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Advantages of Electronic Shisha over Hookah


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Reveal what advantages you bring to your body smoking eshisha rather than traditional hookah smoking session.

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Advantages of Electronic Shisha over Hookah

  1. 1. Pros and Cons of Electronic Shisha As we have heard and many of has also tasted the electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes act as a very good alternative to traditional ones. As you smoke water vapour instead of actual smoke but the flavor and the feeling remain intact as they are available in various flavors. These cigarettes do no harm to your health. But how many of you have heard of electronic hookahs. They are almost similar to the electronic cigarettes but are different in one aspect and that is you can find an array of flavors in a single stick of hookah which is not in the case of the cigarettes. As many of you are still confused of whether to give these electronic hookahs a try; let’s discuss the pros and cons of the electronic Shisha. The first and foremost important thing about these ehookahs as mentioned earlier is that they are free from tar and tobacco and they only vapour to inhale so are definitely healthier. The next important fact is that since these hookahs are electronic and are battery operated so they can be easily charged and as they do not literally create a puff so the charge stays for long and it does not get easily exhausted providing you with a fair amount of chance to enjoy your hookah. Though most of the eShisha available are disposable and not re- chargeable or re-fellable but there are companies who are coming up with this concept. The eHookahs are available in huge variety of flavors and the way to dispose them is also very easy and friendly unless off course you have a rechargeable one. So just enjoy your eshisha for as long as possible and then dump it very easily.
  2. 2. In these eshisha as no actual hookah is involved so you do not have to spend time cleaning it. And you also do not have to spend time trying to get a coal burning properly as they are battery operated. In one word they are the new age fuss free hookah. These eshisha are small in size like a normal cigarette stick. So they are easy to carry. You can carry it to a movie hall. Hotels, park, beach anywhere and everywhere you love travelling. Now these friendly eShisha have certain drawbacks as well. The first being these eshisha can be an alternative but cannot match the original and is not that good an alternative for people who simply love that aristocratic feel of the original hookah, the elaborate set up of the original. And the cost off course is a little higher than the normal tobacco ones but if you can do a little bit of shopping then you can certainly get some very good deals. Are you still uncertain about which to choose? Then just prioritize yourself before going for a hookah shopping. Which one weighs more, tradition or a nicotine free tar free experience? The ball is in your court and you have to decide.