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The Fat Loss Pro


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Get Healthy And Slim In 2012. Grab Your FREE Report Now!

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The Fat Loss Pro

  1. 1. ==== ====Get Healthy And Slim In 2012! Grab My Free Report To Help You Get Started ====JS: Jen thanks for agreeing to this interview today. First why dont you start out by telling thereaders about yourself and why youre a fat loss pro?JH: (Laughing) I dont know about that...well, OKAY...I guess I am sort of a fat goes.I am a mother of four beautiful children first and foremost. I am also a professional naturalbodybuilder and general athletic enthusiast. I run an online personal training program and haveclients from all over the world who are making improvements in their physiques by implementingprograms that I design for them. I advise them on their nutrition and training both, and carefullymold those two things together for them in a way that fits their lives. It is something I really enjoyand find very rewarding.As far as being a "fat loss pro" I can attribute my knowledge to a lifetime of physical fitness andnutrition manipulation. I have applied most everything I have learned to my own goals and havebecome adept at quickly honing in on what methods work for my various clients. I also have donean enormous amount of research on how the body reacts to various forms of dieting and training.Some of this has been reading on my own, and some has been through direct interaction withother renowned professionals I have come into contact with.JS: Youve obviously made an amazing transformation to be able to compete on stage. When youwere going through this transformation what were some of the roadblocks that kept getting in yourway? As we both know, fat loss isnt as simple as eating less and exercising more.JH: First of all, in preparation for my first bodybuilding show, I was very lucky to come into contactwith a trainer who taught the importance of NOT chronically dieting for competition. I was able toavoid most of the roadblocks such as chronic fatigue, muscle loss and general psychologicaldiscontent that most people encounter on their road to competition, or simply on the road togetting leaner.The main things that "stood in my way" were really just everyday life. Having four children doesntmake it exactly easy to plan meals, let alone hauling all of them with me to the gym. However,those were things I decided before hand that I would accept. Doing this actually made is more of achallenge. It was actually rewarding as I found creative ways to include my children and others inmy life with what I was doing. That way it was truly a part of my life and I didnt have to impose onother people to accomplish my goals.JS: The idea behind your new product, fat loss pros is get rid of the "soft" fat loss informationbeing put out there. Your aim is to come with the hard and raw truth for both men and women.
  2. 2. After all how long can we hear that you should do intervals to lose fat? What were some of "truths"that you personally had to overcome when you were going through a body recomposition?JH: I learned that there was a time and a place for cardio...and that it was not all the time. Ilearned that doing too much high intensity work without adequate calories and recovery was highlydetrimental to muscle retention and growth. I have also learned over the years, that training onesbodyweight strength is more important in health/fat loss and in improving raw strength, than justjumping under a loaded bar. If you cant do ONE single leg squat with your body weight, youshould not be attempting a couple hundred pounds under the bar. I learned that getting enoughsleep at night is more important in fat loss than taking a "fat burner pill".JS: Many women out there are just looking to build their best beach body yet keep getting stuck.What are the top three barriers that limit them?JH: First, it is trying to do some big jacked up program that they find somewhere in a book or onthe Internet that claims they are going to be that "beach babe" which doesnt take into accounttheir own unique life. Behavior modification and psychological "satiety" if you will are the mostimportant factors in fat loss and physique transformation. How can a person modify their behaviorsthrough a plan that doesnt allow for any leeway as life pops up? I have found that simply nothaving the knowledge of how to be flexible is highly detrimental to longevity in staying lean.Secondly, there is joy in control. No, that wasnt a typo. I am not talking about being controlled. Iam talking about having control as an individual over what you are doing. This is going to soundbad, but how often are we as women branded as control freaks because we remind our significantothers to do things or remember every little detail about life and store it away in the card catalogsof our heads. Staying in control of what you are doing (granted that it works WITH you notAGAINST you) is really a great mechanism to success. There is no way to be in control of yourselfif you dont have a foundation, a plan and a way to keep track of that plan. The little things domake a difference. That slice of cheese, cracker here and there, and taste of this or that while youare cooking all add up. Targeted nutrition calls for targeted tracking. Not overlooking things likethis can make or break a persons