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Calling All Marketers: Here's What the Indian Union Budget' 14 means to you!!


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The much expected Indian union budget 2014-15 is to be released, Common man & the Markets are looking closely for their share of the budget. This Budget season may be a good time for Marketers to pause and listen to what your customer is trying to tell you…

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Calling All Marketers: Here's What the Indian Union Budget' 14 means to you!!

  1. 1. This Budget season may be a good time for you to pause and listen to what your customer is trying to tell you…
  2. 2. "Don't waste your money and my time....
  3. 3. 1 “Stop spending on Ads like these and expecting me to believe you” Picture Credits
  4. 4. 2 “Stop stalking me, Just because I landed up on your website” Picture Credits:
  5. 5. 3 “Stop annoying me, where I am trying to concentrate…..” Picture Credits:
  6. 6. 4 “That I liked your Facebook page, just means that I was being nice… to my friend”
  7. 7. 5 “That I checked your YouTube video means I'm still checking you out” Picture Credits:
  8. 8. 6 “Don’t expect me to believe that you are really giving me a “CHOICE” Picture Credits:
  9. 9. 7 “Stop buying ads and policing me on Social media” Picture Credits:
  10. 10. 8 “Stop treating me like an typical 28 year old living in a metro” Picture Credits:
  11. 11. INSTEAD… Picture Credits:
  12. 12. “Create value in your products and services….. that fits into my life” Nike was able to capture the interest of its target audience by seamlessly integrating value with everyday products such as MP3 players & cell phones. Nike+ continues to be a huge success morphing from a simple app to a plethora of products designed with user value in mind. Picture Credits:
  13. 13. “Listen and fix my feedback” After the launch of Xbox One, User outrage caused Microsoft to re think their stance on Xbox One’s core functionalities. Xbox one was re – launched based on user feedback. Picture Credits:
  14. 14. “Tell me a story that makes my life interesting” Think cornflakes, and the first word that comes to mind is Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s has carved out a permanent place in the hearts and minds of its customers by conveying its brand values and ethos through stories that resonated with and captivated the audience Picture Credits:
  15. 15. “Provide proof when I ask for it” Whether you sell a Soap or a Software, customers expect proof to validate your claims. Provide customers with the proof they seek and help them decide. Picture Credits:
  16. 16. “Treat me like the way YOU would want to be treated” Would you put up with bad service? Neither will your customers. There is a reason why bad reviews of Delta/United go viral and great reviews of Singapore airlines result in customer loyalty Picture Credits:
  17. 17. "Make it worth my while and your money“ Make sure you deliver a worthwhile value for your customers’ hard earned money. Picture Credits:
  18. 18. And for all this…start with ‘me’ your customer and use your budget wisely… Use Customer Value Maximization to achieve all this and more…..
  19. 19. What is Customer Value Maximization? Customer Value Maximization is a current generation marketing framework that helps marketers derive remarkable value from their spends. Customer Value Maximization transforms your marketing programs from:  Product Centric to Customer centric  Broadcasting to Interactive  Interrupt driven to Customer initiated and delivers maximum value for your marketing buck!
  20. 20. How does Customer Value Maximization work? Using the right technologies and powered by real- time analytics, Customer Value Maximization facilitates brand communication to the customer at a time he/she is listening, on a channel he/she's interested ....and this not just delivers remarkable results BUT also eliminates wasteful spends!
  21. 21. Example How Analytics was used to create Brand Modi – Every outbound and inbound communication was monitored, measured, and acted upon based on a data point. – Team Modi analyzed the Indian voter population & segmented it based on their demographic profile. Key psychographics of 12 crore first time voters and all the undecided voters were identified. Insights from such studies were used in the outbound campaigns. – Streaming analytics based Rapid Action Report, which presented a constantly evolving picture of each constituency, based on the information gathered from both online & offline channels was extensively used. – This effort resulted in adapting communications under the ‘Ab ki Baar, Modi Sarkar’ umbrella. – Team NaMo used smart real time monitoring in conjunction with clever messaging to strike a chord in the hearts of the general public.
  22. 22. Example How Technology was used to spike PUMA  PUMA's - Design your own Sneakers, radically altered the ‘mass retail’ into ‘custom boutique’  Puma fully embraced the technology and gave their customers an opportunity to co-create sneakers and place an online order in-store.  Inside PUMA stores, shoppers were provided with fabrics, materials for inspiration as well as an iPad bolted on a pole on which shoppers could design their own shoes.  Puma gave shoppers a personalized shoe- designing experience, and this spiked the offtake manifold.
  23. 23. And this does NOT necessarily mean heavy investments in fancy technologies, or tools
  24. 24. Certainly this means CHANGE....  Change in the way you spend your marketing budget  Change in the way you track your marketing RoI  Change in the way you allocate your media spends  Change in the way you approach your audience  Change the way you deal with your existing agencies Picture Credits:
  25. 25. Interested in CHANGE?
  26. 26. TALK TO US! We're happy to demonstrate how to make your BUDGET work better
  27. 27. ACKNOWLEDGMENT This budget round up was prepared by Srinivas Chari and Team Solutions. Srini heads client solutions and marketing at Xerago Ram manages client solutions at Xerago Suraj handles the research desk at Xerago Sashi manages marketing for Xerago
  28. 28. Reach us at