Comparative Research Between E-cig Vaping and Cigarette Smoking


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Comparative Research Between E-cig Vaping and Cigarette Smoking , view the detail of result.

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Comparative Research Between E-cig Vaping and Cigarette Smoking

  1. 1. Vaping Vs Smoking : What’s The Output of Research? The raging war between smoking and vaping is an old one with both sides trying to bring in new evidence to prove the benefit of each over other. While nothing can be proved conclusively as of yet, vaping may be winning the battle if not the war at this stage. This is evinced from the latest study, which strives to prove that vaping is 99% safer than tobacco smoking! This it may seem unbelievable to many but there are definite proofs available and this stop tobacco companies from undermining it easily.
  2. 2. A study conducted by a leading Public Health University conclusively shows electronic smoke packs no fallouts for either the user or the bystander. For coming to this conclusion, a renowned professor related to this university and his fellow researchers reviewed over 9,000 observations. This included grey papers and papers reviewed by his peers. They studied the chemicals related to e-cigarette and concluded that harmful chemical levels for users and passive smokers is negligible. The study was conducted to combat allegations against harmful effects of vaping to bystanders in crowded environments such as those present in clubs and pubs. The latest studies have debunked this baseless myth for times to come. This study undertaken for public benefit wanted to go to the root of so-called harmful effects of e-cigarette smoking and find out the truth for once. Through the years there have been continuing studies related to e- cigarette vapor and liquid. Sadly, the conclusions made from these studies have largely gone through misinterpretation or completely ignored rendering them useless in the end. Even slight contaminations were publicised out of proportion to their gravity by the pro-tobacco group. In such a scenario, there was nothing to do but go for an in-depth research via reputed agencies for finding facts conclusively. These strive to bring out the truth instead of misleading the public against the e-cigarette movement. Expert review with unbiased explanations makes vaping a winner with relevant proof to go with the case. Even the so-called undesirable contaminants present in electronic cigarettes are not harmful to humans in any way. Their levels were found to be quite trivial to have any side effects or safety concerns. The nicotine present in the e-cigarettes poses similar risk to public health as drinking a cup of coffee with its caffeine content! This conclusive study from a stellar and reputed source is surely going to stop the detractors of vaping from making baseless comments at least for some time. The peace is going to last until they find another half-baked reasoning to show either smoking in a positive light or defame the e- cigarettes! Until then proponents of electronic smoke can rejoice at winning this present game even if the match is still far from being over!