E-cigarettes are Sold in Tennessee Prison as Substitute to Tobacco Cigarettes


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View the detail story of Tennessee jail allowed e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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E-cigarettes are Sold in Tennessee Prison as Substitute to Tobacco Cigarettes

  1. 1. E-cigarettes are Sold in Tennessee Prison as Substitute to Tobacco Cigarettes In a Tennessee county jail, smoking cigarettes are strictly prohibited. It has banned smoking within the jail premises, and this is applicable for every inmate. How much staggering a fact it might be, the county jail in Tennessee now provides an alternative!! For all inmates who need their daily dose of nicotine, the jail is selling disposable electronic cigarettes for only $13.50. While this will add up some extra bucks into the jail, as according to the sheriff of Mason County, this initiative will further spread the word for electronic cigarettes and their health benefits, considers the experts. According to Sheriff Gammons, Mason County Jail, such a program can drive almost $45 thousand per annum, which is significantly huge as an added income. This is also supposed to pay off for the underpaid staff in the jail. However, from the perspective of e-cigarette proponents, this is an innovative idea to promote the awareness for electronic cigarettes and reduce the health hazards, while catering to the needs of prisoners to smoke. Such an initiative will not only reduce the health hazards caused due to traditional smoking or second-hand smoke, while also providing the inmates with necessary nicotine without which they tend to become more prone to irritation, fatigue, and fights. However, it is not the typical electronic cigarettes that you will find in the market today. These will be designed particularly for prison environment and will be disposable in nature, which offers roughly 500 puffs. Unlike other varieties, these will be non-rechargeable and prisoners can smoke 500 puffs before they buy another set for $13.50. This will be a new kind of electronic cigarette to be used behind the bars, and customized to meet the needs and preferences of the prisoners. As the jail bans cigarette smoking with the premises, availability of e-cigs is the latest item that is trying to sneak into.
  2. 2. By selling electronic cigarettes in the jail, they will be able to control which prisoner gets his required dose of nicotine and when. Moreover, it can only be used in certain areas of the jail. Inmates can cater to their needs for nicotine fix with e-cigs that come with essential health benefits over traditional cigarette smoking. Not only this creates a healthy environment for other non-smoking inmates, but also reduces the health hazards for smoking prisoners, considerably. This innovative idea is considered to set a benchmark in the industry, invigorating further revolutions across the world, spreading the message for smoking healthy and hazard-free e-cigarettes. The initiative taken by the Tennessee county jail has yet further revolutionized the industry, promoting awareness for electronic cigarettes over traditional smoking and its detrimental health hazards. The industry looks forward for such innovations and manufacturers’ initiative in the years to come.