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  1. 1. Rap Magazine Interview Questions
  2. 2. Q1. What are the main features which forces you to read a rap magazine? Boys view: Rap magazines you can say is the best magazines ever existed. Rap magazines contain special features which are of course very different from other magazine features. The main feature let me think hmmmm ya it’s the photo shoot. Everyone knows rappers are different in nature they walk differently they act differently and they wear cool clothes so like the same way there photo shoots are also different and you can say unique. Girls view: Rap magazines are good. I do usually read them when I’m bored, they are a good way of killing a person’s boredom and loneliness. There are multiple features which grab my attention towards reading it, if I have to tell anyone then I would choose gossips. I’m a gossip girl too so I love reading those. Other features are also fine but not that attractive for me.
  3. 3. Q2. Who do you think is the king of rapping and why?Girls view: Without a doubt Eminem he is the best there ever could be. I love his voice, beautifulvoice he got. Perhaps he is the only rapper who I know the most about. Like all his history whenhe was born when he started his career as a rapper and all. He is a generous person, he hasopened charity foundations like the Marshall Mathers Foundation, assisting disadvantagedyouth. The foundation frequently works in conjunction with a charity founded by NormanYatooma, a high profile Detroit attorney. Although he is about to be 40 but he still looks like a 20years old. Tattoos all around his arms makes him dashing among all other rappers, that’s all Ihave to say.Boys view: I like all the rappers there is no specific rapper which I like the most. I’m moreconcerned with the music rather than the rapper itself. There are 3 or 4 which I like I meanwhich are better like Freeway, AZ, Eminem, Chipmunk etc. I think they all are the same, theyhave tattoos on the body, wear same clothes the only difference is of their color that’s I wish tosay.
  4. 4. Q3. Rappers have a different personality do you agree?Boys view: Yes they do have a different personality. I’m a rapper myself you can see from myattire. Rapper you can say belong from a different world they have a different lifestyle, thereway of conversing with others are different, they have huge amount of tattoos on their bodiesand they wear a lot of chains big ones I mean in casual as well which distinguishes them fromother people in general. Rappers no matter how old they get their popularity never falls insteadit grows.Girls view: Rappers are really weird they look like retards, these were my early thoughts but nowI think they are really awesome, cool, dashing. Yeah they are totally different people living onearth they seems more of an aliens but hot ones. I like those ornaments which they wear and Ihave even seen a rapper who wears diamond studded braces I wonder how he eats duh.
  5. 5. Q4. Why interested in rap why not any other music genre?Girls view: Well I’m listening to rap music from my childhood. I’m a hip hop type of a girl soprefer such music. It’s fast and energetic, whenever I feel down or bored I listen to rap, you cansay it refreshes my mind and soul. No matter how many times I listen the same rap song I neverget fatigued by it I always feel like it’s the first time I’m listening to it and its really awesome. Raphas different lyrics than any other music genre, the rappers pain and efforts can be reflectedfrom their lyrics.Boys view: Rap is a music genre that actually gives you the option to speak out what you reallywant to say. No limitations. You can talk about your life. How bad is it? How good is it? The bestthing is, you can actually give a message to a listener.I dont think other music genre really give a proper message to the listener. They just show thefantasy world, which actually does not even exist. But Rap shows you the real world. It makespeople relate themselves to the music or to the life of the rapper. When I say relate to their life.I mean the lyrics. I mean the pain they felt and the struggle they did and wrote down intowords.
  6. 6. Q5. Which rap videos have you seen which made you inspired by this genre? Boys view:
  7. 7. Girls view:
  8. 8. Q6. Do you want to know the history of world famous rappers?Girls view: Sure, there are a lot of rappers I like but who to choose ummmmm, Snoop Dogg isthe man I want to know about him. I’m only familiar with his real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus,Jr which I think you’re also unaware of, jokes apart how will you give me all the informationabout him? Oh so you will give me the official website of Snoop dogg that’s great. Thanks for thewebsite view: I hope it doesn’t take much time, we can only know regarding one rapper of ourchoice or what? Ok I’m really out of time so ill take Talib Kweli. I thought your really about to tellme his whole biography, Thanks for giving me his official website link