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  1. 1. Magazine analysis
  2. 2. Mode of address: A Title Page pull quote is used underneath the main Masthead: The masthead heading to give a is very clear and eye taster of what is catching to consumers. It inside to make the follows the codes and consumer want to convention of any read more. magazine by being placed There is no direct at the very top of the address to the page stretching across reader, only the the whole width of the main article has cover. The use of red on information of what the black and white is featured within it, background looks very every other heading appealing. is the name of the Main image: The main artist or band. image takes up theGraphics: The headings whole cover and doesare written in red and not have anyblack which are the only writing, other thencolors featured on the the mastheadcover. The same font is Side Stories: A Half lead story: URL: This is the covering it. The imageused on each one large font is used The headings are magazine official used, like any otherhowever in different for the main written in red and website where magazine shows thesizes. titles ‘T.I.’ and black while consumers can main article inside. ‘mavado.’ They featuring the name come and info are also listed in of different artists. regarding the red and black magazine and the color. artist.
  3. 3. Title Page Masthead: The Skyline: Skyline and masthead is written masthead is in bold at the top covering 1/3 of and covers the page. The color width of the page. used is red, This follows simple featured on Dylan codes and who is coming back. conventions ofGraphics: The colors music magazines.white and red are the The white mastheadonly colors used on the stands out from thecover other than the black backgroundblack and white cover appearing eyeimage. The colors white catching to theand red stand out and consumer.inform the reader of Bar code: Thewhat is inside the issue. bar code showsMain image: There is one main price and theimage covering the whole of the date of issue,cover. This is very common for this is a simplemagazines and draws the code andreaders attention to the main convention ofartists/band in the issue. any magazine. Mode of address: The headings on this cover are written simply and Cover story: This stands out from are understandable to every the rest as its font is the large and consumer. The heading are written the color used is according to the for the consumer with particular theme red and white. interest to the bands/artists featured in the issue.
  4. 4. Puff Title Page Main image: Masthead: This The main masthead is big image covers and bold and the whole of stands out on the the page which cover, it is really follows the eye catching to the codes and reader as the red conventions of is highlighted on the magazine the black/grey norm. The background. The image used is masthead is at the very eye top of the page which is a norm of catching and original and a magazine uses the same however colors as the positioned to the writing left rather then surrounding it. across the width of the pageMode of address: The mode of address is simple, Graphics: The headings arethe headings are not directly addressed at the written in two different fontsreader however using the musical pun ‘3 words’ depending on which side of theabove Cheryl Cole, therefore not only advertising cover they are on. The use ofher magazine but making a clever remark to the white, red and grey writing totitle ‘Cheryl Cole Rocks’ thus showing the ordinates well with the covermagazines good relationship with the bands and image and the choice of fontartists featured. and size of the main heading ‘Cheryl Cole Rocks’ is very eye catching to the reader.
  5. 5. Double Fold Spread Page AnalysisLead Image: There are This white line shows where the This is the pulltwo lead images of magazine folds. As u can see the quote from Demon This is calleddemon cleaner and the main text is written on the left side Cleaner which was columns whereother is the drummer and the lead image of Demon taken out from an the writerat the back. Cleaner is coming on both the interview. shows his/her pages, the image maybe not seen opinions about properly by the reader. the artist. This frontline tells about different artists and there This text is the website of the magazine, its small opinions. and difficult for reader to understand.
  6. 6. Contents Page AnalysisThese are the ‘features’ We know this is thewhich are included in contents page because ofthe magazine together the big font located onwith its titles and page the top right side of thenumber so that it is page sayingeasier for there “CONTENTS”. The lettersconsumers to search from this are separatedthrough the pages. which I have noticed on most of vibe magazines content pages.They have alsoincluded otherarticles that are The main image oninvolved in the the contents page –magazine that other this tells us that thiscustomers may find person is veryinteresting to read important where thethrough. magazine mainly focuses on. Plain background – this helps the image stand out even though its in maroon. It helps the test to be readable.