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Understanding The Working of E-cigarette


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How does E-cigarette Work and role of different components of Electronic Cigarettes.

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Understanding The Working of E-cigarette

  1. 1. Understanding Different Components of ElectronicCigarettesThose who went out from the world of tobacco haze can now embrace therevolutionary technology which is making forays into our everyday world. The Ecigarettes are making it easier for smokers to quit for good. An insight into the variousparts of the cigarette and how they work can be really beneficial. This is anextraordinary devise with amazingly simple components.
  2. 2. The Starter kitFor those who are starting out in the realm of electronic cigarettes need the starter kitin order to understand it thoroughly and make the most of this wonderful device. It isbasically quite a small package which contains everything the user is going to need forusing the E cigarette. Besides the components there is a guidebook included which is astep-by-step explanation of making the most of this product.The CartridgeThe cartridge is the most important component of the electronic cigarettes. This is whatcontains the tobacco flavor which allows the smokers to simulate the experience of areal cigarette. Propylene glycol is the liquid which is used in the E cigarette. Duringsmoking it forms the water vapors which are laced with nicotine flavor. The buyers maychoose from a variety of different tastes including menthol, strawberry, melon, SweetCherry,tobacco , arctic blue and vanilla. The nicotine is optional and it is provided in asmall plastic cup which produces vapors during suction.The life span of a cartridge is equal to 1-1.5 pack of traditional smokes.
  3. 3. The BatteryBattery is the component which powers these electronic devices. There is a LED displayat the tip of this part which simulates the glowing embers when suction is applied by theuser. When you purchase these cigarettes a pair of batteries is included in the kit forstarting out. The lifespan of the battery is brand specific. While some of these may lastonly for two hours there are others which can provide a full-day service. However themost popular one are the rechargeable batteries which contain lithium ions.
  4. 4. The AtomizerIt is ultimately the atomizer which gives the users the real tobacco experience. This isthe portion which helps to vaporize the liquid which is present inside the cartridge. Andit is the batteries which powers this atomizer to get on with the vaporization procedure.This component is basically hidden from the view since it is quite small in size. Thedurability of atomizers also depends upon the brand of E-cigarette. However in mostcases it lasts for around four months before one needs to replace them.The AccessoriesEach electronic cigarette starter kit contains a charger for the lithium ion batteries and ahandy travel case for carrying them about. While most of these cases can contain only asingle cartridge there are others which contain space enough for even five of these.