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Jazz music


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What is Jazz?

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Jazz music

  1. 1. What’s it all about?
  2. 2. Conventions Codes Jazz magazines have simple yet bright designs. Artists are portrayed playing their instrument or singing. Artists are dressed in casual or smart clothing. There are no secondary images. Fun and happy Relating to their audience Often black and photos. Different sized men and women showing the genre is for everyone.
  3. 3. The artists are all dressed in suits or causal clothing. Some of the photos are black and white but all of them are studio shots. There are no secondary images, just sublines. They are all posing with their instrument or in mid-song. The colour scheme is bold and bright compared to the dull backgrounds.
  4. 4. Main genre Is this a main genre, a sub-genre or a hybrid genre. The is a unique genre born out of traditional African musical, gospel and rock and roll. Some of it sub-genres include: ◦ Bebop ◦ Chamber Jazz ◦ Latin Jazz ◦ Hard Bop ◦ Dixieland ◦ Swing Jazz ◦ Free Jazz
  5. 5. Audience/ fans who are they? Demo graphics/ psychographs?
  6. 6. The target audience for Jazz is ever growing. Nowadays the audience has expanded to people aged 20+ though artist like Amy Winehouse have made the genre more popular with younger audiences. The Jazz magazines aim to please a mixed gender audience between the ages of 30 and 50.
  7. 7. Jazz music strives for instrumental diversity often Jazz singers will use huge live bands when they perform to get as much instrumental diversity as they can. Jazz music encourages people to express their feelings and passions whether that is heart break through jazz blues or happiness through free Jazz all jazz artists are expected to put their heart and soul into their music.
  8. 8. Duke Ellington Cab Calloway Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald Ray Charles Count Basie Bessie Smith
  9. 9. Amy Winehouse Michael Buble Norah Jones Aretha Franklin Caro Emerald
  10. 10. Jazz isn’t a very mainstream genre at the moment though over time it has dipped in and out of popularity.
  11. 11. What are the popular record labels of the genre? RECORD LABELS
  12. 12. What other media covers pop music?
  13. 13. (There aren’t many popular Jazz TV shows or channels this is the only one I could find.)