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The Internet of Things (and the myth of the “Smart” Fridge)

As product designers we live in exciting times. The next era of the continuing digital revolution, called the Internet of Things, has become a reality. But what does this “Internet of Things” really mean, and how can designers make sense of it all?

Read my full article about the Smart Fridge here:

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The Internet of Things (and the myth of the “Smart” Fridge)

  1. The Internet of Things (and the myth of the “Smart” Fridge) #UXSalon
  2. @xgmediaAvi Itzkovitch UI/UX Designer
  3. 1974 Troy, Ohio
  4. The Web of Things – Image courtesy of Chragokyberneticks
  5. Connected Devices Identified Objects
  7. Body & Health Smart Home Smart City Industry & Business The Environment
  8. BODY & HEALTH Sensor devices will monitor our health, track daily our activity or remotely monitor an aging family member.
  9. Flex - Make fitness a lifestyle.
  10. The NuMetrex heart sensing sports bra and cardio shirt
  11. TweetPee: Huggies sends a tweet when baby's wet
  12. Asthmapolis – Better Manage Your Asthma
  13. AdhereTech - Smart pill bottles
  14. SMART HOME A connected home will reduce our monthly utility bills, and tell us when to water our plants.
  15. Dropcam – Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera
  16. August – A Safe, Simple and Social Smart Lock Set to Revolutionize Home Access
  17. CubeSensors – Improving indoor living
  18. Pintofeed – Remotely feed your pet using your phone.
  19. SMART CITY Smart cities can light their streets more efficiently, receive instant reports on hazards, and even help residents find a nearby parking spot.
  20. BigBelly Solar – The Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling
  21. Streetline - The Future of Parking is Here.
  22. Points - The most advanced sign on earth.
  23. INDUSTRY & BUSINESS Industries can optimize their operations and boost productivity by better tracking inventories and other assets while maintaining quality control and consistency in their products and services.
  24. Fliike – Grow your social community from your store.
  25. FedEx SenseAware A tracking device and web service for packages
  26. Estimote Beacons
  27. R2-D2
  28. Knightscope Autonomous Data Machines
  29. THE ENVIRONMENT The environment can be monitored for a better understanding and management of natural resources or send us advance warnings of a pending disaster.
  30. The Air Quality Egg
  31. UC Berkeley - Floating Sensor Network
  32. Assessment of Landslides using Acoustic Real-time Monitoring Systems (ALARMS)
  33. Designing with Sensors
  34. The networking giant Cisco predicts a world where 50 billion devices could be connected to the internet by 2020.
  35. ENERGY HARVESTING The search for a zero level of entropy where the device or system will have to harvest its own energy.
  36. The required RF-energy is created by the mechanical actuation of the switch
  37. Batteryless TV remote control from Arveni for Philips
  38. Pavegen - Green Energy from Footsteps
  39. Fibre based solar cell and power storage (Ohmatex)
  40. Onzo Smart Energy Kit - Wireless electricity monitor
  41. The Clicc Solar Panels
  42. 1974 Troy, Ohio
  43. 1974 - 8:01AM Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio
  45. ALL ABOUT RFID Radio Frequency Identification
  46. The first use of RFID was in the 1940’s to identify and differentiate military aircraft.
  47. Building access systems
  48. Cashless parking
  49. Passports
  50. Credit Cards
  51. IMEI and MAC addresses for both 802.11 WiFi networks
  52. RFID Tags RFID Reader RFID Information Processing Systems
  53. RFID Tags RFID Reader RFID Information Processing Systems Sensors: photo-eyes, motion detectors, environmental monitors Automation: triggers, servos, motors, robotics
  54. Retail Transportation & Logistics Government Healthcare Security
  55. Connected Devices Identified Objects
  56. RFID Keys
  57. SO HOW WILL THIS WORK? The future Smart Fridge
  58. Barcode Objects
  59. Inventory Shrinkage (Shrink) Reduction RFID Retail • Track retail items between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale. • Real-time notification of security when RFID tagged items leave area without payment • Competitive advantage – saving money on theft allows to offer product at lower prices RFID Smart Labeling • Monitor unattended inventory RFID Retail • Automatic item identification on mixed pallets • "Smart Shelf" systems – designed to provide real time tracking and lovating of tagged items on shelves • Shipping and Receiving applications • Shelf Stocking RFID Retail • Real-time notification of out-of –stock items • Improvement of product replenishment • Retention of consumers who may turn to competitors if inventory item is out-of-stock • Automated charting and tracking for improved product forecasting Check-out Process • Reduce time spent in line • Reduce labor/time cost of employees • Streamline check-out process with ability to scan multiple items and pay for them all at once Overhead Reduction • Track product shipping and receiving from point-to-point automatically versus manual tracking to save time and labor cost • Know how many units of inventory or on-site via automated RFID system versus manual process, saving labor and time cost • Efficiency in error reduction reduces manual labor cost
  60. Smart Cabinet Stanley InnerSpace SpaceTRAX® plus RFI
  61. WHAT WILL MAKE IT SMART? The future Smart Fridge
  62. 56 % 27 %
  63. DOES IT NEED A SCREEN? The future Smart Fridge
  64. We're moving to a world in which every device generates useful data, in which every action creates „information shadows‟ on the net. --TIM O’REILLY | FOUNDER AND CEO, O’REILLY MEDIA
  65. The Internet of Things
  66. The Internet of Everything
  67. 1974 - 8:01AM Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio
  68. 1974 - 8:01AM Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio Cashier Sharon Buchanan (30 yrs later)
  69. 10-pack of Juicy Fruit, Smithsonian Institution
  70. Thank you  Avi Itzkovitch @xgmedia