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E-Cigarette and Tobacco Control Programs


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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E-Cigarette and Tobacco Control Programs

  1. 1. E-cigarette and Tobacco ControlPrograms
  2. 2. Growing smoking rate among young adults is a one of the mostconcerning issue for government of Different countries and it is growingexponentially in developing countries. Government of different countrieshas also put a ban on various types of public advertising by cigarettecompanies, hence each year new audience of young adults being directedtowards smoking and being more addictive to tobacco. In the US,according to a survey conducted in 2012, 19.3% of adults in US aresmokers. Currently the digit has been reached to 8 million. View ourpost “Smoking Trends in US” for detail information on smoking trendsamong people in the US.Each year, the government spends billions of dollars on medical andhealthcare expenditure and assigns millions of dollars to tobacco controlprograms to reduce the overall consumption of the cigarettes. So thequestion is, Should We Consider E-cigarette As a tool to reducetobacco consumption?” or Should tobacco control programs supportthe circulation of E-cigarette?” Before making any assumption, let’s
  3. 3. have a quick look at the official research conducted by AAPHP on E-cigarette and its feedback.Official Statements by AAPHP (American Association of Public HealthPhysician)American Association of Public Health Physician conducted a research onthe E – cigarette and given a statement in Favor of E-cigarette. Byobserving the impact of E-cigarette and current smoking trends amongUS adults. It Stated that “AAPHP favors a permissive approach to E-cigarettes because the possibility exists to save the lives of fourmillion of the eight million current adult American smokers who willotherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years”.
  4. 4. Along with above statement it also stated that if a person who is a heavysmoker switched to smokeless tobacco product with less contain ofnicotine like E-cigarette or NRT products, he or she can reduce the riskby 98% which might caused by other harmful chemicals andtobacco found in traditional cigarettes. Along with providing astatement in favor of E-cigarette, it also stated that in the US, 80% of thepeople consumed nicotine through traditional cigarettes and deathcaused by cigarettes is not due to nicotine but the other harmful mixtureconsumed with tobacco in cigarettes.My ThoughtsScientifically, E-cigarette doesn’t use tobacco or other harmful mixture asof traditional cigarettes. If E-cigarette gets introduced to heavy smoker, itcan reduce the health risk by a considerable percentage.As any person can control nicotine contain by switching to E-cigarettecartridge with low nicotine, one can also think of quitting nicotinecompletely by time with 0 MG nicotine refill.Certain brands of E-cigarette have launched flavors which motivateyoung nonsmoker’s adults; Government must ban those E-cigaretteflavors which motivates the promotion on E-cigarette.There must be strict rules and regulation that E-cigarette must not getcirculated to under age people.There should be strict rules for manufacturing of E-cigarettes, certainbrands use low quality material or doesn’t follow quality standard whichensures accurate counting of nicotine in each cartridge of E-cig.At last, if the ultimate goal is to reduce the tobacco and cigaretteconsumption, E-cigarette are more effective than any other product andsmokers can easily give us smoking which is not possible with otherproducts.