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Building An Optin Email List- The Right Mindset Is Key


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Awesome FREE list building system gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in!

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Building An Optin Email List- The Right Mindset Is Key

  1. 1. ==== ====Awesome FREE list building system gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in ====If you want to have a successful Internet business or any business, their are lots of tasks andresponsibilities that need to be done to achieve your goals. Of all the things you do... what do youthink would be your most important task? Well... in my opinion that would be building an opt inemail list. Theres nothing more important to ensure long-term success and really have the abilityto maximize your earning potential while at the same time reducing the amount of work time. Askanybody that is doing this successfully and Im sure they will readily agree.So youve decided thats what you are going to do to, so you do your home work and learn everytechnique about building an opt in email list that you can think of doing. After all the effort, you stillfind yourself scratching your head, because maybe you built a list, but youre not making anymoney from that list.In fact you might even be losing money, because of all the expenses to building an opt in email listand maintain that list is more than the profits that you bring in from it.Well you keep saying to yourself that everybody says, "The money is in the list", but you are justshaking your head saying this is bull and doesnt work. So you give up on the idea of building anopt in email list and go on to other things.Please.....dont give up on it cause theres hope. It might seem to you like an impossibility, buthaving and building a targeted email list is a crucial part of your business success. Just roll upyour sleeves and really learn how to do it and do it right. If youre persistent, you will be able to doit and youll be really glad you did.So what are the challenges holding you back from building an opt in email list? Im sure yourealready aware that there are many factors that are involved in successfully building an opt in emaillist and then monetizing it correctly. Others have written whole courses and books on the details ofthis subject, but for the purposes of this article, Im going to explain how you should be thinkingeven before you use any list building techniques. If you dont have these certain approaches,when building an opt in email list, all the techniques in the world wont help you.What Im starting to talk about is really the foundation for building an opt in email list. We can call ita mindset or the attitude you have when actively building and monetizing your list. There are 3foundational mindsets that you need to have to really make a go at building targeted email list.1-Focus on quality and not just quantity.It might take more effort and thought to methodically attract and add quality subscribers to yourlist, but it is worth every ounce of sweat to building an opt in email list thats responsive. Have the
  2. 2. mindset of only attracting quality. You may have a smaller list, but even a small highly responsivelist will outperform a much larger low quality list any day of the week.But of course building quality requires more effort and expertise than just building an opt in emaillist with anyone on that list. Im not going to go into detail of the hows of building as much assticking with the foundation or mindset for having a targeted email list.2-A second mindset is talking to each person on your list on a one to one basis. Many peoplemake the mistake of communicating on a mass scale as if they were in front of a huge group ofpeople giving a speech. Try not to take this approachJust be personable and when you are writing an email you are writing it for just one person. Youwant them to feel that you are there for them (of course you should be) and you really want to helpthem. They are on your list for your expertise and help you can provide them. Never give theimpression that you are too big and important for your prospects.If you really do this, you will create a win-win situation for everyone.3-Take the time to put together the optimal system to attract your perfect subscriber. Then you candirect your marketing efforts to drive prospects into this winning subscriber funnel.Im sure you know McDonalds. Who hasnt... Ive probably eaten there 100s of times in mylifetime. Well Ray Crock the founder of McDonalds developed a restaurant that was efficient,great quality and a real money maker. He kept tweaking it and developed a system that anyonecould reproduce, if they followed his plan. He franchised it and now you have McDonalds all overthe world having the same great success, because the system was a winner before rolling it out ona mass scale.So just putting together an opt in form and some crappy report to pull prospects from anywhereyou can get them, might not be the best idea for the long run. Take the time to learn, create andimplement a system that attracts high quality prospects. Then when building an opt in email listyou can do it over and over producing a quality list.Some final words to wrap thing up. Building an opt in email list is done one person at a time. Donttry to talk to everyone, but focus on being personable and talking to one person at a time. Actuallyimagine they are sitting right next to you and you are talking to them. Thats the feel they shouldhave when you are communicating with them. Dont try to fake it. Be yourself and dont try to actlike youre a big company. Even if you are a big company, dont act like it. You will have moreresponse when you are personable and treat your subscriber or customer like you care.Take your business to the next level by building an opt in email list [] Get the free CD. Know the insider secrets to a million dollar list. Visitand download special reports on targeted email list [] and more.
  3. 3. Article Source: ====Awesome FREE list building system gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in ====