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Cigarette Smoking Trends in US


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smoking statistics among adults, males and females in different states of US. Know how cigarette smoking play big role in American economy and circulation of money of tax and sales of tobacco products in US.

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Cigarette Smoking Trends in US

  1. 1. Smoking Trends in US & Future of ElectronicCigarettesTobacco free vapor, distinguish design style, freedom to smoke at any place andmoney saving are certain features which secure the future of electroniccigarettes. Along with providing health benefits of smoking compare to traditionalcigarettes, they are also being used as style status due to availability in fancycolors and design and accessories to store them.An electronic cigarettes is being favorite choice of adult smokers who canunderstand the technology easily and more aware of their health which may gethurt due to long term tobacco smoking. Let’s have a look at smoking trends indifferent audience in US.Currently there are around 45 million smoker presents in US. Adults, women andmen contribute different percentage in overall trends.In US, Adult smoking trends reached to 19.3% which is highest among othercountries, rest of them 21.5% are men and 17.3% are women.
  2. 2. Growing smoking trends among adult is a big issues as these audience are the onewhich can have highest bad influence and it’s been growing tremendously indeveloping countries. Certain steps also have been taken by government toreduce adult smoking rate in certain states.Most of these steps results in increasing excise duty on tobacco which also servesa strong decision on generating good revenue and reducing youth smoking in thestates. Thus, there is a strong link between economy, tobacco and cigarette sales.See below graph which presents adult smoking trends from 2003 to 2010. Years,when government imposes more tax on tobacco, there is a reduction in cigarettespurchase.
  3. 3. Adult smoking rates also varies as per different states in US. See the below graphwhich presents adult smoking trends among different states of US.
  4. 4. No matter what kind of audience are smokers, each year government spendsbillions of money in medical expenditure and healthcare expense which makesreduction in government fund gathered by imposing different taxes on tobaccoproduct sales. To control the overall smoking ratio, government also helpsorganizations which make efforts in spreading tobacco awareness and conducttobacco control program publically.Role of Electronic CigarettesSo with this smoking ratio, where electronic cigarettes come into picture or whatrole these fancy ecigs play in reducing tobacco smoking and illness whichinfluenced by tobacco smoking.It is proved by many research and surveys, Electronic cigarettes are 100% moresafe and reliable compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.Due to tobacco free vapor and freedom to smoke anywhere, one can think tosmoke at places like restaurants, bars, hotels and workplace without irritating orannoying other people around you, which also indicates now you wouldn’t bevictim of hate by other people around you.As they are nonflammable, you wouldn’t face problems like holes in your pocketsor other minor injury due to careless of proper holding or placing.Single piece of cartridge of an Ecigaretts is capable to provide you enough puffswhich are equal to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. No need to carry cigarettepacks or lighters.At last and most important, It saves your money as it is too affordable compare totraditional cigarettes.
  5. 5. Thus, Electronic cigarettes are future of smoking among youth and nextgeneration smoking device which are proved to be less harmful and safercompare to traditional cigarettes