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Smart toilet in france_euromed management


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Published in: Business
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Smart toilet in france_euromed management

  1. 1. Introducing smart toilet in France
  2. 2. First step:Introduce it as a luxury good
  3. 3. Innovators: • Interested in new technology and science, or • Like luxury goods to highlight status, or • Enjoy having new experience, or • all of the above. They all must have much money to purchase the smart toilets, and pay for the installation and also be able to keep the high maintenance of the products. Early adopters: • Fancy establishments that are seeking to impress and fulfill their clients needs, such as:
  4. 4. The ChasmInnovators: Early adopters:Interested in Fancy Early Majority:Technology and establishmentsscience, or that that are seeking to How ca a fancy smartlike luxury goods, impress and fulfill toilet get into Frenchor Enjoy having their clientsnew experiences, people houses? need’s, such asor all of the restaurants andabove. hotels.
  5. 5. What is a chasm?Between the early adopters of the product and the early majorityVisionaries and pragmatists have very different expectations• Visionaries have no respect for pragmatists experience• Visionaries pay little attention to infrastructure, pragmatists are the opposite• Visionaries like disruption, pragmatists dont
  6. 6. How to cross the chasm?• choosing a target market• understanding the whole product concept• positioning the product• building a marketing strategy• choosing the most appropriate distribution channel and pricing
  7. 7. Product innovationInnovation in the product in order to achieve the following:• Easier and cheaper installation.• use as much water as the regular toilets.• Not high maintenance.• Doesn’t consume a lot of power.• Less futures in order to make a difference with luxury toilets.• Do not use paper, save the trees!!
  8. 8. Marketing innovationPromotion:Target the household which are the main consumersfor housewares.Offer a demonstration of the intelligent toilets inpublic places.Use the mean of lease to sell.
  9. 9. Thank you! Laura Veronica Escobar Rossi Hiti Didier Xiaoqing WANG Dan Liu Alok Nigam