Five Reasons for Switching to eShisha


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Discovering reason or motivation behind switching to eshisha from hookah smoking,.Brought to you by

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Five Reasons for Switching to eShisha

  1. 1. Five Reasons You Should Prefer eShisha over Traditional Hookah eShisha has today emerged as a significant alternative to hookah and for good reasons too! If the trend continues, one doesn’t need to wait long when it will replace the traditional water pipes completely. So, do you want to know why? Read on… No Tobacco, No Nicotine, No Tar, No Ash eShisha signifies that you no longer have to deal with the bad effects of tobacco smoke. Since, there is no tobacco content and no nicotine, you no longer need to deal with tar buildup in your lungs or the presence of ash to play havoc with your respiratory system. These components are responsible for life-threatening illnesses like cancer and lung diseases that traditional hookah users are susceptible to. Isn’t this a good reason why eShisha will replace the traditional water pipes in the coming times!
  2. 2. Provides Mobility- Carry and Smoke Anywhere, Anytime Can your traditional water pipe offer you the mobility support? You need a long time to prepare this cumbersome device and you need to be sedentary in order to enjoy this kind of smoke. However, with the introduction of e-Shisha, you can enjoy the smoke anytime, anyplace, while on the go. You can talk with your friends, move around, and do whatever you enjoy doing without denying yourself the pleasures of the Hookah smoke. Can anything get better than this? No wonder, the popularity of this electronic device is increasing by the day. No Burning Coil and Waste The beauty of using eShisha is that you can completely do away with the burning of the coil associated with the regular hookah smoke. This not only emits a burning sensation but also leads to waste of the highly expansive tobacco in the process. With the electronic version, you no longer need to put up with this, thus ensuring fulfillment of your senses minus unnecessary tobacco depletion. Refillable, makes it Affordable Long-term Do you know that eShisha is refillable? Fill it up as many times as you like and enjoy to your heart’s content. Isn’t this the fulfillment of your long-standing dream? This makes e-Shisha a highly affordable proposition helping you to save money over time, without compromising on the quality and experience. As more and more people come to realize this fact, eShisha is sure to replace the traditional water pipes completely. Health Benefits of e-Shisha eShisha is loaded with health benefits like an e-cigarette. Water pipes used in a gathering leads to the transmission of germs due to its common use. This no longer happens in case of an electronic hookah, and thus you remain safe from different health problems, unlike the regular hookah. If you are one of those people who want to keep on enjoying their hookah minus the debilitating effects, eShisha is for you! So, are you ready to embrace this change?