physique goals.Lastly, in training most women are simply lost. They are either not resistance training at all, or ofthey are they are using the hip abductor/adductor machine, thinking they are going to get rid ofsaddle bags by doing so. It is just not the case. A lot of women do cardio every single day andhardly eat a thing and wonder why they dont look "athletic". I simply find that debunking all ofthese mythical training ideas is a critical step to helping people make progress.JS: Men seem to be freaks when it comes to supplements but women tend to shy away. What area few supplements that you would suggest? I personally find great success with my female clientsby just adding omega-3 fish oils and branch chain amino acids into their diets.JH: EFAs and BCAA are mandatory for all of my clients, men or women. I also educate womenabout the use of creatine. The benefits are endless, and the thought that creatine makes youretain water is only true to an extent. If it happens at all, water retention will usually disappearwithin a week or to of using creatine, particularly is enough water is consumed. I also recommendthat all of my clients be on a multi vitamin. You would be surprised at how many women are noteven taking that. Depending on diet preferences, I might also recommend calcium/magnesium
  3. 3. complexes as well. As long as good nutrition in actual food is being consumed, there are a lot ofsupplements that can be taken and results seen.JS: Women seem to naturally under eat. This is obviously going to slow down their thyroid andwreck havoc on their gains. They under eat both carbs and fats. So how can women and men forthat matter, get as lean as they want to be still eating carbs and healthy fats?Everyone can eat carbs and everyone SHOULD be eating healthy fats. The levels differ from oneperson to the next of course for maximal efficiency in achieving goals, but in general targetingstarchier carbs around training and earlier in the day (particularly if you do not train at night) willhelp the body utilize those nutrients for muscular gains and energy expenditure rather than fatstorage. Conversely, Fats should be consumed away from carbs ie. Eating less fats in the a.m.and more fats at night. Veggies are an exception to this rule, as any amount of fat can beconsumed with vegetables at any time without having an adverse effect on body composition. So,less fat in the a.m. more at night, more carbs in the a.m. less at night. Carbs around training. It hasbeen said a million times, but it simply just works.Fat intake is REQUIRED for optimum hormone function. Roughly ½ a persons body weightcan be consumed in fat, give or take depending on the individual, and have optimal results intransformation and training performance. Something interesting and sort off the subject is that bytaking a fish oil supplement, I have had 3 clients now be completely relieved from the use ofibuprofen, as fish oils act as an anti-inflammatory. Simply put, in order to function normally andnaturally, good fats must be ingested. As long as a sensible fat intake is not established, fullphysique goals will never be realized.JS: Weve focused on women for the first part in the interview but lets shift focus. Most guy tryingto get their ideal both just focus on adding size. The times when they attempt to diet, they just goextremely low on the carbs and lose a good amount of muscle mass. Whats the deal with that?What are they doing wrong.Utilizing a low carbs scheme can actually be effective in gaining muscle mass, but this normallyonly happened if enough fat is consumed and/or a cyclical approach is taken. I have known somemen who can get into a state of Ketosis (under 30 grams carbs plus green veggies) and stay thereand experience no muscle loss, but that is because they become fat adapted. This means thatthey are consuming appropriate levels of fat.Many metabolisms tend to lay down fat if carbs are too high in a caloric excess, so the tendency isto reduce carbs out. The natural result is not enough calories to sustain muscle to begin with. On alow carbs scheme, a person can eat MUCH more food and still get lean, simply because it is muchmore difficult for the body to process fats and proteins than carbohydrates. So it is in getting thecalories up. This can be done so by adding in the much needed and neglected fats from nuts,avocados, oils, etc...Additionally, considering adding in some high carb days here and there iswise. When the body is depleted of carbohydrates, there is no need of being afraid of high carbdays from time to time, as all of those carbs will go to muscle growth.That brings me to the important part about the fats. On a low carb scheme, it is important toconsume and enormous amount of fat. The body will become a "burner" of the nutrient that is inthe most plentiful source. On a low carb diet, without adequate fat, the body will simply use protein
