Xilogic Presentation 2009


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Xilogic Presentation 2009

  1. 1. CES 2009 www.xilogic.com
  2. 2. SPOT www.xilogic.com
  3. 3. SPOT info About the SPOT Tracking Device SPOT is the world’s first satellite messenger. In the event of a minor mishap, SPOT lets a person request non-emergency help from friends or family. Or if things get truly out of hand, they can call in the cavalry via 9-1-1. Users can also send a message to friends and family so they know they are okay, allows them to track their progress – all with virtual views provided by Google Maps™. SPOT is the first device that can communicate a message and a person’s exact GPS coordinates to the people they need to contact from virtually anywhere around the world. Product Features •  Personal GPS tracker. Compact, rugged and easy to use. •  Uses dual satellite networks, which allows for an outward communication. •  Vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it and emergency help when you need it. •  Uses 100% satellite technologyworks virtually anywhere. Even where cell phones don’t. www.xilogic.com
  4. 4. Windy31 www.xilogic.com
  5. 5. Windy31 info   Instant wireless internet service using the world’s first USB type 3-in-1 wireless LAN card, access point, and router.   Easy to setup using the auto-run installation program.   Share wirelessly up to 32 terminals at the same time.   Security and protection available through firewall functions.   Due to its small size, users can virtually carry it wherever they go.   Ideal use is for the small office, the person on-the-go who might need internet access at an airport or hotel, those who travel in an RV or motor home and need internet access wherever they are stopped, and also great for those who play video games and want to play with others around them. www.xilogic.com
  6. 6. iPWR www.xilogic.com
  7. 7. iPWR info   Official product certified by Apple for quot;Works with iPhonequot; and quot;Made for iPodquot; logo.   Models supported: all iPhone models, including iPhone 3G, iPhone 4GB, iPhone 8GB, iPhone 16GB, etc. It also supports all iPod models with 30-pin connectors, including iPod Touch, iPod classic, iPod Video, iPod Nano, etc.   User doesn't need to carry adapters or bulky cables. When power is needed, user can insert backup battery into the iPhone/iPod to continue phone call, web surfing or movie watching.   Complete protection for iPhone/iPod with circuits that avoid over-charging, over-discharging, output-shorting, etc.   Specifically designed cap to cover the 30-pin connector. User can conveniently slide it into pocket or carry it together with iPhone/iPod. www.xilogic.com
  8. 8. Mini iPWR www.xilogic.com
  9. 9. Mini iPWR info The iPWR Mini is a backup battery device that will add up to 8 hours of talk time to any of the following handsets:   - Motorola   - Samsung   - LG   - Nokia   - Google There is a high rate of dissatisfaction among wireless users that are frustrated at the poor battery life they receive from a standard battery. Car chargers can help while driving, but what happens when your phone dies and there is no wall charger or car around? The iPWR Mini works anywhere and can charge a phone 2 to 3 times before having to be recharged itself. Also, the iPWR can be charged using a computer or a wall charger making it even more convenient. Offered in red or blue, the iPWR is very lightweight, compact, and affordable at just $39.95 SRP. www.xilogic.com
  10. 10. Mobile Spark www.xilogic.com
  11. 11. Mobile Spark info The Mobile Spark is the ideal solution for anyone who has run out of battery life on their cell phone, Nintendo DS or DVD player. The Mobile Spark lets users enjoy their mobile devices to the fullest without having the anxiety of worrying about their battery running out of juice. It is lightweight allowing it be carried anywhere as you travel. The Mobile Spark can be easily charged up through any USB port on a PC. It can also be charged up via AC charger. The Mobile Spark can boost the 3G iPhone video play time up to 38 hours (with speaker on) and audio time up to 180 hours. It can power the following devices:   The latest 8Gig/16ig 3G iPhones   8Gig/16Gig iTouch   iPod video classic 30GB & 60GB & 80GB   iPod nano 2GB & 4GB with 3G iPhone connector   Nokia   LG   Samsung   Motorola   Nintendo DS www.xilogic.com
  12. 12. Aura BluNote www.xilogic.com
  13. 13. Aura BluNote   The Aura BluNote is a portable speaker, compatible with any Bluetooth, engineered specifically to stream music from your mobile phone, MP3 player or computer   A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile for high fidelity wireless audio   Bass Boost & Stereo Widening features produces rich, deep sound   Make & receive phone calls using the mobile phone hands-free function   Compact & lightweight for incredible portability   Powered by either batteries or AC Adapter www.xilogic.com
  14. 14. Aura Mobile BT www.xilogic.com
  15. 15. Aura Mobile BT   Turns a Bluetooth cell phone into a business grade conference phone   Innovative integrated auto visor clip for use as a high quality hands-free device   Use with Skype, Yahoo & others for Internet calls on a PC   Echo cancellation & active noise reduction using the SoundClear™ Digital Sound Processor   This award winning device scored 95% duplex rated by outside lab. (closest mobile competitor was 45%)   3 watt amplifier & dual speakers generating >95 dB www.xilogic.com
  16. 16. Thank you! Erik Scott - Founder XiLogic, LLC O: 918.394.1200 C: 918-633-3599 erik@xilogic.com WWW.XILOGIC.COM We look forward to serving you www.xilogic.com