It barely qualifies as news...


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This is a SEX survey held in the UK. I trust it is not offensive.

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It barely qualifies as news...

  1. 1. You either click each slide or let it run to enjoy it better.
  2. 2. The overriding reason is to 'improve body confidence' with a third of women who wear a bra during sex saying they do so because their breasts look better while 24 percent claimed they just felt ‘sexier’. However, 61 percent of women claim they always enjoy sex more with the lights off because it allows them to hide their bodies Nearly half of all women are so body conscious they prefer to keep their clothes on during sex, it has been found. 48 percent of women say they like to wear items of clothing including a bra, negligee or high-heels while having it away with their partner. "There’s no right or wrong in the bedroom, clothes on or off; everyone has their own preferences after all!"
  3. 3. Of those injured, 40 percent said they only realised what had happened the morning after the romp. And two per cent have been left with broken bones because things got so heated between the sheets.   Five percent even claimed sex-related injuries had left them needing to take time off work… though presumably not telling the boss exactly what happened.  One third of adults in Britain say they have injured themselves or suffered an ache and pain while having sex.   Researchers found pulled muscles were the most common complaint, followed by back injuries, carpet burns, cricked neck and bashing an elbow or knee. “ Sex is a risky business these days.”
  4. 4. It was said that most couples try out just three positions during the average sex session - but end up with the standard 'man on top'. Two thirds of couples also admitted the 'doggy style' method of love making is their second favourite, followed by 'woman on top' with 57 percent. The study also revealed the average sex sessions lasts a speedy 24 minutes… and worryingly, yes,  60 percent of British couples always have sex in the missionary position, and the average sex session lasts just 24 minutes, it has been found. A sex survey of 3,000 people has revealed the 'ins and outs' of sex in the UK  by asking couples intimate questions about their love-making. Many reckon they were far more lustful and passionate in the early days and sex definitely lasted longer.
  5. 5. Despite this, 70 per cent of women polled said they wanted their baby to be conceived during a loving and spontaneous sex session, rather than a 'sex on demand' approach. Having sex 104 times before falling pregnant does sound rather a lot, but as they say practice makes perfect. “However, for those not trying to conceive it's very important to use the necessary precautions.” The average couple has sex 104 times while trying for a baby before falling pregnant, it has been found. Research discovered it takes a typical woman six months to conceive her first child, during which she has sex around four times a week. “ Many try to have sex at every opportunity in order to get pregnant."
  6. 6. Almost half consider sex their main exercise workout and the average 45 year old has sex just once a week, with it lasting  22 minutes – including foreplay. Six in 10 of those quizzed said don’t feel sexy anymore and the majority of over-45s agree they were having the best sex at age 36 -- which gives younger people something to look forward to. A recent study found many over-45-year-olds are so worried a bit of nookie could result in them having a hear attack, they don't bother. The poll of 1,752 over-45s found that of those who do still enjoy sex, 31 percent admit to cutting a session short because they are too exhausted to carry on. “ People over-45 should add sex to their exercise routine in order to help maintain optimum heart health, while having fun between the sheets."
  7. 7. The 'researchers' claim it is no coincidence the increase has happened as the recession has kicked in and that couples are spending longer in the bedroom having sex as a 'cheap' activity. Admittedly the survey was done by a sex toy retailer - so maybe the people they know are slightly kinkier than average - but have your neighbours started screaming about the recession late at night? Naughty Brits are turning to kinky sex including bondage to beat the recession blues, a survey has revealed. A poll of over 2,000 saucy Brits found that a massive 76% had taken part in bondage play in the last 6 months. “ When one of you is tied-up, you’ll tend to try new things in bed, straying away from your predictable love-making path.”
  8. 8. And while men are said to think about sex every few seconds, it was only found to cross women's minds 70 times per week (the sort of number a man can notch up in an afternoon.) A poll of over 1,000 women also found over half of the respondents said that they would also rather buy clothes than have a night between the bed clothes.  If you ask a woman what she is thinking about, the chances are it will be shopping, a study has revealed. The average woman is said to think about shopping 210 times per week, with the average thought lasting around two minutes. That's 7 hours of every week spent thinking about their next dress or new pair of shoes Even more depressing for men, 20 percent of women said they had thought about shopping during a moment of passion
  9. 9. Asked whether they would rather have a night of passion or a box of chocolates the 89 percent of respondents opted for the passion. Apparently the survey even included some women … my guess is they accounted for about 11 percent of respondents. 9 out of 10 of Brits enjoy sex more than chocolate, a survey has found. “ According to Italian researchers, women who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life.” 
  10. 10. My choice of music fell on a David Pierre Guetta song. DPG is a French house producer, singer and DJ. Originally a DJ at nightclubs during the 1980s and 1990s, he co-founded Gum Productions and released his first album in 2001. His 2009 album  One Love  included the hit singles When Love takes Over and Sexy Bitch , (my choice for this presentation), becoming a top five hit in the US and #1 in the UK. One hopes that my information on Brit’s male/female characteristics, sex experiences and lifestyle, placing particular emphasis on the differences between men and women proved educational as well as entertaining.