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Mobile Phone App Development Company is offering apps development services for iphone, android, ipad. UK’s moblile applications developers provide quality mobile apps for businesses and brands.

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Blue Storm Solutions LTD

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. About Us :-London Digital Media AgencyBluestorm Solutions are able to develop software for tablets, iPads, allmobile platforms, web design, mobile websites, Face book Apps and fullweb App software solutions. We have over 10 years of conjoinedexperience between our team, we love what we do and we strive onseeing software help our clients. We have now extended our enhancedadd on services, these now include SEO (search engine optimisation),social media campaigns and App & web marketing.
  3. 3. Mobile AppsIPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Blue Storm Solutions will take you through a detailed design concept whereby the designer will create three industry lead ideas for your brief. An iPhone application will be developed to enhance your brand, generate interest through the app store, internet, social media and will increase revenue by exposing to your brand across all new digital platforms. We will be bringing only the best mobile app developers in London to your iPhone app development.ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT Android is the newcomer to the mobile app market and since they entered the mobile arena, we have seen immense growth in the Android mobile app development arena. Their overall market share is forecasted to overtake all other leading mobile operating systems. Having been released and backed by Google Inc, this leading operating system is definitely here to stay and will grow over 2012 and beyond.
  4. 4. SYMBIAN APP DEVELOPMENT Symbian is best described as an integrated all in one operating system that blends a typical traditional mobile phone OS with an advanced data service application. Symbian appdevelopers have been adapted to work across branded devices such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson.WINDOWS APP DEVELOPMENT Windows mobile is the new comer to the mobile world. The operating system (OS) itself has been around for years on mobile devices, but it is only now in version Windows mobile 7 that the true beauty of Windows 7 mobile has been unleashed to compete with all the other leading mobile OS such as Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.
  5. 5. BLACKBERRY APP DEVELOPMENT Blackberry has always been one of the leading brands in mobile devices ever since mobile technology was launched. Blackberrys niche was email delivery while on the move or otherwise known as mobile email. The concept of Blackberry was primarily designed for business users to enhance working capabilities while travelling in or out of the office.IPAD APP DEVELOPMENT iPad app development is a specialised industry and has grown through 2011 and now 2012. We have seen the biggest surge of B2B Apps go up in demand. Companies are using iPad technology to evolve and enhance their business. Our concept is to listen and treat every brief individually and fully engage within your brief, this is so that we understand how your business functions and objectives are met. Once your brief has been absorbed by our "guru team" the iPad can then join in on the fun of revolutionising and assisting your company or brand.
  6. 6. Services• Mobile App Development• Web Design & Development• Website Hosting• Connected TV App’s• Search Engine Optimisation• Social Media• iPad Rental
  7. 7. Contact Us :-Blue Storm Solutions LTDRivington House, Suite 408, 82 Great EasternStreet, EC2A 3JFEmail us: Us: 020 3551 9997
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