When Safety Matters a Most: Electronic Shisha


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What makes eshisha safer device than hookah smoking. understand the real difference between hookah smoking and shisha.

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When Safety Matters a Most: Electronic Shisha

  1. 1. Why eShisha is Safer than Traditional Hookah? Whenever our eyes have caught glimpse of kings smoking out of their elaborate hookahs, many of our hearts have yearned to get that royal feeling. And in order to cater to the interests of many, hookah bars are coming up in almost every nook and corner of the city. The traditional hookahs that obviously have a royal charm but make us inhale nicotine or tobacco. And the tar that is produced is toxic for our body. Then what is its alternative? An alternative that will provide me with the flavor of hookah without harming me. A very good alternative is the E- hookah which is like electronic pens better known as electronic shisha or hookah sticks. Now what is an electronic shisha stick? It is an electronic pen like device which is battery operated and very similar to an electronic cigarette. There is an atomizer inside which heats e-liquid turning it into vapor that can be inhaled. They come in various types; some are disposable and there are others that can be recharged. They come in different flavors from fresh and exotic red apples to refreshing mint. You can also choose from traditional flavors even the original tobacco flavor. The ingredient of the eshisha is water, fruity flavors which are mainly herbals and other such ingredients that would do no harm to your body. As they are primarily made of organic compounds so they are very much safe to use. Though a few people have complained of throat ache but the
  2. 2. companies manufacturing these products are upgrading themselves continuously and are modifying their product. Now the question arises as how much safe are the electronic hookahs. The answer is it is absolutely safe to use as it does not contain any heavy metal like compound like arsenic and lead, neither do it contain carbon monoxide or other cancer causing elements. Whereas the traditional hookah contain nicotine in heavy amount and that causes cancer and other dangerous diseases. However various hookahs contain varying degree of nicotine depending on the brand. But the amount is negligible in comparison to the original ones and is therefore safe to use. Experts say that electronic shisha are 99% safer than the traditional ones and it is slowly becoming a rage among the young generation. They are much into this portable and tar free electronic hookah. It is obvious that they are safe because according to the experts water vapor generated out of organic compounds is way safer than the smoke of the traditional ones. But this product is not fully tested and it is yet to be certified by the experts. Although its use is described as safe by the experts. The ingredients used are all positive ones but it still does lack a tested ground and it is very soon to happen.