscribers to momentarily upgrade Bandwidth On-Need basis BENEFITS Subscribers