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Which console should I buy? Ultimate guide

Good guide how to choose the right console. Great thing for every PC gamer :) Provided by

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Which console should I buy? Ultimate guide

  1. 1. Which console should I buy?- The ultimate guide provided by - Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Most popular consoles 3. Summary
  2. 2. 1. Introduction Every PC gamer thought at least once about buying a console. The most common question is „which console should I choose?”. There are plenty of them on the market and a new person in console gaming world can be a little confused. Our simple guide will help you making the decision. Note that we're going to talk only about non- mobile consoles like XBOX 360 (and not about PSP, PS Vita or Nintendo DS). Also, we're going to focus on splitting consoles into generations instead of judging which console is better.
  3. 3. 2. Most popular consoles All the most popular gaming consoles can be divided into few generations. We know that the official console generations naming is slightly different, although our is much simpler. The prehistoric generation The oldest consoles, only for enthusiasts or collectors. We don't recommend them to regular use unless you are a fan of old, classic games. The most popular one is definitely PSX (Playstation). The old generation Good choice if you don't want to spend much money on your first console. Consoles of the old generation feature rather poor graphics, but are really cheap. You can buy one for about 50 bucks (XBOX or Playstation 2).
  4. 4. The middle generation Consists of modern consoles, the most popular right now (2014). They provide good graphics and plenty of different games. However the most demanding users with large TVs (over 40”-50”) can be a little disappointed. The main choice is between Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. Note that consoles of the middle generation are much more expensive than the older ones. The prices dropped after the release of the newest generation though.
  5. 5. The newest generation Features the best performance and graphics. They are expensive but if only you can afford them, go for it and enjoy an awesome gaming experience. The only negative thing about the newest generation of consoles is a small amount of released games (but don't worry, it's going to change sooner or later). 3. Summary Generation Sony Microsoft Price Prehistoric PSX - 0-20 USD Old Playstation 2 XBOX 20-60 USD Middle Playstation 3 XBOX 360 200-400 USD Newest Playstation 4 XBOX One 500-800 USD