eShisha and Future of Vaping


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How eshisha became part of vaping industry what's role it plays

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eShisha and Future of Vaping

  1. 1. eShisha and Future of Vaping If you are one of those people who love to visit a Hookah Lounge with your friends in town, why give up this fun time especially when a healthier alternative is available right at hand! EShisha has opened an exciting new avenue for Hookah lovers worldwide. It does away with the negative impacts of smoking without making you compromise with your existing habit. The Contribution of eShisha Already, eShisha is making its presence felt among users worldwide. Youngsters can now go and relax at their favorite Hookah bars, order electronic Shisha flavors of their choice, and relax while chatting with friends and sipping ‘Cappucino’! What’s more, even parents are not complaining! They are ‘All Encouragement’ instead. Slowly yet steadily, the electronic counterparts are replacing the traditional smoke
  2. 2. circle to make it a harmless, out and out fun endeavor, a SOCIAL REVOLUTION of sorts. Benefits Over Conventional Hookah smoking as a rule works best in a gathering. However when it is a social event, both smokers and non-smokers are forced to share the same space. In such a scenario, if you are having, hookah party in the lounge area with traditional Shisha, those sensitive to the smoke will go through a hard time! Poor ventilation leads to eye burn and the stinking smoke lingers everywhere.  E-Shisha has emerged as a lifesaver for such scenarios! So, what are the benefits associated with this?  Costs related to E-Shisha is just a fraction of traditional smoke  No filling of water or coal changes  No waste or gauging of expensive tobacco  No nicotine, low, or medium flavors for non-smokers  No cleanups post use  Everybody can enjoy the gathering including non-smokers What the Future Holds? Some researchers are predicting the demise of tobacco by the year 2050. While, this seems to be an exaggerated opinion the percentage of people enjoying regular tobacco smoke seems to be decreasing with time. So what is changing the mindset of people? For starters, awareness programs worldwide are continuously hammering the need to cut down nicotine use and the various health hazards that it poses. This is acting as a deterrent to many with another reason being the availability of alternative to smoking these days. Vaping has come up in a BIG way! As awareness regarding the negative effects of nicotine spread and people become more conscious about their health, alternatives to traditional smoke will dominate. So how is the E-Shisha scene looking like? For starters, eShisha too will evolve tremendously as indicated by the increasing interest of the manufacturers and will fill the void left by tobacco quite effectively! The competition among manufacturers is increasing to bring out the best offers for the consumers. In the coming times, one can hope for more flavors to choose from with E-Hookah Bars becoming the norm.
  3. 3. Won’t it be a fantastic life where you will be able to enjoy smoke-time without worrying about the lurking dangers to your health! So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of the VAPING REVOLUTION starting NOW!