PSD to HTML Conversion


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PSD to HTML Conversion
PSD to HTML conversion is the first and more important step towards the making of a website. The designs in the PSD format should not lose its original charm when converted to HTML. At the same time necessary features and functionalities should be added. Here arises the need of an expert.
Here we present the different aspects of PSD to HTML conversion. Hope this will provide you more ideas about it and help you in your search for an ideal PSD to HTML conversion service provider.

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PSD to HTML Conversion

  1. 1. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICESPSD to HTML conversion is the mostimportant step towards the creating of awebsite. Usually the designs will becreated in PSD format and it is necessaryto convert it to any markup language suchas HTML to run the website on browsers.
  2. 2. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES Cross browser compatibility Fast loading Search Engine friendly W3C validated short hand codes Easy CMS integration Easy incorporation of E-commercefeatures
  3. 3. A website should be seen using any browsers. Then only maximum number of visitors canvisit the site. It is necessary to increase the page ranking too.A cross browser compatible website can be browsed using any browsers such as InternetExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google etc.PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES
  4. 4. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICESLoading speed is a criterion in the searchengine algorithms and hence a fastloading will certainly help in optimizingthe site.Fast loading is also necessary to attractvisitors as the visitors may turn to someother similar sites if your site takes toomuch time for loading.
  5. 5. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICESMost of the new visitors are coming tothe website through search engines andyou should be in one of the top positionsin the search results to attract maximumvisitors. Here is the importance of searchengine optimization.On page optimization techniques such asimage optimization, URL optimizations willbe done effectively by professional webdevelopers. Moreover, PSD to HTMLwebsites are created according to the SEOwork.
  6. 6. World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in short is the agency dealing with the quality of websites.It is necessary to get a W3C validation to make the site user-friendly and error free.W3C provides guidelines to web developers on developing an error free website. It ensures thatthe website is error free and in tune with the parameters put forth by it. W3C also ensures thatthe site has semantic coding which in turn makes the site error free and also ensures each andevery piece of website is in the right place where they are supposed to be.PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES
  7. 7. Content Management Systems help to manage the contents of your website and by doing PSD toHTML conversion you can use all CMS very easily.CMSs such as Joomla, WordPress, Modx, Drupal etc can be used easily and effectively.PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES
  8. 8. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICESE commerce applications are increasingday by day and the number of ecommerce websites is also increasing.By PSD to HTML conversion you canintegrate any e commerce platform veryeasily and effectively
  9. 9. We have about 150 man years experience in PSD to HTMLconversion services. Experts with us will handle any type ofPSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS conversion works with highprecision and perfection.Original quality of the designs will never get affected whileslicing and we do use short error free hand codes so as toimprove search engine optimization.Clients have the convenience to provide the designs in PSD,PDF, JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. Or they can submit thedesign as HTML Markup too.PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES
  10. 10. PSD TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES We will provide high quality markups Strict quality norms in par with the internationalstandards ensure high quality for the products. 24x7 customer support 30 days free technical support 100% money pay back offer if not satisfied.
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  12. 12. Phone. +1-619 618 0404Email. info@xhtmlchamps.comSkype. TO HTML CONVERSION SERVICES