  4. 4. for energy, including those that are in the muscle belly. Proteins within the muscle are onlyprotected if there is fat there to serve that purpose. Beware of muscle loss if you choose notconsume healthy fats while eating this way and consider the benefits of adding I some high carbdays from time to time.JS: Word Association. Just throw out the first thing that comes to your mind.Leptin: A hormone tells your brain how much body-fat you are carrying, and also how muchnutrition you are consuming. How much leptin is released in your body is regulated by your totalbody fat stores. It also (sorry if this is too scientific) binds to receptors in the brain and controls therelease of certain neurotransmitters that affect things that affect our metabolisms, like such asthyroid and nor-epinephrine, as well as neurotransmitters that affect mood appetite and energylevels such as dopamine and serotonin. Basically leptin is the down and dirty science behind truefat manipulation in the body and learning how to manipulate it is VERY interesting. All of this isone of the many "nitty gritty" topics that it is covered in great depth in certain parts of the Fat LossPros CollectionInsulin Sensitivity Supplements: The first thing that comes to mind here is to eat more fiber. I ambig on accomplishing things by the use of nutrition first rather than supplements. I have HEARDthat chromium purported to improve insulin sensitivity, but whether that is actually true is obviouslynot for me to say. As far as diet is concerned eating lots of fiber improves insulin sensitivity, butcould this be partly due to the fact that weight loss is a side effect of eating lots of fiber inconjunction with other healthful nutritional habits? Losing weight and body fat alone is the bestsingle way to increase insulin sensitivity (reduce insulin resistance). Secondarily, consuming lowernet carbs and consuming them after training can train the body how to properly process carbsinstead of releasing a sea of insulin all the time.Training for Fat Loss: Periodize it with your nutrition...seriously! Fat loss is almost all nutrition. Fatloss occurs best in a caloric deficit. So it would be important to point out that in a deficit is theeasiest state to lose muscle in. Less muscle = lowered metabolism = getting fatter, not leaner.This is compounded of course if the diet is not dialed in and proper weight training is not occurring.The goal in "training for fat loss" should be to "retain muscle", which again rolls around back tonutrition! The best way to retain muscle is to lift heavier weights. It must be an integral part of ANYfat loss program if long-term leanness is going to be achieved and maintained.JS: Jen thank you so much for the interview. Please spend some time telling the readers aboutyour phenomenal fat loss product, fat loss pros and where they can pick it up.JH: Fat Loss Pros is a series of audio interviews in which I picked the brains of some of the mostgenius fat loss minds in the world. Their qualifications are unmatched and their cumulativeknowledge cannot be found anywhere but in this product. All of the interviews are in convenientmp3 format so they can be easily uploaded to an ipod or other listening devices.I thought to myself based on my won experience, that it was about time that all of the effective fatloss information that existed, the meat and potatoes - not the fluff - be put into one place. Now,nothing is left to question. All the truths are right there contained in the interviews. I cannot evendescribe the education I received as I interviewed these experts. That alone makes creating theproduct worth it. I give a lot of the credit for the physique I have achieved to these individuals, who
  5. 5. are now available to anyone!Not to mention the free bonuses that are available for a limited time. Included in this package aree-books, training and diet programs and separate exclusive interviews. The combined worth of thefree gifts alone far exceed the cost of the entire audio package in its entirety.You know, it means a lot to me...what I have been able to achieve as a normal, working class wifeand mother. Though it would cost hundreds just to have a consultation with one of these Prosalone, I did not want this to be out of reach to people just like me. We all just want to know whatreally works, and with fat loss pros, nothing is left to question. Anyone who is armed with this willknow everything they need to be well on their way to a lean and muscular physique...permanently.This is the stuff real fat loss is made of and I want everyone to have access to it. Fat Loss Pros isthe best fat loss info product on the market today.JS: Thanks Jen!Jimmy Smith, CSCS, is a fitness coach who trains athletes and injured individuals as well asfitness competitors and enthusiasts in Stamford, Connecticut. In addition, Jimmy is currentlyadvancing his education as a masters degree student in Human Movement Visit Jimmys website to sign up for his free newsletter.Jen Heath is a fitness trainer and competitor who servers as a nutrition consultant for females andmales all around the word. For more information on Jen head to http://www.jenheath.comAbout The AuthorJimmy Smith, CSCS, is a body enhancement coach who has helped individuals and athletes of alllevels from high school to the top collegiate and national ranks in reaching their elite performanceand body enhancement goals. Although Jimmy is well versed in several bodies of knowledge, hespecializes in performance and body enhancement as well as biomechanics as it relates to injuryrehabilitation and human movement. In addition, Jimmy is currently advancing his education as amasterÂ’s degree student in Human Movement and writes for various online magazines. VisitJimmyÂ’s website to sign up for his FREE newsletter thatcontains a FREE report with exclusive fat loss information.Article Source:
  6. 6. ==== ====Get Healthy And Slim In 2012! Grab My Free Report To Help You Get Started ====