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Project new version

  1. 1. It’s Time to Share your Art at Hend Sami 200910753 COL-270-504
  2. 2. Content• General Overview• How to sign up• How to submit your art• How to make friends• How to collect art• How to communicate• Quiz to check your understanding• Bibliography
  3. 3. General overview• What is deviantART? deviantART is a well known, popular artists community it was created to entertain, inspire, and empower all artists. The website is designed to help anyone who enjoys art, regardless of their ability, to post up their work for feedback and constructive comments and to take part in art related activities.deviantART is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts with over 13 million registered members, attracting 35 million unique visitors per month.
  4. 4. General overview• Founders – It was first launched on August 7, 2000 by Scott Jarkoff and Matt Stephens. The current CEO of deviantART is Angelo Sotira. – Interesting to know: • DeviantArt’s founders are always interacted with their members: "Angelo acts like a mayor of a 20million-person city, where the same kind of issues, factions and special interests come up"
  5. 5. General overview• deviantART Terminology – The site makes a unique use of the style of its title, deviantART, by playing on the lowercaseUPPERCASE formula. – The Website also relates all aspects of the site to deviancy. – The following terms are used widely throughout the site: • dA : frequent abbreviation for the sites title. • dAmn : abbreviation of the deviantART Message Network. • Deviant : a user of deviantART. • Deviation : every submitted piece of artwork • Scrap : an unfinished work submitted but not displayed in the Gallery
  6. 6. General overview• Features  Several Forums  The ability to enter your longitude and latitude, by which to locate deviants that live close to you  Every deviant has his or her own private page at the URL http://*username*  Subscription service that offers extra features such as: • Advertisement-free browsing • Greater customization of a users personal page • Faster surfing “DeviantArt is a great resource, especially for keeping track of trends that are going on around the world”
  7. 7. How to sign up Step 1: Click on -> Step 2: choose a username Step 3: Type your email Address Step 4: Retype your email Address Step 5: write a password Step 6: select your Date of Birth and Sex Step7: put a check to show your agreement to the deviantART terms and ServiceStep 8: click on this button
  8. 8. How to sign up• After you verify your Email Address you can view your Page at deviantART Here you can check your messages (Feedback, activities, new submisions by your friends) Here you can submit your art Here you can write your journal Here you can put your ID picture and write something About yourself Here you can view your collection of favorites
  9. 9. How to submit your art• In a Profile – A deviantART member can choose to submit artwork into the Gallery feature and it is an easy process of simply uploading the file, giving descriptions and keywords, and then allowing comments or not. Step1: click on this button to Submit your art
  10. 10. How to submit your art• In a Profile Step2: write a title for your art Step3: Choose a category that Fits what you’re submitting Step4: Upload the file that you Want to submit Step5: write a description
  11. 11. How to submit your art• In a Profile Step 6: Write any keywords that fits your submission Step 7: Allow comments by putting a check in the box Step 8: Click on this button to submit your art
  12. 12. How to submit your art • In a Group – You need to search for groups that suits your submission (e.g. photography groups, poems groups..etc) Step1: go to the home page of deviantARTStep2: click on groups Step 4: choose a group Step3: choose which kind of group you want to submit your art in.
  13. 13. How to submit your art • In a group Step 5: Click on this button to contribute artStep 6: your art will be displayed hereJust like everyone else
  14. 14. How to make friends• Watch list – You can watch whoever you like to follow up with their art submissions and everything they do If you like a member’s Page just click on the “Watch” button and they will be your friend
  15. 15. How to collect art• Favorite list – Deviants can favorite any piece of work they like and it will be stored in a favorites folder on their main page. If you like a piece of art Submitted by other members, Click on this button
  16. 16. How to collect art• Wish list – Wishlist refers to a list of things you wish to have, but you cannot afford to buy them at the moment Step 1: click on Prints to view other member’s pictures that are available for print Step 2: choose any piece that you wish to have
  17. 17. How to collect art• Wish list Step 3: click on this option to add this picture to your Wish List
  18. 18. How to Communicate• Comments – Each deviation can receive comments from other members detailing whether they like the piece or not and what could be improved about it Step 1: You can write your comment in this box Step 2: click on this button to submit your comment on this picture
  19. 19. How to Communicate• Critiques – You can give and receive constructive criticism Step 1: Click on this button To write a critique to a member’s art Step 2: Write your critique Step 3: Rate this piece of art Step 4: Click “Send” to submit your critique to the other member
  20. 20. How to Communicate • Journals – You can write anything you like in your journal. Most members use it as an answer to “What’s happening?” Step 2: Write your journal, don’t forget to write your title tooStep 1: Click on this buttonto start writing yourjournal Step 3: Click on this button to publish your journal
  21. 21. How to Communicate• Polls – You can Participate in a vote, or put a poll for your watchers to get answers to whatever question you’re asking This is the Poll’s title You can see the results of the votes here You can also add comments on the Poll
  22. 22. Quiz to check your understanding1. deviantART is a: A. Public learning site B. Art-sharing site C. Blogging site2. dA was launched in: A. 2010 B. 2005 C. 2000 D. 2003
  23. 23. Quiz to check your understanding3. Important step you must follow when you submit a file in dA: A. Choose a title B. Choose a Category C. Upload the file D. All of the above4. When you want to submit a photo to a group, you should search for: A. Digital-art group B. Poems group C. Animation group D. Photography group
  24. 24. Quiz to check your understanding5. When you want to have a member in your friends list, you should click on: A. Add to favorite B. Send a note C. Watch D. Add a comment6. You can communicate with other members in dA by: A. Comments B. Critiques C. Polls D. All of the above
  25. 25. BibliographyDeviantart. (2012). Retrieved 16 May, 2012. From deviantart:, S. (2008). Website reviews: Retrieved March 17, 2012. From Helium:, G. (2011, Jun 01). DeviantArt gives artists online path to stardom. USA TODAY, pp. B.2- B.2. Retrieved from, C. (2006). Designer takes deviant path to career success. Hollywood Reporter, 395(00183660), 2-2. Retrieved from, A. (2011). Website reviews: Retrieved March 18, 2012. From Helium: