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I Witness News

  1. 1. 11 March 2009 Hostess: Someone Reporters: Someone
  2. 2. Abroad New Doubts about America's Top Carmaker Local Funny Cool Stuff Weather Forecast The Swimming Oranges and the Floating Bananas Tofu Scandal in Nanjing University
  3. 3. About America's Top Carmaker In an annual report released Thursday, GM auditors raised "substantial doubt" about the automaker's ability to continue operations, raising further concerns that even a government bailout won't save them.
  4. 4. Auditors for General Motors say they have "substantial doubt" the corporation can continue operations, citing massive losses and insufficient cash flows among a long list of concerns. Since late last year, the federal government has lent tens of billions of dollars to carmakers in return for promises of an aggressive effort to trim costs, restructure operations, and lay the foundation for an eventual return to profitability. But now those plans appear to be in peril.
  5. 5. Automobile industry officials say they worry that filing for bankruptcy would drive away customers. Millions of American jobs are tied directly or indirectly to the car industry. General Motors lost more than $30 billion last year, and a total of more than $80 billion over the last three years. GM has received $13 billion in emergency federal loans in recent months and hopes to obtain billions more. Last month, the company announced a plan to eliminate tens of thousands of jobs and close several factories. GM says failure to achieve significant cost savings would force it into bankruptcy.
  6. 6. If automakers are hoping for a quick economic rebound to boost their chances of survival, the latest numbers do not look promising. More than 600,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, bringing the total number of people on the jobless rolls to 6.5 million, more than double the number that existed a year ago. But some question whether GM can survive no matter what it does, given the current economic climate.
  7. 7. Separately, U.S. factory orders as well as retail sales fell last month. "These are the worst set of numbers since the fall of 1982. They will get better, probably by the end of this year, but in the meantime they are going to get a lot worse," said Nariman Behravesh, Global Insight chief economist.
  8. 8. In Nanjing University “ Tofu Gate” was first reported by local newspapers on Mar. 3 that there’s a tofu workshop making adulterated tofu and selling them to several markets and Nanjing University. Two days later, on Mar. 5, the logistic department of NJU made a formal claim on this issue. As they claimed, after getting this information, they immediately ceased the contract with the supplier who purchased tofu from the workshop referred above and replaced it with HuaSheng Food Incorporation, one of the biggest food companies in this region. Though NJU has committed its authoritative statement, there remain different opinions among students on the campus.
  9. 9. B: Honestly, I feel shame on what they’ve done. They pull us into danger but no apology is shown in this announcement at all. It is not over and it should not be over. It’s the duty for them to find out the real reasons hidden behind that lead to this tragedy happening. A: It totally freaks me out at first thought. But after viewing the statement made by Logistic Department, I think they’ve done what they should do. Anyway, it’s a good to start to see it.
  10. 10. The last day of Chinese New Year is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. For most Malaysian Chinese, they knew well of this certain ritual that happens every year on this day. And this year in Malaysia, this event drew attention of thousands of single men and women. The Floating The Swimming
  11. 11. Originated from Penang, Malaysia, this interesting ritual involves tossing oranges or bananas by the singles into the pond or sea or river or any place with water in hope that their future partner will pick up their fruits. How does it work, you may wonder. Well, it’s pretty simple actually, single women writes their names, phone numbers and some messages on oranges while the men does the same on bananas. So after the writing and tossing, the fruit fishing starts! It is definitely a wet encounter.
  12. 12. Forecast According to upgraded synoptic graph, a new term of bad weather is coming. You see, now Nanjing is dominated by the back brim of a high pressure and a new cold front in the location of Inner Mongolia is moving forward. Hence, Nanjing will suffer a wind of southeast and gradually change its direction into north. Moreover, there might be a term of precipitation for the next few days. Here’s the specific report of Nanjing tomorrow.
  13. 13. <ul><li>High: 14℃/57℉ </li></ul><ul><li>Low: 4℃/39℉ </li></ul><ul><li>Wind: Southeast to North </li></ul>Forecast <ul><li>NANJING </li></ul>Tomorrow:
  14. 14. 11 March 2009 025-12345678 iwitnessnews@nju.edu.cn