How to Get Alibaba Account Started & Maintained


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How to Get Alibaba Account Started & Maintained
Alibaba Gold Supplier Service Team


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How to Get Alibaba Account Started & Maintained

  1. 1. Online Training Course How to Get Alibaba Account Started & Maintained Alibaba Gold Supplier Service Team
  2. 2. Agenda Tour-guide of Introduction of My Alibaba Alibaba website set-up Daily maintenance
  3. 3. Tour-guide of How to Search?
  4. 4. Tour-guide of Display products Refer to Help to solve your problem more easily Platform of Your account Check inquiries
  5. 5. Tool bar View minisite To do list:  unread messages  unread buying requests  low quality products (waiting for improve) Online Training Program Gold Supplier learning center
  6. 6. Alibaba website set-up (within 1 st week of account activation)
  7. 7. Company & Website A. Basic Company Details B. Production & Markets C. Company Introduction & Images D. Custom Page
  8. 8. Company & website - Basic Company Details Tips: Any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Fields with the TrustPass logo have been verified and cannot be modified further. The more information you provide, the better image you will be able to project to potential buyers. Do not put “ other” or “others” in this section, but fill up with specific product/ service names 8
  9. 9. Company & website – Production & Markets Note: Enter 128 characters max. Use commas to separate the customer names. If you want to enter trade-marked company names (e.g. BMW , Samsung etc.), please provide documentation to prove you are an official partner/supplier/service provider. 9
  10. 10. Company Profile - Company Introduction & Images 10
  11. 11. Company Profile - Trade performance
  12. 12. Company Profile – Custom Data Customs Data is a database of suppliers' shipping statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. As a Verified Member, you have the privilege to have full access of the Customs Data channel and claim your own profile for free.
  13. 13. Company Profile - Site Design & Status Change your Alibaba website address here: one chance only New function launched recently: Customized Minisite Backgroud Tips for Customized Minisite:
  14. 14. Company Profile - Customize Minisite Examples for your inspiration: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear: Apparel: Lights & Lighting:
  15. 15. Company Profile - Customize Minisite
  16. 16. My Alibaba - Account setting
  17. 17. Account setting - sub-accounts Only admin-account is allowed to add/manage sub-accounts. Tips: Company contact will be shown in your company website. Admin-account email is able to receive all messages as well by CC. Inquiries are able to be sent to sub-accounts by country/products owners.
  18. 18. Alibaba website maintenance
  19. 19. My Alibaba - Messages & Contacts A. Check & reply inquiries B. Assign and reject inquiries C. Add, manage, block Contacts 19
  20. 20. Messages & Contacts - Rely to messages You are able to reject unserious inquiries within 3 days. Attachments are available Save up to 50 templates here 20 20
  21. 21. Contacts - Add and get in touch with contacts Import contacts Group your contacts Block the ones that you don’t want to receive their messages
  22. 22. My Alibaba - Biz Trends a. Advisor Overview b. Performance Overview c. My products d. My keywords e. My User Status f. Hot keywords 22
  23. 23. Biz Trend - My keywords For a specific keyword, you could learn the ranking of your products with the keyword by clicking “View Details” under Your Product Ranking. 23
  24. 24. Products & Buying requests Regarding Products & Buying Requests, we have other trainings to discuss details. Please check here: They are: High quality product posting for improved product search ranking Inquiry Classification & Handling Selling Opportunities with Customized Sourcing
  25. 25. Review: You have to complete within the 1st month 1. Company profile 2. Member profile 3. Site design 4. Post products (PPS.) One day on (maintenance) 1. Sign in TradeManager 2. Sign in My Alibaba 3. Check Inquiries and reply 4. Quote for RFQ 5. Modify products OR post new products PPS=Product Posting Service 6. Check Biz Trends for more suggestion 25
  26. 26. Products Posting Service (PPS)
  27. 27. Up coming trainings and Learning center
  28. 28. Thank You!